Monday, November 22, 2010


Fast trains and great stunts not to mention Tony Scott directing! The film Unstoppable was one of the best action movies I have seen all year. Denzel gives a powerful performance as a man just trying to do his job. He does not think about himself he just thinks of others. Chris Pine plays a new guy who is stubborn and in the middle of a fight with his wife. Now the whole film takes place in a matter of one day. The best part of this movie is it wasn't terrorists or people trying to hurt each other, it was just a string of bad luck and human error.

The film is filled with close calls and action with the train. I'm not even sure how is describe this movie without giving too much away. It deals with the whole chain of command and having to follow an order that you do not agree with. It certainly paints the corporate world as a negative, the big CEOs only care about the final dollar and not the people. Denzel is the character that is willing to risk everything for a chance to save lives and save people.

In the film the Chris Pine character grows so much in a day. He goes from being a self-centered jerk to a man trying to do the right thing. See this is what happens when you spend one day with Denzel :)

The film is filled with raw emotion and amazing action. You will literally be sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time! I say go check it out because it's EPIC!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This one was a nephew movie and he has been asking me for weeks to see this one. He actually had my sister call me to tell me what date it was coming out....that's right I'm that aunt! He was so worried that I was going to see it without him, it was cute!

So going into it I knew it would be funny because I have total faith in Tina Fey and Will Ferrel. I was more worried about the adult jokes that would be hidden in the film and I am happy to report that there are not any. The film is very good for the kids and very sweet. It teaches them that not every bad guy is a bad guy. We need to take a deeper look at the people we do not like and see if there is something more there. It also shows kids to not judge because of the way someone looks.

Along the way we see that Megamind was made a bad guy because Metroman was always the favorite. He figured the only thing he was good at was being bad. (A good lesson for parents to kids as well, the naughty kid does not like being that way but knows no other way) So Megamind tries to take over the city and along the way he creates another supervillain. So he must make a choice if he wants to be good or be bad. The hero or the villain....very complex ;)

I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was fantastic and charming. It proves to kids that there is more than meets the eye. Don't ever give up what you are fighting for and don't be afraid to stand up for what is right.


That's right I saw Marmaduke and I don't even have the excuse of saying it was because my nephew wanted to see it....this was all me! I decided to top off my Lee Pace marathon by checking out this kids movie. I must say I am happy that I did not pay to see it in theaters but it was cute. It sort of reminded me of a mix between Marley and Me and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was fun to see the family interact with the dog as he tries to talk to them even though they don't understand each other. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Marmaduke and Phil as they have this owner pet. Although you really can not tell who thinks they are in charge.

Basically the family moves to LA to try a new life. Marmaduke is basically put into the whole high school drama but with dogs at the dog park. It's very new kid in town and trying to be popular. So as the dog is finding his place the kids are also trying to fit into their parents lifestyles and trying to make others happy instead of themselves. Phil is trying to be the new head of project design for a dog food company and he tries to fit in. Of course Marmaduke messes things up at every turn. And what dog film would be complete without the dog running away and the whole family coming together to try and find him. It was a very predictable film that your kids will like. It was cute and adorable but not my favorite kids movie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miss Pettigrew Live For A Day

I wanted to see this movie since it came out but never got the chance to see it. Well after being introduced to Lee Pace in Possession (see other blog if you didn't already!) I had to see more of this man! So I went out and rented it and really enjoyed it. The whole idea is that Miss. Pettigrew is an out of work Governess during the 1930's in London. So one day she steals a job that she thinks is for a governess and shows up at this house. She is literally thrown into the life of this actress named Delysia (played by Amy Adams). She is trapped between 3 men and her careers. She doesn't know if she should choose love, money, or fame which is what these men are offering her. The one with money owns a club that she sings at. The one with fame is a theater producer that can give her the role of a lifetime. The one that is offering her love (played by lee Pace) is her piano player.

So Miss. Pettigrew has one day to help Delysia figure out what she wants out of life. Along the way they go Pettigrew gets the chance to live like she never has before. She finally sees what it is like to be a woman in society and not on the streets. She truly is amazing at her job and Delysia becomes dependent on her.

I love the way Pettigrew is so practically and sees what Delysia can not. She sees the love that Michele the piano player is offering her and sees what is inside. The film is very funny and inspiring. It is filled with moments that makes you smile, swoon, and fall in love all over again. I say go out and rent it. It is a chick flick so you have been warned fellas!


So this weekend was a very lazy one for yours truly. I was determined to do absolutely nothing and that is just what I did....Nothing. I got in a much needed movie weekend and tried to not be stressed by the busy week. So I rented a bunch of movies and watched some of my own. I watched some X-men because I was in a very big Hugh Jackman mood. Then I started to watch some yummy Vin Diesel. Now on the DVD for Babylon AD there was a trailer for a movie with Sarah Michele Gellar called Possession.

So being the good film person that I am I decided to go out and rent this movie. I wondered why I had never heard of it and then I figured out's a Yari picture. For those of you that don't know Yari was this fantastic little film company that made beautiful films. Their films was full of big epic sets and amazing stories. Sadly, this production company had to claim bankruptcy in about 2008. So all the films that were apart of them kinda got screwed. This film was one of was put on hold and hoped for a theater release which never happened. This movie was one of those that was sent right to DVD. It's such a shame too because this was a good movie!

So I put in this movie and loved it so much! It was about Jess and her husband. They are the perfect little cheesy couple that everyone hopes to be someday. She is a lawyer and he is an artist. Well Ryan (husband) has a brother named Roman who lives with them. Now Roman is a troubled man that Jess was hired to represent and then Jess met Ryan and they fell in love. Well Roman just gives Jess the creeps and tells Ryan she wants him out. So one day Roman storms out of the house and he gets into an accident. The other car is his brother Ryan and they both end up in a coma.

So there is poor Jess waiting for her husband to wake up and instead Roman wakes up. Now here is the kicker....Roman thinks he's Ryan! He tells Jess all these private stories and know everything about their lives together. So this is where the movie gets really good. Do you believe that in some way the spirit of Ryan went into the body of Roman? Is Ryan still in his body in a coma? Is Roman telling the truth? Why does sarah michele gellar get to be in a movie with two sexy men? These are all questions we ask in this film.

Now I will be a good little film critic and not tell you what happens but I must tell's GOOD! I must tell you to watch the film and then go to the special features. There is a really long alternate ending that I suggest you check out. I couldn't decide which one I liked better.... I suppose you can be the real judge of that!

I give it an A

On a little side note I must tell you I have now become head over heels for Lee Pace the man that plays Roman. I had never seen Pushing Daisies but I now will watch it because i love this man! So sexy and talented and I can't wait to see him in more stuff!

Paranormal Activity 2

So I was a mini fan of the first film. I have a very VERY VERY hard time watching movies that are done with hand-held cameras. I get motion sick really easy so I knew this movie would be a challenge for me. The second one was much easier to watch than the first one. In this one the family puts cameras in the house because they were broken into. So most of the film was not moving around.

The idea of this movie is it's before the first film. The family is actually related to Katie from the first film. The mother is Katie's sister and they show the strange things happening in their home. There were a few moments where I jumped and was really freaked out but that didn't occur until about an hour into the movie. It took way too long to get going! There was probably about 30 mins of good stuff and that was it.

The best part in the movie happens during the day and in the kitchen. The rest was very predictable and you just knew it was coming. The ending also sucked big time. It wasn't very good and it happened too fast. The first film was a lot better and much scarier. I would not waste my money on it again. you can wait for it to come out on Dvd.

I give it a C-


With this film I did not know what to expect! I didn't know if it would be action packed or more drama centered. I knew going into it that it was a Clint Eastwood film, so you kinda know what to expect with his films. They start really well but then they slow down and you need to focus. In the end the movie is always worth it but you have to be willing to hang on to the ride! I enjoy Clint's movies and think he is a very good director, he knows how to pick his scripts. My favorites of his are Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil and Mystic River. Both were amazing films and the audience really gets attached to the characters. Bravo Mr. Eastwood!

So this films is about Matt Damon who plays a psychic that can talk to the dead. He is basically trying to live the everyday life but is always being asked to do readings. Then the story also follows a french reporter who survives and crazy disaster. I'm not gonna tell you which one because it is so amazing on film. One of the best openings of a movie I have ever seen...truly! The film is also about a little boy who loses someone close to him and his struggle to go on with life. All of these stories are very separate but they end up connecting before the credits roll.

I was sad because I wanted more of the Matt Damon Story and felt a little cheated. I wanted to know more about his life and his character but we never find out. So don't go into it thinking it's all about him because it's not at all. He is just one minor piece of a much bigger puzzle. Either way the film really captures the human feelings of loss and pain. The people who are just trying to make it one day at a time.

I really enjoyed the film and will not be shocked if it get some nominations this year. Very touching and ready because it's a little long but still really good.

Due Date

So like everyone else who loves and adores The Hangover, I had high expectations for this film! I must say at first it started a little slow but it really picks up! You must know that I am truly and deeply in love with Robert Downey Jr. I think he is a stellar actor and amazing in every way. So now that we have that out there you know where I stand on Robert's films!

So the whole idea of this film was about a guy who is trying to get home to see his first child to be born. Along the way he meets Zach Galifianakis and together they get kicked off of the plane. So they have to travel by car across the country to make it to LA in time to see the birth. I must say that Zach played the typical "Alan" type character. Now don't get me wrong, it was funny as heck but it was still the same type of character. I kept calling him Alan later that night. I was like "Oh yeah when Alan, oh wait I mean Ethan.

So there were a ZILLION funny moments in this movie, most of them from Robert. He would have these mega one-liners that just made this film fantastic! I really enjoyed every moment. I say if you like stupid funny and want to see something random check it out. It is very much worth the money and you will laugh about it later!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well i was surprised that RED was as good as it was. I knew it would be pretty good but it exceeded all my expectations. I must say that John Malkovich made the entire movie! He was witty and funny and just flat out crazy! His character is a paranoid retired CIA agent who was given daily amounts of LSD for 11 needless to say...he's a little crazy! He's also very funny and has all the best lines in the movie. The best part is when he yells "I'll get the pig out!"

Bruce Willis is basically Bruce Willis, he kicks butt and takes names. His character was an agent who was the best of the best and finds out that the government is out to kill him. He is one of those secret agents that everyone has respect for. He also has a crush on Mary Louis Parker's character. Their relationship is fun because it's very casual and humorous.

Karl Urban is fantastically stunning and Bad A$$! He plays a CIA agent sent after Willis and they have so many good fight scenes. It really gets me excited to see what else we will see from Mr. Urban in the future. He has boatloads of talent and it really shows in this movie.

No awesome action flick can happen without Morgan Freeman or Helen Mirren. They both play retired agents who helps out Willis in his adventure. Helen is the killing expert and she is really believable! It's a fun cast and a fun movie. I say check it out if you are in the mood for tons of actions and gun fighting! Enjoy!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Let Me In

So one rainy night my aunt and I decided to check out Let Me In. I must tell you it was a toss up between that and Case 39. Don't worry, Case 39 will probably be next weeks blog~ Soo here we go with the review

I must say i have mixed feelings about this movie. It kinda reminded me of the original Exorcist. When it was good it was good but when it was slow it was super slow. The movie did tend to drag...alot! It was very slow paced between action moments. Now don't get me wrong when there was action it was AWESOME! Your heart beats a mile a minute and you are just jumping in your seat. So you almost have to bare with the bad to get to the good.

The movie had an interesting link between teen bullies and a vampire girl. We don't find out anything about here past at all in the movie....I would have linked to find out why she was the way she was. It starts off with a troubled teen getting picked on and then getting a crush on a new girl. Of course the little girl is nuts and blood crazy.

The special effects were awesome because they looked so real. The way the girl moved was just so graceful and looked so real. The scary parts were scary because they didn't show alot of gore. You got to create the gore in your mind and it made it so intense. Basically the director let you make your own assumptions about the terror in the film.

Soo I am 50/50 with this film. When it was great it was amazing but I don't know if it makes up for all the SLOWWWWWW parts.

I give it a B-

Monday, September 27, 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I freaking loved Legend of the Guardians! It was a stunning and beautiful movie filled with adventure and hope! The owls were so magical and looked so real. I would say this is by far the best computer generated movie I have ever seen. It looked so lifelike and the animals were so graceful!

The movie starts with a family of Owls and they two boys are learning how to fly. Well at night the mother and father leave to hunt and the boys stay in the tree with their new born sister and the snake nanny. This family was raised on stories and Legends of these Owl Guardians that fight for peace and Justice. They are stories but Soren and his little sister Eglantine believe. One day the boys, Soren and Kludd fall out of their tree and they are kidnapped by bigger Owls. They are taken to a tree where Owls are brain washing Owls that can't fly to be apart of this army. Well come to find out the leader is a once powerful guardian who betrayed the Owls and is now seeking revenge.

So Soren learns to fly and makes friends along the way. The point of the movie is accepting people and having faith in something bigger than yourself. Soren believes in the Guardians and will search for them until he finds them.

Now I won't ruin the movie for you but it is epic! It is filled with battles and family problems. It has brother against brother, friend against friend and so much more. The movie was beautifully told and is very inspiring. The faith that Soren has alone is so amazing and so pure. All the characters were fun loving and all had a purpose. I say check this movie out! It is truly amazing and you will not be sorry. It is visually stunning and I really hope that it gets some type of Oscar nomination because it is stunning!

Action: YES!
Adventure; YES

Over all grade.....A!!!!!!!

ps. yes the voice of Soren is Jim Sturgess from Across the Universe!

Alpha and Omega

So as you know I see almost all of the kids movies out there. I mean how can you say no when you have a little guys who asks so nicely! Yeah yeah I'm a sucker...I KNOW! So once again we decided to see this movie in 3D and as always I hated it. I just can not become a fun of the 3-D. I mean what is in focus fine but everything else is all dark and fuzzy and then all the other stuff is just blah. I have yet to see a movie that I liked in 3-D. So I didn't feel like this movie needed to be in 3-D. It didn't add anything to the movie.

I must say this film a a difficult task trying to make this story PG for the kiddos! The whole point of the story is that the Alpha Female Kate is not allowed to "howl" with the Omega Wolf Humphrey. We all know what they are secretly implying and my little guy didn't catch on so we will go with it. I did like how they did howl at the moon, if they were a good match the howl would be like a song or a harmony between the two wolves. That was really pretty and sounded amazing.

So the Alpha female and Omega male is taken to a different park to try and make more little wolves. Along the way they meet a goose and a duck that just so happen to know where their home is. So the adventure is on. I have to say the actual adventure was only about 15 mins of the movie but it works. Of course Kate has to get back because there is going to be a fight over territory of the wolves. So by joining Kate and Garth the other pack Alpha they can be happy and one HUGE pack. But poor little Humphrey wants Kate to himself!

The best part about this movie was figuring out the voices! We have Justin Long as Humphrey who is super funny and SUPER sweet! Then there is Hayden Panettiere as Kate and she fits because she is cute but sassy. We also have Dennis Hoppers film piece as the leader of the other pack. The movie is in fact dedicated to him. Very sweet but also very sad to hear his voice.

Over all it was a good movie, not the best but it was ok. I wouldn't buy it but it was a fun night for the kids.

Easy A

So one random day my friend and I decide to go see Easy A and I must say it was great. Yes it was one of those chick flick teen dramas about the hardships of growing up and how tough it is to be a teen...yadda yadda yadda. News flash being a teen is so much better than being a grown up! I'd go back to high school in a second! hehe Anyways moving on...

So this film was about a girl and how a rumor got started that she lost her V-card (aka her virginity...come on get with the program guys!) The rumors were flash butt she decides whatever I'll take them at least people notice me....hey dear, not something you want to be known for! Well then a friend asks her to pretend to have sex with him just so he can be popular. Of course this involves a freaking funny mock sex act in a room at a party. I laughed so hard during this part!!

After that she gets the rep for being Easy and since this is high school she is reading the Scarlett Letter which is the hardest book EVER to read in high school! Man did I hate that book! So to get back she sews a red A on all of her recently purchased slutty shirts....well they are corsets but I would NEVER EVER have been able to wear that to my school! I would have gotten sent home after two seconds! I guess since its a movie we allow this false stuff to go on.

So what did I think of this movie.....I did like it. I know I mock it but I did enjoy it! It was funny and it actually gave props to the classic movies of the 80's. Olive says that she wishes she could have John Cusack standing outside her house holding a stereo with "In Your Eyes" playing loudly.....sigh. Yeah I'd take that too! They just don't make them like they used to be!!!

The movie does poke fun at the crazy religious groups...more the extreme. Olive actually makes a point to seek out faith herself and I thought she had the right idea. So I say if you are a chick check this out. Even guys might enjoy the random funny moments but it is a chick flick! Make no mistake about it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Accidental Husband

This is one of those movies that so many girls waited for but never got to see. You see The Accidental Husband was a Yari production and the film group Yari went out of business just as this film was being released. So sadly this movie never made it to the US because of money reasons. It is a great film with a cast of Uma Thurman, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and Colin Firth.

The idea of the film is Uma Thurman plays a radio doctor that tells people about relationships and how to fix them. Well one day she gets a caller that says she wants to call off her wedding and Dr. Emma tells her that she is not happy so why be married. Well the callers would-be husband Patrick is listening and decides to take revenge out on Dr. Emma. So he hacks into the marriage license online and marries himself to Dr. Emma. So when Dr. Emma goes to marry Colin Firth she is already legally married! WOAH what a big mix up but I promise it is easy to follow!

So the film ends up being about first impressions and how well you really know people. It is also about being real in relationships and seeing if you are right for each other because it's meant to be or just because it is comfortable? I feel like I'm talking about my own love life here, are we waiting for Mr. Right or waiting for Mr. Convenient?? This movie brings up all these questions.

Now you should be fully aware that this is a CHICK FLICK I'm talking hard core chick flick. I'm talking that your girl is going to say awwww when she sees Patrick. This character is not only a nice guy but he is handsome and a fireman! Sooo watch out because this film is a ladies movie. It's full of fantastically cheesy moments that I love down to my core!

So if you are looking for a movie to watch with the girls....check this one out. I know you can buy it or rent it sooo go to your local video store and check it out, it's worth a watch! Enjoy!

Romance: YES YES YES
Magic: In a romantic way

Overall grade: B+/A-

Bell Book and Candle

Alright I am a firm believer in watching old movies because they are amazing. I always hear things like "Oh that movie is so old so it's not any good." Well I have some news for you buddy....that is so totally WRONG! I will give you that some older movies seem a bit out dated but so do movies from a few years ago. Go back and watch a movie from the 90s or even early 2000's and you will see it is dated. Sorry....I'll get off my little soap box now and tell you why Bell Book and Candle is such a great movie.

As fall draws near we are all getting in the Halloween spirit.....I know I go crazy around this time of year. I'm talking movies and decorating my house....the works! Anyways I was in the mood for something a little different so I busted out Bell Book and Candle. Now this movie was made in 1958 and it is about a witch and the man she wants

The witch is Gill who is played by Kim Novak who is stunning as ever. Even her giant eyebrows don't take away from her beauty. She is amazing and sexy at the same time. So Gill comes from a magical family and her aunt Queenie lives upstairs and she has a brother named Nicky, who is played by a young and cute Jack Lemmon. Well James Stewart plays Shep who moves upstairs and is introduced to this family who he thinks is just odd.

Now the whole movie takes place around Christmas and it is this sort of love vs passion battle. In this movie witches can not fall in love, if they fall in love they loose their powers. Soooo we know that Gill can not love Shep but she can "witch" him. As Queenie puts in "We can not fall in love but hot blood is acceptable."

Well we end up finding out that Shep is about to marry a woman that was terrible to Gill in college, so let the fun games begin! Now I don't want to spoil the movie for you.....I want you to be curious enough to go out and find it for yourself. I know they sell it at the store because i saw it there the other day!! Sooo GO FIND IT and enjoy!

Passion: Yep
Magic: Heck yeah!
Scary: No
Funny: Sometimes

Overall grade: B+

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So I'm not gonna lie to you, I didn't have too many expectations for Devil. I knew that all the actors were new comers and we didn't really see anyone we know. The reason this movie has a good tag is because it is written by M. Night Shyamalan. Either way it was still an interesting pretty good film.

I would not call this a scary movie at all, it's more of a thriller. It messes with your head as you try to figure out if this is a battle between God and the Devil or between Man themselves. Is it our own inner demons we are fighting with or is the Devil pulling your strings?

The whole movie is filled with religious symbols and faith tag-lines. Personally I love that because I am a woman of faith. I enjoyed that it questioned both what is politically correct and what is faith driven. Now don't get me wrong, this is not one of those BELIEVE movies it is more about questioning.

The style of the film is very quick, the cuts and edits are fast and all the scenes in the elevator make you feel like you are in an elevator. The shots are so close that you start to feel claustrophobic. You also don't know who to trust and what the story is with each character.

I wouldn't say this movie moves fast, I think it's only an hour and a half but it feels longer, not in a bad way. The movie is kinda like a puzzle trying to figure things out. The characters are all likable and seem trust worthy so you are not sure who is good and who is bad. One character is faithless because he lost his family another man is very religious because of his background. These characters were everyday people that we all know in real life, which makes is scary. It's scary because you think you know and understand someone and then you are surprised.

My only beef with this movie was the fact that there is a guy fixing the elevator and he like disappears for 20 mins and we never figure out was confusing! Other than that there is a tiny M. Night twist but it's not movie altering. I say if you are in the mood for a thriller and like a film that challenges spirituality check it out.

Action: Some
Adventure: Not really
Romance: NONE
Scary: so so

Overall: I give it a B

Resident Evil: Afterlife

So here we have a combo mix of 3D, zombies, hot chicks, and sexy men in Resident Evil Afterlife. So the whole idea of this movie is it takes place after Alice finds all the clones and Claire goes off to Alaska.

I must say I have played the video games and I think this was an okay mix of video game and movie. most of you already know how I feel about 3D, I feel like it's over-rated. I still feel like that, I don't think it's worth an extra 3 bucks but that's just me. So the 3D in this movie works but it really doesn't add anything to the movie. I didn't feel like the 3D version would have been any better than a 2D movie.

The movie was very fun to watch and everyone loves to see zombies get beat up but I did have a few problems with the no worries these are not spoilers they are just tid-bits! I did not like that with the 3D they played up on the slow motion...I mean it shouldn't take someone 20 seconds to turn around. It was almost annoying because it was WAY over used. That's just a minor annoyance.

My other minor annoyance was at the end of the 3rd movie we see HUNDREDS of Alice clones...I mean there were sooooo many. Now in the beginning of the movie we see how awesome these clones are and what they can do. It's so fun to see all of them running around kicking major butt! The only thing I didn't like was after 15mins we never hear about them again. We understand where some of them went (that's my way of not spoiling something for you!) but there were HUNDREDs of them and then we don't find out about where they all were!! It made me mad because I liked Alice in bulk!

I enjoyed the zombies but they were hardly in it, it was more about humans and how dark they can be. Of course there are some sexy actors including Wentworth Miller who is soo dang yummy! Let's put it this made me want to rent Prison Break just so I could watch him! Don't worry fellas you get sexy Ali Larter and Milla is not bad either!

You Should be ready for another movie because the ending is left.....SOOOOOO wide open. They hint at another movie. Of course it ends with impossible odds but that is what Alice is good at. So over all if you liked the other movies you will like this one. It's pretty good and fun to watch. I wouldn't call it scary but it did make me scream once JUST because it caught me off gaurd.
Sooo go check it out and enjoy!

Action: Yep!
Adventure: I suppose
Drama: Not Really
Horror: Only a little blood ;)

Over all I give it a B/B+

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You should be very aware that I love a good vampire movie! I have always loved the idea of vampires and I have 11 vampire themed movies in my film collection! So when I heard about this film I jumped at the idea of a vampire society!

So the whole idea of Daybreakers is vampires have over taken society. They sort of explain it as a virus that came out and then became the "cure" for death. The film starts in the middle of this society and we see that humans are almost extinct. If there are no humans than there is no blood. Now this isn't some Twilight story where the characters can just eat doesn't work like that. The vampires become more aggressive and savage if they go without human blood for too long!

Ethan Hawke plays our human loving vampire (who happens to be named one thought hmmmm there is already a movie franchise with that vampire name....Oh well...moving on!) So he is trying to create a human blood substitute, he believes this will "save" the remaining humans.

Well along the way we meet Willem Dafoe who was a vampire but became human again. To be honest I'm still a little confused on how it all worked...something about sunlight and's a bit confusing but just go with it! the story becomes this crazy puzzle between humans and vampires, vampire vs vampires, vampires vs mutated vampires! All the makings of a fantastic story!

It is full of BLOOD and action so be ready for a bit of gore. Nothing you can't handle....I hope! So go to your local video store or redbox and get Daybreakers! If you like vampire stories this is a must watch!

Gore: TONS
Blood: Hello....vampires!
Action: Intense!
Overall I give it a A- just because I love me a good vampire story~!

Pump Up The Volume

So as I have stated before I think it is VITAL as a film person to watch all types of films. Now if I were only to watch the latest blockbuster I would not be a very good critic! Soooo once again I'm here with one of those hidden gems that you should try to get your hands on!

So a few months back I went on this very intense Christian Slater kick and watched almost everything he was in! A few of the films stood out like The Name Of The Rose or Heathers but one of my favorites is Pump Up The Volume. The film was released in 1990 and is the typical high school drama story.

Slater plays this shy kid who decides that the only way he can express himself is to start a crude pirated radio show in his parent's basement. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit disturbed by the beginning of the film, Slater's radio personality Harry is....what's the word....not crued...but....vulgar? Yeah I guess vulgar could work, he makes rude jokes and is graphic with some of his "jokes". Well if you stick with the first 10 minutes I promise you will not be disappointed. The film moves into this story about high school kids being lost and forgotten by society. Harry has a chance to deal with everything from bad teachers, pregnant students, sexual harassment, and teen depression. Harry becomes the only voice for these kids and the film just takes off!

It has moments where you will laughing and blush at the same time. Slater is fantastically charming and witty! The soundtrack is AMAZING full of really great rare music. The film is rated R and should be because it is a bit intense but it's worth it! If you get a chance to get your hands on it....Rent it.....just get your hands on it!

Just don't forget to....Talk Hard!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Last Exorcism

Ok so I normally love movies, it's very rare that I find a movie I just don't like....well that day has come~ This was by far the most overrated movie I have seen this year~ It was soooooooo PREDICTABLE and not scary.

Spoilers ahead
This film is suppose to be about a preacher doing his final exorcism when in reality it's just about some faithless man trying to prove that it's all fake. So it starts off really REALLY slow and trying to be artistic instead I got motion sickness from the "documentary" camera. The whole story was just washed up and overrated! It was like a really bad mix between Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch but it couldn't pull it off! Just as the film was starting to get good it ENDED! No joke, I felt sooo ripped off!

The only saving grace of this film was the acting by the girl playing Nell. She was very good at being creepy. All the other performances were soso....typical for this type of movie. I think i was more offended by the way the preacher handled things. It really makes people seem like mindless puppets and the preacher can manipulate anyone. With that kind of story I was at least expecting some resolution or cause or thrill but was left disappointed.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Go rent the Original Exorcist and you will have seen a much better movie!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat Pray Love

So I figured that any film with those 3 little yet powerful words in the title had to be good, and it was. This film is a charming look at a woman's last chance to find herself. Julia Roberts plays Liz, a writer that lives in New York City. She feels trapped by her life and is looking for something new. She goes through a few men and figures out that what she needs is an escape. She feels that the only way she can live life again is to throw herself into something new and scary. She decides to spend 4 months in Rome, 4 months in India, and 4 months in Bali. I did hear that the movie is based on a true story which explains how the film captures that raw emotion and pain in searching for yourself.

Each place has a word that Liz relates Rome she India she prays....and in Bali she learns to love. The story is so some touching and it makes you want to travel the world and just leave everything safe behind. We feel like we are friends with the characters we meet along the way.

The movie is filmed in so many beautiful places and really captures the feeling of that place. You feel the heat of India, you feel the wind in Bali, and you smell the food in Rome. (A word to the wise, don't go see this movie if you are hungry because the food looks sooo AMAZING!)

This is a movie that all people can enjoy and I hope that the film will help people to leave their comfort zones and explore the world around them. Be daring and live life fuller than you ever have before!

I give it an A because it's truly beautiful

The Expendables!

I have to say that this movie was flat out AMAZING! Now I know that may surprise and maybe even shock people but it actually was a great movie! The film's idea was basically get every single kick butt action star from the past 20 years and put them in this film! You know what the crazy thing actually worked! The film is filled with great action sequences, amazing stomach turning injuries and some kick butt knife fights! It bring back all the good stuff we love in classic action films!

Stallone does a great job as writer, director, and star. He has wit and charm and he is not afraid to make fun of himself and to show his age. One thing I really liked about the film was that these guys were not super human. People got their butts handed to them on a platter!

The only thing better than watching the characters kick serious tail is trying to figure out who else will show up. Which Hollywood action hero will make a guest star appearance. Of course we have the beautiful and yummy to watch Jason Statham and the Karate genius Jet Li. We also get a mini cameo by our favorite Governor Schwarzenegger and Die Hard action thriller Bruce Willis. Both characters were not really needed but who really cares because they are action legends!

There is also a very odd yet moving performance by Mickey Rourke. He plays this old action hero who keeps a bar/tattoo parlor where our guys hang out. He has this one monologue where he really shows why he was nominated for an Oscar a few years back. His character is fun and witty and can hold his own.

Basically this film has action, knives, blood, bones breaking, butt kicking, motorcycle riding, plane flyin', gun shooting, bombs blowing, and everything in between to have a great action movie! CHECK IT OUT!

Ladies you need to see this for your men....they will adore you for it!

PS....YES The guy that plays Gunner is the Russian from Rocky 4!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8 MM

So as I have stated before I love reviewing all types of films. It does not matter if they are new or old so I have here a few movies I picked up from the video store. Now I am on a bit of a Nicolas Cage kick right now. I'm talking a bunch of his movies, here is the list that I have watched so far....
National Treasure 1&2
Bringing Out The Dead
The Rock
Guarding Tess
Ghost Rider
That is just my list so far, I have a bunch stacked on top of my DVD player right now....all in good time I promise!

Well last night I decided to try and put in 8MM and I must! I knew that the movie was a bit strange but wow I was impressed! The film had me so tense and on the edge of my chair that I had to fast forward because i couldn't handle the suspense!

The idea is that Cage is a PI and he is investigating a movie that some rich widow finds of her husband's. It's a film where a young girl is shown being killed on tape. Cage is hired to see if it is real or fake. The film reminded me of Alice going down the rabbit hole. Cage starts off being so emotional about the tape but as he continues he becomes more desensitized to the horrible films he finds. He ends up knee deep in the world of Underground Violent Adult films and it's disturbing.

There is also an great performance by a very young Joaquin Phoenix as an adult video store clerk. Now I must warn you that this is a very hard film to watch. After all these years of watching movies, it takes a lot to shock or disturb me and this film did. It really pushes that line of what Hollywood and the industry can do to people. It really is this eye opening film to the dark side of people and how fast you become sucked into these crazy circles of pure evil. It is a rated R movie for a reason so only go into knowing it could make you feel uncomfortable.

Cage's performance is absolutely amazing and he really shocked me. He has emotion and range that is just amazing. He goes from every raw emotion, pain, sorrow, disgust, anger, and amazing stunning thrilling rage.

Action: Some
Suspense: Yeah!
Shock Value: you bet

Over all grade: B+/A-


So I actually saw this movie by accident. I was going to see Inception and we had the wrong times so we figured Salt should be interesting. Now before I even go on and on about this movie I should tell you, I had heard NOTHING about it. It was one of those movie that I had not even seen a trailer for. Personally I was so thankful that I knew nothing of it because I had no idea what to expect. I have to say I was very surprised by the film.

I love Ms. Jolie and this she is an amazing actress filled with talent. She is beautiful, talented, and shows so much emotion in her acting. Liev was also fantastic and pleasant. I must say that I will try very hard not to give anything away, this movie is so fantastic and talking about it messes up the suspense.

So the film is about a CIA agent and the search for truth. It is one of those who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. Just when you think you have figured it out you are not even close! I found myself on the edge of my chair. The action was amazing in this film and it was all so real. I didn't see and green screen it was all amazing pure Hollywood stun glory! (sorry I'm a purest, nothing compares to the REAL thing. Give me a man on a wire and a puppet any day)

The film really hits that classic thriller feel, like a good Hitchcock where you are not sure who is to blame until the last few minutes. I should warn you that this film will leave you wanting more. It was left very open ended and there could or could not be a sequel.

Over all it was great and anyone that likes action should give it a go.

Adventure: In a way
Suspense: Yep

Over all I give it an A-

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Sorcerer's Apprentice was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I knew that it would be filled with action because it's a Nick Cage movie but it also had a lot of humor. The story was filled with action and tons of amazing magic. I also took my 6 year old nephew to it and he loved it. It's very family friendly and has some cheesy moments.

Right from the start you know there is going to be action and special effects. It makes me wish I knew how to create a fire ball and throw it across the room! Cage is the perfect part for this film. He is able to play serious and even wise. T he character is called to be hundreds of years old and you believe he could be. He really shows this wise older mentor type person.

I must say the film would be nothing without Jay Baruchel! He really steals the film and shows what a great actor he is. He has a long career ahead of him and I can't WAIT to see it! He character is just so easy to like and relate to! So charming and so nerdy but that's what makes the character to easy to enjoy.

Over all it's a family friendly movie that has TONS of action. There is barely any time to rest because you are on the edge of you seat!!!

Action: yep!
Adventure: Tons
Magic: It makes Harry Potter look like he's in preschool!!!!!

Overall: A-

Despicable Me

So I decided to take my 6 year old nephew out to the movies this lovely Friday night. So of course we had to see Despicable Me and I have to say it was cute. It was a cute and charming movie about a villain trying to gain back his speed. He feels old and washed up so he creates a crazy plot and has some twists and turns along the way.

During the movie he adopts 3 little girls that just make the movie so fantastic! The best character is by far Agnes! She the little girl that yells "It's sooo FLUFFY!!!" she bring so much light and humor and hope to the film.

I must say the best part of the whole movie is the little minions!! T Hey are so funny and adorable! I laughed the hardest whenever they were on screen. They were so innocent and childlike that you had to adore them!

So over all it is a cute family fun movie that everyone will enjoy. It has a great message about family and the importance of togetherness. If you need a kids night this is the film to take them too. Very sweet and oh so charming.

Action: so so
Comedy: YEppers!
Overall: B+

Saturday, July 10, 2010


So this film sort of crept up on me. I had heard rumors about it and must say I was pleased. Basically this is not a reboot of the original Predator but more of a part 3. It does not follow the Aliens vs Predator stories which was fine by me. It is suppose to take place after the first two. The first film is in fact used as background for the whole story.

To be totally honest I have never seen the original film (GASP!) I know I know! Don't worry it is on my list of films to see. I must say that this film does go after the darkness we all have inside us. The characters are all dark and kinda evil. They are soldiers and people who fight to survive. Which is why the creatures want them. The idea is that they are brought to their planet as sport to hunt. Humans are the rat in a maze or the deer in the wild.

Adrian Brody plays our main emotionless soldier. Now don't get me wrong, that is not a bad thing. I was very shocked at how well he fit into this role. He really became this surviver character, he also gained about 25lbs of muscle which I must say was....yummy! He was a beefy man in this film and you do not expect it! But he shines as this character and you really enjoy seeing him kick some Predator butt!

We also get a mini odd role from Lauerence Fishburne. I must say his part is very small and I wasn't sure why he was there. I did think it was funny that when he showed up on screen someone yelled....Morpheus~! We also get an interesting character from Topher Grace who is clearly not cut out for jungle living. Of corse we need to one and only female character to balance out all the negative men. Over all it was still a good movie

Action: Yep!
Adventure: Some
ThrillS: By the ton!

Over all I'd give it a B+

The Last Airbender

That's right I went and saw the film that has been getting poor reviews. To be very honest I'm not sure why it is getting such terrible reviews! I mean of course it's not the best film's based on a cartoon for children. There are also all these terrible rumors going around saying that M. Night Shamalan is no longer a bankable director.....what rubbish! That's right I used the word rubbish in a sentence! I stand by him as a director 100%. Ok so none of us really cared for The Happening but he still did a great job directing. AS much as people disliked Lady In The Water I really enjoyed it. It was not suppose to be an epic scary movie, it was made for children. It's a modern day fairytale....tall tale....STORY! So basically what I am saying is that people need to lay off him because he is one of the best directors of our time. Chill out crazy haters!
So my review of this film is a fairly good one. I loved the cartoon and was excited to see what would be done with it. Now the acting is not the best but it's also not terrible either.....I would call it inexperienced....which is not a bad thing. All these actors are very young and new and I thought they did a great job. The film is suppose to be for kids and kids enjoyed the movie. I heard all the kids laughing and cheering in our theater. That is what this movie is suppose to be about, togetherness and acceptance.

The film has amazing...simply amazing special effects! The way that each bender is able to move their element is just stunning. We also get to see the amazing flying creature call Appa in all his glory. He looks so real and that is hard to do. The effects of fire and air were amazing and so thrilling.

So be prepared because this film is only suppose to be Book One so don't expect an end. I must say with all the negative press around this film I'm terrified that we will not get the rest of the films in the series. I really wish they would just give this film a chance and let it be what it is suppose to be, fun and entertaining for the whole family!

Adventure: Of course!

I give it an A-B+

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Now right from the start I must warn you I really enjoy the twilight series. I know that it is cheesy and not the best acting but I still love the series. I've liked vampire movies ever since I saw Interview With The Vampire! Moving is my review!

The film starts off with action and ends with action. This would be the twilight film for the men as well as the ladies. Lots of action and vampire wolves epic battle. We also get to see our dear Taylor Lautner bloom right in front of our eyes. He proves in this film that his acting is growing and improving!

The film also has a new actress in the role as Victoria and I must say bravo. Howard adds this sense of desperate rage that Victoria needs. She is also very intense toward the ending and she really shows her passion and skill.

Over all I think it was my favorite twilight movie! It was everything I hoped it would be and much more. Now we only have to wait two years till the next one!
Action: Yes!
Romance: Heck year
Sounds like my kind of movie!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

An Education

The little film that could....An Education is amazing and real and raw. The film takes these issues that women are dealing with even today and shows them through the eyes of 1961. Should a girl be in school? Should she go to university? Should she marry? Should she decide between one life or another or can she do both? This film brings up some really great questions.

Peter Sarsgaard is fantastically charming and such an ideal man. He really makes you fall in love with him and you long for him when he is not on screen. His character is smart, quick, and witty. His character David is a man that all women could easily fall in love with and you forget it Sarsgaard because he becomes David. Yet another reason why I love this actor. Personally I think he is one of the most under-rated actors out there! Every film he is in he steals the show, even though half the time he only has small roles. It's great to see him in a main role and just dominating it!

Carey Mulligan as Jenny is so real and you feel her pain. She is a smart and yet beautiful girl and she shows that growing up is never easy. She is raw emotion and real in every second of the film. From her childlike innocents to her grown up womanly passion she is sensational.

As I've said this film blew me right out of the water! It was a great film that is worth seeing. Every young lady should have to watch this film, it should be required for high school film and English classes. It's a film that girls all over the world can understand and relate too. Growing up is never easy and trying to make these life choices suck. This film can help put a little light on your confusion....check it out....very good amazing brilliant witty film!

The Karate Kid

Well there was no Daniel-son which of course made me sad but this new version of Karate Kid had me very surprised. I did not think this movie was going to be any good and I was mistaken. It does not hold a candle to the original but if you separate it from the original it's not half bad. The film takes a new spin on a Hollywood classic.

Jaden Smith is the reflection of his father in this film. He proves himself to be a good little actor with a great career in front of him. He will be around for a long time if he continues to stay on the right path....aka stay a good kid and away from bad influences!

Jackie Chan actually has a very meaningful character and a fantastic emotional scene that had me moved and in pain. He can really be a serious actor and he shines in this film. I'm even shocked I'm praising Chan because I think of Rush Hour when I see him. He steps away from his normal funny films and becomes a real person.

While the film has amazing fight scenes and inspiring moments it did move just a bit slow. Now I'm not talking boring slow I'm just saying I was ready for the story to flow a bit faster. Once the story got moving the film really takes off. I'd say give the film a chance but remember nothing can replace the Karate Kid but this tries to be a little bit wax on wax off. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Donnie Darko

That's right you know you gotta throw a little old in with the new! So because of Prince of Persia I went on a little Jake Gyllenhaal marathon! I think I have seen almost all of his films and I love it. He is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine!

So I realised I have never seen the Cult Classic Donnie Darko. I have always heard about it and heard some amazing lines from the film. I have seen the box in the video store but never checked it out...well now I have. I must say I was missing out on alot!

This film is about a boy being confused in a typical upper middle class suburb nightmare town. We all have been to those towns, heck I think sometimes I live in one! Anyways Donnie is basically this troubled kid that doesn't fit in and he keeps sleep walking. He sleep walks around town and keeps seeing this creepy guy in a bunny outfit. The film basically challenges the thoughts of what we as a society think. Hmmm that's confusing...basically it questions time travel. There are moments where Donnie feels like he knows more about the world around him.

Wow that's a little deep for 2am. So I don't wanna give too much aways but I will say Jake is amazing. He plays this lovable troubled boy that you just want to help and be with. It is not afraid to question what we think it right. It is not afraid to show the ugly side of people. The film has a great cast like Drew Berrymore, Noah Wyle, and Patrick Swayze. This is definitely a film that will mess with your mind and make you question things. It's a bit of a mind trip but a very fun trip at that!

Sex in the City 2

So what can you expect for an HBO show that turned Hollywood, an epic chick flick. I never watched Sex in the City when it was on HBO, I sadly did not have that channel. I got into the show once it moved to cable and became pretty PG. I saw the first film and thought it was good. Spoilers of the first film ahead!

So in the first film we basically spend over 2 hours waiting for Big and Carrie to make it down the aisle. That film was filled with heart ache and pain and alot of tears....
so the second film is not like that at all. I honestly think I liked the second film better than the first one! I'm telling you what, sequels are making a come back....BIG TIME!

So the second film focuses on how things have changed once you get everything you want. How happily ever after can sometimes be a bumpy road. The film talks about family life and having kids, worry about affairs, and staying sexy at your age. We are teased with Aiden popping in and hating Big even more and more....maybe that's just me. Sorry i always loved Aiden and thought Carrie was crazy for leaving him!

Anyways the film is very much a "woman's film" it is made with that audience in mind. Ladies don't bother trying to bring your men to the show because they will be so very mad at you. It is a film to go see with the girls and laugh about later!

Sooo I liked it and I think that the ladies will too! Plus we get a show stopping number from Liza herself so be ready for some fun!

Shrek The Final Chapter

I must say that I am a big fan of this series. I love kids movies and I think they are magical. I like that the series is able to take kids topics and also spin some adult humor.....that being said...I'm sorry in advance

I have to say I didn't care for this film as much as the others. I feel like they had very little stem to go off of. If it were not for Donkey and Puss I think the movie would have been kinda useless. So I know it's a kid movie and you can't expect much but I was sad at what was left out!

They did a very poor job of covering past characters. In the other films what made them great was all the other fairytale creatures. This film hardly has any! All of the favorites are only in the movie for moments! We hardly ever see the puppet or the Gingerbread man. There was no talk about Prince Arthur or any of the other princesses. All the fun main characters of the other films were just left out.

It was cute and since it was a children's film, it did leave my nephew entertained. To me it was a fun movie but it didn't hold a candle to the other 3 films. So it great for kids but don't expect it to be better than the others. Thank goodness for a chubby Puss in boots!

IronMan 2

I must say sorry for not updating sooner! It has been a crazy month! I just finished my masters degree!!! YAY! Now I'm busy busy in the "real world" Sleep has been winning over typing, What a terrible blogger I turned out to be! Well I must try to redeem myself!

So here we go, I'm sure at this point everyone and their brother has seen Ironman 2 but I still want to talk about it.....why you ask....ROBERT DOWNEY JR! That's right ever since I knew about film as a profession I have loved and admired his work! He is in my top five favorite actors of all time and he probably always will be. That being must know that Downey is the same as Burton for me, there is little they do wrong. They tend to always make me happy and thrill me with their talent....anyways...moving on!

I actually was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. I think that I might have liked it better than the first one! GASP! Seriously it's because we as an audience were just thrown into the story. There was no build up to the character, no waiting for the back story to finish. The film starts with action and ends with action. Jon (the director) did a great job with using special effects and camera angles to create an amazing action film. The music has your heart pumping with each moment Ironman is on screen.

Downey as Stark is PERFECT! I can not imagine anyone playing that role. Downey was always meant to be this character. He is the only actor, that I can think of, that is both charming and a jerk. Trust me, I mean that in the best possible way! Downey give Stark layers of emotion and personality.

Wow this sounds soo fantastic the film must be perfect....WRONG! Now don't worry I'm not gonna get all comic book geek on you and talk about the flaws. I will say that I was a little sick of one character.....Scarlett's character. Scarlett herself was fantastic and sexy, she was great. I really enjoy her as an actress and I love her talent. I did not like the ZILLION of slow motion close ups on her face and "other" parts. I get that she is hot, I get that there are a million boys just drooling away but it was a bit much. One or two slow motions shots for effect, I understand I get that but literally like 20 is too many. I think our dear director and editors may have a little crush on the beauty but it was over played. By the end of the film I was rolling my eyes because every time she came on set is was....slow motion of her hair falling and looking intensely into the camera....WE GET IT!!

Over all I did LOVE the movie, like I said, soft spot for Downey!

Action: HECK YES!
Adventure: Sure
Romance: A bit!

Over all A-

Prince of Persia

I don't understand why people are saying this movie is so terrible. I mean first off how high are your expectations....really. I mean it is a Disney Produced movie. Let's all face facts here people, It is my opinion that if Johnny Depp had not been in Pirates it would not have been as big of a smash. I feel that Disney was trying to do it again with a new series. I must say my nephew sure does love it and can't get enough. I have to admit when I first saw the trailer I had no interest in seeing it....I didn't know if Jake would be good for the role. So I went and saw it anyway to give it a chance and I have to say I was shocked. I thought it was a pretty good movie. It had some AMAZING action sequences and I really enjoyed it. It was thrilling and daring and Jake did a great job as Dastan. I think that Disney built the film up too much and had their expectations way too high BUT it's still a good movie.

I say give it a chance and decide for yourself. Jake does a great job of being noble and as always charming. I very much enjoyed the film and I think you might too. Just go into it remembering that this film is a Disney produced movie and not some GIANT Epic! Also remember that it is suppose to be family friendly....I'll say it is that!

Action: TONS!
Thrills: Yes!
Love story: Yep it's in there!

Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing and a great hero!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Letters To Juliet

This film is the ultimate chick flick filled with cheesy moments that will make your heart melt. I must say that I felt the trailer gave a bit too much away. There was no thrill of the moment during the journey of finding the lost true love because I knew from the trailers how it would end. So personally a lot of the amazing moments that occurred I already knew about.

Sooo besides that how was the film over all? I'd say so so. The acting was not so bad from the main cast. I must that the leading man Christopher Egan was a bit lacking in his English accent. It was very clear that he was not from the UK. Actually he is from Australia and you can tell he is uncomfortable with the accent. I must say some of the best acting is done but the Italian letter writers. They are amazing women that really stand out.

So yes this film is filled with cute moments and forbidden love but over all it's ok. I wouldn't prob buy it but hey I can say I saw it. Don't get me wrong, if you love cheesy chick flicks you will LOVE this. I suppose I was just disappointed in the lack of originality. I like films with a twist and this was very predictable and charming. Soo it was a nice film.

Love: Yes!
Romance: Tons
Cheesy romantic moments to make her swoon: By the truck load~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goodbye Heroes

It is a sad day indeed! I know that this blog is suppose to be about movies but I am going to branch out just a bit. NBC's Heroes is by far my favorite show on television. I found out yesterday that the show was cancelled by NBC and all I have to say is what a shame. This show was by far a gem within the NBC universe.

I must give props to the amazing actors and crew that worked on this show. By far the one that stands out to me is Wendilynn. She was a makeup artist on the show and she did an amazing job making our heroes all bloody and pretty. She used Twitter as a tool to help connect fans to their favorite show. ( She would give little hints and tid-bits from the set while filming. She would personally answer questions from fans and she fought so hard to save the show. Wendi, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you so very much for connecting fans with this unique show and thank you for making it personal.

I believe credit is also due to those that tried very hard to save Heroes. There were petitions and even a group of people who started sending waffle mix to the Head of NBC. The waffle mix is a connection with season 3 with Gabriel is making waffles for his son Noah. The Sarmy worked hard to get the word out and support the show. Greg Grunberg even went on live television to say how he was worried for the show. We see your efforts everyone and thank you all for fighting so hard!

Heroes was a show that made you smile, laugh, jump, and even scream! I'll never forget the first time I saw Peter Petrelli and the moment he jumped off that building. I'll never forget the moment we saw Sexy Sylar cut open someones head. Of course the famous line of Save the Cheerleader Save the World is still a memorable quote. We loved Hiro for his selflessness and we loved Nathan for his Selfishness!

We even looked forward to the crazy twists and turns of the show. We loved to be shocked and we loved the moments of action. When the Bennett house explodes in A Company Man or when Peter stops the Shaniti virus from crashing I was on the edge of my seat. I loved every time Sylar got a new ability....or a new lady. That's right we all know that Sylar was the total ladies man of the show! I mean he made out with Claire, Elle, Maya, Lydia, Angela, and even Parkman's wife Janice (ok there might not have been making out but there was a bit of fantastic scandal!)

A show that will be missed by all who watched live, downloaded, or bought the series. (Hint hint NBC most downloaded show)
Don't worry I wont go into a rant about how much I am unhappy with NBC right now....but it's there. Maybe another blog for another day.
So thank you Heroes for being unique and bringing your show personally to the fans. You will be missed and you are loved.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Alrighty so as a fillm reviewer you must be open to all kinds of films. These films include those random gems you find in the old section of the video store. Sooo I decided to go on a Milo Ventimiglia kick and rent some of his movies! Soo I rented the film Pathology which was released in 2008. I don't think it was out in theaters but that should never stop someone from trying a movie out.

So I decided to watch this movie late last night and it left me so shocked I had to put another movie in! Good thing it was jsut me watching cause I'm sure people would have been shocked at me watching it! Okkk here we go!

Pathology is a film abotu Milo's character Ted and his dream to be a doctor. In the film he is working at a very amazing hospital in the city and he is working as a pathologist. He basically tries to figure out how people die, what killed them. Quickly you can tell that this is no regular group of people. Ted meets a group of students who try to get him to play The Game. The game is killing someone but making it look natural...hiding the truth. It's basically a way for them to decide who is a better, smarter, creeper doctor.

Along the way there is of corse tons and tons and tons of blood! The film does not shy away from the graphic images of human bloody bodies. It depends on the shock factor and leaves you with your jaw hanging open in shock. Now don't get me wrong....I love dark and twisted.....I love blood and gore. I think that if a film can make me look away...bravo. This film did just that!

Of corse no crazy movie about human dismemberment would be complete with out a few crazy sex scenes along the way. Be ready...this film does not shy away from crazy random sex scenes. Milo gets nude and that shocked me more than anything! I was like...PETER PETRELLI what are you doing!?!? Sorry...I'm a Heroes fan...ANYWAYS. Be ready for some crazy sex moments that are very dark. I'm talking knives and needles creeepy!

So over all it was a good film that I did's shocking, bloody

Action: Sort of
Adventure: SOme
Horror: Yes!
Blood: By the gallon!

Over all grade: B

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Alrighty so to be perfectly honest, this was a very last minute pick for our Friday movie. We wanted to go see something with a little bit more action....or something with monsters and vampires. This however was one of the only ones we had not we figured, what the heck, let's give it a try.

Over all the film was witty and had a bit of humor. It was more about the drama between the two characters and more shocking than funny. There were moments where I had tears in my eyes...I'll give you a hint....Taser!

The film basically followers a roporter Jen and her ex hubby who is an ex cop who is now a soso bounty hunter. The whole point of the film is fairly predictable and you can guess how it goes. I give it credit for trying but it was alright.

Keep in mind I liked it...I normally am not a fan of Jen movies...she is not one of my favorites...I'm sorry I know that's like a mortal taboo. I think she is a talented actress but I feel like she is always playing the same roles... track!
Anyways! Yes the film is fun and witty and veyr enjoyable. I wouldn't say it was the comedy of the year but it was fun. Gerard and Jen had great chemistry and I now understand why people think they would make a good couple. veyr heart felt and trying to show that love can still survive in a world of business and work...check it out

Action: Some
Adventure: nope
Humor: Yeah
Thrilling: ish

Overall grade: B-/C+

Date Night

So tonight I went out and saw Date Night and I have to say it was better than I thought it was going to be. I mean don't get me was no Hangover but it was still very funny. It is a film that alot of married couples can relate to....well except for the running around New York bit. Steve is very witty as the working father who jsut wants to be a good father and husband. Tina, as always, is very funny and easily likable!

Of corse no film would be complete with a guest appearence by Markie Mark! hehe He was very sexy in his shirtless role! It gave the film that extra humor!

Over all I would say it's a good was funny....charming...cute.
I would say you could see it or it could be a fun one to rent later....either way would work. Cute film.

Action: Yeah
Adventure: ish
Thrilling: Nah
Worth Seeing: Yeah

Over all grade.....I'd give it a B-

How To Train Your Dragon

That's right I gave in and saw this charming children's film. Mind you I had good reason.....I had a five year old that wanted to go! Okay....You got me...I wanted to see it and I am so happy I did!

I saw the film in 3-D and as stated before I really don't think it added anything to it. It added a little element of magic for the kids but for me it was pretty much the same as seeing it normally...ok that's my two cents and I'll get off my soap box~

So let's get to the film...I really enjoyed it! It was fantastic family friendly fun! The whole idea of being able to train a dragon and have it be your friend is a dream we all had. It was filled with moments of humor and moments of magic. The graphic or animation...whatever you wanna call it! It was very well done. Nothing looked sloppy or too much like a computer animation. It looked as close to being real as a cartoon should!

The film really shows kids that it's ok to be different an dbeing different allows you to have moments of greatness! I know this sounds so chessey but it is the truth. I will not spoil the ending but it's very touching and allows you to be thankful for the people you have and the friends you keep!

Action: Yes!
Adventure: Tons!
Thrills: Some
Family Friendly: YES!!!

Check this movie out...have a night with the kids and go see a great film!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Alright the time has come to talk about Avatar. The reason I bring it up is because the film is being released on DVD in April. So now all the people who have not already seen it will see it and all the people who adored it will buy it.
Here is the deal with Avatar.....I like it. Visually it is stunning, the special effects are great and it's an overall good movie. I do have a few little problems with the film. Now don't worry I won't give anything away...I hate it when people spoil the ending of the movie!
So my problem with Avatar is the way the people and races are portrayed. Races you say? I thought they were alien blue people! Yes they are Alien blue people but let's be politically correct, they are the Na'vi. (pronounced NAh-Vee). They are a group of tribal creatures that live in this lush land of color and beauty. It is all about nature and being connected to the Earth.
So Amber what's the big deal....that sounds like a great thing....yes it SOUNDS nice. The movie itself is fine but the casting done my James Cameron is what got me. So the soldier and scientists are played by a predominately white cast. We have Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, and Stephen Lang. They are the main players for the humans in the film. Of course we have the one bad ass chick who is played by a Hispanic Michele Rodriguez and an Indian computer tech played by Dileep Rao. In the first place, it is very stereotypical to have the Indian guy play a tech guy. Why couldn't he have been apart of the military or one of the Na'vi. Nope he's the computer guy (Red Flag!)
Then we when take a deeper look at the Na'vi guess who is cast!? Predominantly African American actors. Now why would you try to make a film about equality and acceptance of difference but have all the Natives played by African Americans. That does not hit me as equality. How come there are no white people playing Na'vi? Why are all the humans that have Avatars white? I'm just making the claim that this film is putting itself in a very soft spot. James Cameron clearly had an image of what "type" of people the Na'vi would be. I just find it slightly racist and just politically incorrect.
The film itself is a good story filled with many great themes. It is really trying to shine light on acceptance and understanding. So I like the film for what it is but I hate that there are so many underlying stereotypes about race. If anything I hope that this just helps open your eyes to what the films you are watching are trying to tell you. Keep your eyes aware!
Overall I still give the film an A- because it is a well made movie I just have an issue with the hidden message being projected.

Action: Yes
Romance: Yes
Adventure: Tons!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a Tim Burton film....thus making it amazing even before I saw. All you should know that I have a deep passion for Tim Burton films! I think he is amazing, stunning, visually yummy! He uses colors and shapes to tell stories. He also just happens to work with some of the most AMAZING people in film making. Anyway...enough of me crushing on Tim Burton!
Lets get right down to is Alice in Wonderland....fantastic! The film takes the classic story that we know and love and evolves it into something new. We already know that Alice paints the roses red but what would she do if she got a second chance at Wonderland? This films takes us to an older Alice who has to deal with real life issues. Annoying things like family and marriage.
Once Alice falls down the rabbit hole we get a chance to see into the dark world that Wonderland really is. We see why the Hatter is so mad and even fairly creepy. We see a very stoned out Caterpillar trying to help Alice along.
The film is fun and exciting. I took my 5 yr old nephew to see it and he loved it. It kept his attention and he loved the cat.
I did not see the film in 3-D and I thought it was still fantastic. Personally as fun as 3D is, in the end i know I'll be watching it at home....with no 3D. SOOOO it's a fun gimmick but not a major selling point for me personally.
Over all the film is charming and intense....the ending is a bit corny but it is still a good film. Tim Burton shows the amazing woman that Alice turns out to be. A very fun and crazy cast....tons of fun!

Action: In a magical way YES
Adventure: Of course
Thrills: No

Over all I give it an A....but it's honestly not fair because I love anything that Tim Burton creates. So he always get an A in my book!

Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub TIme Machine was a film that will have you laughing till you almost can't laugh anymore! It is filled with tons of fun 80's reference and it makes fun of itself the whole film. In fact the characters mock that the hot tub is the time machine. We don't know why it is there and neither do they. We are just suppose to accept it and go along with the fun ride. The film actually has some heart when dealing with getting older and growing apart. What are things that you wish you could change....this film gives you that chance!

Filled with funny humor and some sexual content (aka Boobs!) but still over all a good film. Some of the jokes reminded me a little bit of The it is no where near as good as The Hangover but it is that type of Humor. Great one liners and lots of fun times.

John Cusack is always charming and sexy but that's because I love anything that man touches. HE really is a gem! Craig Robinson AKA Darryl on the Office is fantastic. He really stands out in this movie and shows how big of a career he is going to have!

Sooo over all I'd give it a B-/C+

Funny: Yes
Action: Nope
Romance: In a weird sexual way
One Liners: Tons and tons!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Wolfman is a film that will literally have you on the edge of your seat! Blood and gore from start to finish! Anothony Hopkins brings back so many Lecter qualities that will really make you love his character. Del Torro is filled with emotion and personal torment as he tries to battle with the beast from within. A good film to watch if you are in the mood for suspense.
Action: Yes
Adventure: Yes
Love Story: Soso
Scarey: Intense

If you are looking for a new twist on a fantastic classic this is the film for you. Keeps you guessing and fighting until the very end

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a film that keeps you guessing until the very last moment. An intense story about a man who tries to keep his life in order when all things seem lost. Filled with many Scorsese moments of high emotion and twisted stories. A little slow paced but the ending makes up for everything. I won't tell you the end but it certainly made my jaw drop! Leo once again proves that he is a brilliant actor who has grown and matured. This is no Jack Dawson, this is a man in pain. The film has so many beautiful scenic moments and so many confusing but great characters. A movie worth seeing!

Action: Some
Thrilling: Yes
Scary: Not at all
Romance: In a dark and twisted way yes!

If you are in the mood for a mystery than this film is one that you should seek out. Very good on a Friday night. Check it out.

Clash of the Titans!

The film Clash of the Titans tells the story of Perseus and his battle with the Gods. I saw the film in 3-D and it was alright. I honestly felt that the 3-D was more of a gimmick rather than a necessity for the film. It was fun to see Medusa fly at my face but it didn't make the moment any more eventful.
The film itself was about a B+ it had an AMAZING cast! Liam Neeson is the perfect Zeus and Sam Worthington was an energetic Perseus. The specials effects were intense and fun. The film itself had a rather grey element and it leaves you feeling sad. The film shows the battle between good and evil, Gods vs. man. Nothing new or original but still a fun movie.
If you are looking for action then this is the film for you!

Romance: Not really
Blood: Zero
Special effects: Good!

So if you are in the mood for some Greek Mythology than this is a film for you!