Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

I love having an 8 year old nephew that I get to go see all these animated movies with. You all should know that my nephew is very big into video games. He loves them and has been playing them since he could walk. He also loves playing my old school Nintendo, so the kid has played a little of everything. As soon as he heard about this movie he asked me to take him. How can I say no to such a cute kid with big brown eyes?!

The movie is about Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly. He is a character in an old school arcade game that breaks a building every game and then Fix It Felix, voiced by Jack McBrayer, comes in and fixes it with his magical hammer. Ralph does not like being a bad guy and he is lonely. He just wants to be a part of the group and not have people hate him. One day he decides to go into the other games and try and be a hero. He wants to prove to the people in his game that he is more than a bad guy.

The movie is super cute and shows that who people are is more important than what they look like. If you have played video games at all in the past 25 years you will love this movie. At one point we see the Mortal Kombat guys, Mario, Pacman, Sonic, and many many more.Part of the fun is trying to figure out who all of the game characters are.

In part of Ralph's journey he meets Calhoun, voiced by Jane Lynch. She is from a fighting game called Heroes Duty. As Ralph game hops she gets pulled into the other games with Felix. Together they are trying to clean up the mess that Ralph is making. We also meet Vanellope voiced by Sarah Silverman. She is a racer in the candy racing game. She is considered an outcast just like Ralph and together they form and amazing friendship.

I have to say that this movie was very cool. There was no nasty adult humor that is sometimes hidden in these kid movies. It also is such a great lesson for kids not to judge a book by it's cover. Be open minded to new people and value the friendships you have. I even had tears in my eyes at one point. I say if you are looking for something to do this weekend, take the kids to go see it. It's family fun with a classic videogame twist. ENJOY!

Over All-A-

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Alright Alright we go the final film the the Twilight series. I have read all the books and seen all the movies. Actually this is the first Twilight movie that I didn't wait in line at midnight for. I guess I felt too grown up for that....that being said I did see it judgement.

Ok here we go I have to say they FINALLY got it right with this one. As always it had a few cheesy moments and one or two lines that were so terrible you can't help but roll your eyes. The movie starts with Bella waking up as a vampire and getting all PDA with her husband Edward. They go out on an awesome hunt and we see what a predator Bella really is. We also get a chance to see Reneesma their daughter. Here is my beef with that creepy CGI baby...IT LOOKED SO FAKE! I kept thinking it was going to ask me to switch to esurence! The baby looked so fake that is was distracting. This is a million dollar movie, you couldn't have put a little more effort into making the baby look real. It was obvious that it was a real baby with a computerized face. ICK!

Ok I got that out, I feel better. So the movie continues and we see Bella get all mad that Jacob Imprinted on Nessie, it's not as dirty as it sounds. Basically there is a strong connection between them and all Jacob wants is her to be happy.

One day Bella, Jacob, and Nessie are outside and Irina sees them. She thinks that the Cullens made a vampire child, which is illegal. She runs away and tells the Volturi that there is a vampire child. Now remember the Volturi want Alice and Edward as apart of their guard because of their special abilities. Aro takes this as his chance to take what he wants. The Cullens must scramble to find witness to prove the Nessie is not a vampire but half human and half vampire.

The best part about this movie was all of the new amazing vampires we get to meet. We finally get my favorite vampire Garrett played by the lovely Lee Pace. He has humor, charm, and and that whole bad boy thing going for him.....swoon! We also have Maggie Smith as Irina the troubled and confused Cullen Cousin. Mackenzie Foy plays Nessie and she is adorable. She is a beautiful child that you can not help but adore. She brings this pure innocents to the film that is desperately needed.

We have all the traditional cast returning to the film but I must say that Elizabeth Reaser as Esme stood out among the crowd. We finally got to see the compassion and fabulous acting of Elizabeth. In the other films she was not used as much as she should of been. It's like not playing a great hand in poker....what a waste! I feel like I should mention Michael Sheen as Aro is both creepy and amazing. He scares you because you can tell behind those eyes there is such pure evil. Gives you chills just thinking about his creepy laugh! Also Dakota Fanning as Jane is as always fantastic. A brilliant actress playing playing an evil deadly vampire with no mercy in her cold heart.

Over all if you like the series you will love this one. It has everything and it leaves you wanting more!

Over all- B-


Right away I should warn you all that I am a big history buff. I am always worried when I go see historical movies because I want them to be true to history. The people of the past deserve that respect. That being said I had high hopes for Lincoln. I must say Steven Spielberg delivered on every level of the film.

I thought the movie was going to be a biopic on the life of Lincoln and I was wrong. The movie takes place during the two or three weeks before the signing on the 13th Amendment ending slavery in America. The Civil War is nearing an end as the South is weary from years of fighting. Now is the time that Lincoln wants to fight for the rights of Slaves.

We see Lincoln, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, as not only a President but as a father and a husband. We see his relationship with his young son Tad Lincoln, played by the adorable Gulliver McGrath. We see the tarnished relationship with his oldest son Robert, played by the talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Robert wants to fight in the war and feels like he is dishonoring the men fighting by standing aside and doing nothing. We also see Mary Lincoln as she tries to keep herself together. After loosing their youngest son she has been an emotional train wreck. She doesn't know how to deal with the loss and even thinking of losing her other son brings her to a panic attack. This character is brilliant played by Sally Field, she brings such a compassion and sadness to Mary that you feel in every scene.

This film is filled with amazing actors that bring such passion and life to these historical men and women. Tommy Lee Jones plays Thaddeus Stephens a man who has been fighting for African American rights for years. The 13th Amendment is something he feels is long past due. James Spader is W.N. Bilbo a man hired to try and find  more men for the 13th Amendment. He is not afraid to take less than legal ways around to get what he wants. David Strathaim plays William Seward a man that believes in Lincoln and will support him publicly till the rapture. Even if he doesn't believe in it privately he supports his command in chief. I think my favorite character is played by the always surprising Lee Pace as Fernando Wood. Mr. Wood is against the 13th Amendment and is incredibly verbal about it. Lee Pace brings this despicable man to life and he is very charismatic. It is not surprising to see people follow his policies because he is a great politician.

The cast goes on and on with Oscar winner and nominees galore! The movie is historic and is fully dependent on the dialog. The movie does get a bit slow and a little long. Still a great movie that I encourage you to try and watch.

My favorite part about the movie is how human it man Lincoln. He wasn't this purified vision of what Lincoln was but the flawed and human man fighting for what he believes in. You see him playing with his son and telling dirty jokes to his cabinet. You see the troubled pain in his eyes and the fear in his voice. You see how much he wants equality and how far ahead of his time he is. Daniel Day-Lewis makes Lincoln Human again. He is not this idea of a perfect martyred man, he is just a flawed as the rest of us.

I must say that this movie came out at the perfect time. This is a time in our country where change is in the air and no matter who you voted for, it was historic. In the movie there is an African American soldier that says in a few years they will have freedom, in 50 years the Vote, and in a hundred maybe someone in office. It gave me chills just thinking how backwards it all seemed. How sad it is that way of thinking was held on for so long. It makes me wonder in a hundred and fifty years what will they think of us. We need to learn from the past to give hope to our future.

Over all -B+

Life Of Pi

So here I sit at my local coffee shop trying to stay focused on writing. My house has too many awesome more movies! This was a very eventful holiday week for me. Not only did I see family and friends but I went and saw 5 movies in 7 days....I'm that awesome. So here we go!

I have not read the book Life Of Pi, part of me feels like I should have. At the same time Director Ang Lee paints a better picture than my mind ever could. This film is like a lovely piece of art, moving motion pictures. The colors are vibrant and take your breath away. The cinematography is captivating, there are these huge empty spaces that make you feel so alone and small. The images Ang Lee filmed in India are full of the passion and grace that show what a rich culture India has. You can feel the breeze in your hair and the spices in the air. Not many directors can take you to a new place but Ang Lee does in Life of Pi.

The film is about a man named Pi. We meet Pi as a grown man, played by Irrfan Khan living as a Professor in Canada. One day an author comes to visit Pi. The writer, played by the amazing Rafe Spall, was just in India and met Pi's uncle. The uncle told the writer that Pi's story would make him believe in God and Magic. Pi tells his story for when he was a young man. The younger Pi is played by Suraj Sharma, an actor that is years ahead of his age.

We hear about life growing up in India. Pi's father ran a Zoo and a botanical garden. When Pi get's older his family must move to Canada and sell the zoo animals. Among the animals is a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. This tiger is dangerous and a predator, Pi has seen what this Tiger can do.

While on the boat the ship sinks and Pi ends up on a life raft alone with a zebra with a broken leg, an organutan, a hyena, and Richard Parker the Tiger. Ok there are going to be some spoilers....I'm warning you........
Right away animal instincts trump reason and the hyena kills the Zebra and the organutan. After Pi screams at the hyena Richard Parker jumps out of the boat and kills the hyena. Pi can no longer stay on the boat because Richard Parker will kill him. Pi makes a raft out of life jackets and floats behind the boat, every once and while going to the boat for supplies.

The rest of the movie is about survival and seeing what we are capable of. We see the bond between Richard Parker and Pi grow as they try to survive together.

The film is unlike anything I have ever seen. The special effects are so real that I could not tell what was real or CGI. I'm still not sure if Richard Parker was real or if they were ever really in the water. Ang Lee did an amazing thing and mixed the CGI in with real images to make the scene more powerful. The colors of the fish and the look of the sky are like pieces of art in a museum. If this director does not get nominated for an Oscar I will be shocked. I also think that this film should win for best special effects because they are stunning and ground breaking.

The acting in this film is the stuff of history. Rafe Spall as The Writer is a small but important character. He brings this childlike curiosity and desire for truth and God to the film. He wants to believe in magic and I honestly think, he wants to believe in God. Irrfan Khan brings so much heart, pain, and truth to the adult Pi. Suraj Sharma is an actor with a long career ahead of him. I won't spoil the ending but there is a scene at the end where we see all the pain, suffering, passion and loss that Pi has endured. The acting was so raw and it stays with you long after the movie is over. I still get goosebumps thinking about the pain in his eyes.

Over all if you are looking for a beautiful film to see, go see this movie.

Over All - A

Monday, November 12, 2012

Taken 2

Ok people here is the thing....Liam Neesen is the voice of God, he trained Batman and Obi Wan, and he is Zeus!! Do we really think that he can't beat up a few guys in Europe to save his family...come on! Ok I must say I went into this movie with very low expectations because I heard it was only so so. I must say I enjoyed the film for what it was. It's not the same as the first, which I liked. This time we got to see how Bryan acts in the time of crisis when he's the victim. We also see how Kim is doing after her traumatizing experience in Paris. We also see the compassion that Bryan and Lenny used to have for one another. You really do learn alot about people after dealing with a traumatic experience.

Bryan is in Istanbul for work protecting a diplomat. As a surprise Kim and Lenny show up to spend quality family time together. We find out that the fathers and brothers of the men that Bryan killed in Paris are coming for him. They are really mad and they are coming to take his family and experience pain like nothing else.

I really don't want to ruin the movie for you....hmmm what can I say? Kim is fantastic and clear headed in a time of crisis. Lenny falls apart and freaks out.....shocker. Bryan is brilliant and super smart with every move, he thinks ten steps ahead. There is everything from gun fighting, car chases, bombs, and explosions.

The casting is great, Liam Neesen is perfect as the compassionate father who will do ANYTHING to keep his family safe. Maggie Grace is charming and lovely as the maturing Kim. Famke Janssen is great as the flighty and confused Lenny. You feel for her, Lenny is not mean for a life of guns and violence.

Do not go into this movie expecting it to be better than the first. It is a completely different film and is not trying to out do the first film. It is showing how the characters have grown and progressed over this time. You will be able to enjoy it a little more if you go in and just enjoy the ride.

Over All -B

The Man With The Iron Fists

Oh boy, yes I went and saw The Man With The Iron Fists. My aunt has a thing for Asian kung fu movies. Alright let's just get into this. What can I say about this movie? It is like every 14 year old kung fu boy's wet dream! There is everything from fighting, to sex, to weapons, to more sex. Ok I'm being a little harsh with this movie. I'll try to be better.

The story starts with the Emperor sending a large amount of gold through the mountains and all of the criminal groups come looking for it. We have several different kung fu clans killing each other for a chance at this gold. All of these horrible characters invade this small mountain village and wreak havoc.

The film is directed by RZA a singer/actor/director. My problem is not with the directing at all, he had an amazing eye for color and angles but HIS acting was bland and surface. He had no real emotion and I was not invested in the character's story. RZA played Blacksmith who is in this Asian town after he runs away from America fleeing slavery. He is in love with a lady of the night named Lady Silk, played by Jamie Chung. Lady Silk works in a whore house run by Madam Blossom, played by Lucy Liu.

One day during all of this chaos a man from England named Jack Knife, played by Russell Crowe, shows up to the whore house looking for entertainment. We find out that Russell Crowe is a dirty old man!! Haha just kidding but he does sleep with alot of women in this's crazy! Once we get over the shock of his sexipades he does a very good job with this film. He takes bland dialog and turns it into meaningful moments. I must say, he saved the film for me.

The rest of the movie is filled with some really AWESOME fight scenes. I will give RZA credit, the action scenes are amazing. The fighting is like a dance, it's graceful but deadly! The costumes in this film were stunning in color and original is design. The costumes helped display the emotions of the characters but added to the life of the film. The sets were vibrant and lust in texture and color. Sorry to bust out the Masters in Film but the Mise En Scene in this fill was to die for. Every piece in the shot was there to add to the picture.

Over all I can't decide if I liked the movie or not. The movie was trying to be a traditional kung fu film and at times cheesy but enjoyable. If you like those types of movies you will love this.

Over All - C+

Cloud Atlas

I went into Cloud Atlas with such high hopes. I wanted this movie to be great because it was such a different and risky story. I'm proud and excited to say that this movie exceeded all of my expectations. Every detail of this film is art....moving images as art. I'm sorry but the film scholar in me came out watching this movie. A sensational cast that had heart, emotion, love, pain, hate, and all of it done so smoothly. Nothing was forced you just believe in the magic.

The film is basically a story within a story within a story ect...ect. It's the idea that we are all interconnected in life over and over again. That our lives are not our own but we are apart of a bigger story. Our souls connect several times over different lifetimes. We are naturally connected to specific souls, they fulfill our lives.

The story is a little difficult to follow in the beginning but once you get the flow of things it becomes easy to hop from story to story. You get involved in one story in the 1970's and then jump back to a tale from 1930 and then forward to 2128. Each story just as interesting as the last.

Let's get into the a word....pure. Tom Hanks plays everything from a scientist, to a criminal author, an Actor, a corrupt doctor, and a future village man just trying to live his life. Each role is so pure with emotion and fear. You believe every character and you no longer see him as Tom Hanks, you see Dr. Henry, Isaac, and Zachry. Halle Berry is also closely connected to many of Tom Hank's characters, although you might not recognize her. She plays a young tribal boy, a white woman married to an author, a young journalist and an Asian male doctor of the future. Each character is wonderful and is proof that she is an Oscar winning actress.

We also have Jim Sturgess as the biggest surprise of the film. This film shows that Jim is going to have a long and very successful career. He has two big characters in this film Adam a man sent to the tropics during the 1900's for slaves. He ends up befriending a former slave and we see how every kindness is important in keeping us connected as humans. He also plays an Asian rebellion fighter of the future named Hae-Joo. Hae-Joo is trying to save Sonmi-351 played by Doona Bae. Sonmi is a clone worker of the future that stands with Hae-Joo to show that just because you were not born in a womb does not mean you do not have a soul. 'From womb to tomb we are all connected' Jim shows that he could be an action leading man in no time. He is running and fighting with ease and comfort. A truly talented actor that I can not wait to see more from. There are several other great actors like Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw, James D'Arcy, Hugo Weaving, Jim Broadbent, Keith David, and many more. I could write an entire book on this film....don't worry I won't...yet!

One other thing I must write about is the amazing make up effects of this film. Each character is different in each story. The make up is so naturally that you find yourself not even realising that the wife is Halle Berry or the old man is Tom Hanks. If this film does not get an Oscar Nom for best make up I am going to be pissed. It was amazing.

Also the special effects were smooth and believable. I found myself unsure what was real or what was CGI. That is the way that special effects are suppose to be. We are suppose to believe that this is the world and they belong together.

If you like a great story with heart and soul you will love this movie. It is a little long but I promise if you stick with the film it will be worth it. Allow yourself to go on this amazing ride and enjoy the lovely story telling. It will remind you that we are on this earth together to share love, pain, fear, joy, angry, and everything else. Enjoy!

Over All: A

Friday, September 14, 2012

Resident Evil:Retribution

So we have come to the 5th...or 4th...nope 5th Resident Evil. (Yes that is Sarcasms) I must say I think this might be my least favorite out of all of the Resident Evil movies. I can't decide if this was my least favorite or if Resident Evil Afterlife is my least favorite. Ok let's get into this

This movie starts with Alice fighting off an Umbrella controlled Jill Valentine. Alice is blown away and we are left not knowing what happened to Claire, K Mart or Claire's brother. Alice wakes up in a Dawn Of The Dead style neighborhood. Alice is married to Carlos.....which made me smile ear to ear!!!! They have a little girl named Becky. Then all of a sudden Zombies attack

Then we see Alice wake up in an underground Umbrella hive. She knows no one and is forced to run around trying to figure out the next move. We find out the back story to how Umbrella got it's money. Then we finally start to see some of our favorite past characters. Sure they are clones but we are SOOOO happy to see them!

We have Michele Rodriquez as Rain, Boris Kodjoe as Leon, Colin and Solmon as One, and the best one Oded Fehr as Carlos!!! I honestly think the reason I don't like Afterlife is because there is no Carlos. There was not even enough of him in this film but some is better than none.
Here is the break down the movie is filled with some really bad actors and some not so bad actors. Some scenes are awesome and really exciting and others make me sad because the acting is but so terrible! All of the returning cast is fantastic but the new ones, beside the little girl Becky, are terrible.

I did not see the movie in 3D but I can see where it was probably good. There were alot of slow motion things flying toward the camera. I have to say they used slow motions WAYYYYY too much. The one thing I was the most disappointed in was the fact there were not enough Zombies. I also hated HATED that there were so many unanswered questions. Yes we know you want a sequel but I have no idea where half of the characters are!

It's not a bad movie but there have been better Resident Evil Movies

Over All C

Monday, September 10, 2012


A movie filled with so many great actors and so much potential, you would think it would be amazing. It did have some great moments but over all the talent is wasted. The film is based on the true story of Forest, Jack, and Howard Bondurant and their times as bootleggers in the 1920's. It was a time when the law was slightly bending to forms of personal justice rather than law and order. Gangsters roamed the streets willing to kill anyone that got in their way.

Forest is the oldest and leader of the three Bondurant men. He is played by the very talented Tom Hardy whose talent is hidden in this film. He tends to mumble and beat his way through this movie with very little heart. A role that could have shinned was only luke warm. Then we have Howard played by Jason Clarke who is the Bondurant drunk of the family. His character has no common sense and all he does is drink all the moonshine! Then there is the youngest Bondurant Jack played by Shia LaBeouf who is the most annoying character EVER! The whole movie he keeps messing up his brother's plans and then crying about it. He is a big coward that has a big mouth. I seriously wanted to punch him every ten minutes. There is literally not one redeeming quality about him.

The rest of the cast is a little better we have the charming Mia Wasikowska as Bertha. She is the girl that Jack swoons over and she is the daughter of the local minister. We have to have more than one female so we have Jessica Chastain as Maggie. Maggie is a beautiful woman who is escaping her life of troubles and sin in Chicago. She take a job as a waitress at the Bondurant shop. Of course she has to create trouble between the locals because of her beauty.

 We have Guy Pearce as Charlie Rakes a very odd character indeed. He is the new law enforcer from Chicago who shows up to clean up the bootleggers. He is such an odd character, pure evil and has a fear of germs...very interesting. Guy does bring a creepy carefree feel to the role.

By far the best actor in the whole film is Gary Oldman. He is raw talent and charisma mixed with a cold ruthless gangster attitude. Gary Oldman plays Floyd Banner a gangster from Chicago who comes down to get moonshine for the big city. He is by far the best part of this movie and he is only in like 5 scenes! His talent is completely wasted.

Over all the movie is good. It's dramatic and has some really great talent. Sadly the talent is wasted and film is luke warm. I guess I was just disappointed in the lack of story and the wasted talent. I still enjoyed the movie.

Over All I give the movie a B+

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Watch

Ok I tend to love the funny dumb comedy movies. I think they are awesome and they show what real people would do in a crazy situation. I think that's why I love The Hangover and Hot Tub Time Machine. I know they are so SO dumb but they are also very funny. So my aunt and I decided to go see The Watch and I enjoyed it. I wouldn't say that it was the best movie I have ever seen but it did have it's funny moments. I'm sad to say that most of the really funny moments were shown in the trailer.

Ok let's get into it we have Ben Stiller as Evan, Vince Vaughn as Bob, Jonah Hill as Franklin, and Richard Ayoade as Jamarcus. Put these four actors together and you have pure gold in comedy form. I have to say that Richard Ayoade was so funny and I would say almost out shined his senior comedians! I'll get to that more in a minute.

Evan is the manager of a Costco in Ohio and one night one of his employees is murdered. Evan being the up standing citizen that he is, decides to start a neighborhood watch program to keep the town safe. Evan feels that local cop played by Will Forte is not doing the job of finding the killer. Bob decides that The Watch will be a great way to hang out with the boys and sees it as a way to male bound and party. Franklin was rejected from the police force and he uses The Watch as a way to stick it to Forte. Jamarcus does it for fun and because he is hoping to have a crazy sexual encounter with an Asian housewife.

As you can see from the trailer the boys come across an alien and find out that the killer is from space. Then the movie gets really funny because what would your husband do if him and his friends found an alien? They are stupid and curious and hilarious.

The acting in this movie is actually really good. There is a little bit of story between Evan and his wife and Bob and his daughter. There are moments where we see comedy and emotion come together. Jonah Hill is so funny as Franklin, you think he's a little crazy but awesome crazy. Jamarcus is just so funny and witty. He seriously steals the show and you can't help but want more.

Over all if you are looking for a fun movie that is entertaining and enjoyable this is the one for you. It is so stupid and so funny why the heck not! I say try it!

Over all B-

Step Up Revolution

This is going to be quick and to the point. I went and saw Step Up Revolution with kinda high hopes. I thought this would be a great new look at a fun and entertaining series. I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, the dancing is sensational. The way these dancers move and flow is just stunning and mesmerizing. Here is the thing....they are dancers not actors. Oh my goodness this was some of the worst acting I have seen in a long time. I mean COME ON! Did you get these actors off of Craig's list? I'm sorry I know that's not fair.

I should have gone into the movie just to watch the dancing but the script and acting were just so bad. The lines were predictable and you saw the entire story coming from a mile away. I guess I like the hippie idea that you solve your problems with dancing and not fighting. I guess I was just so disappointed in the horrible acting and scripts.

If you are a fan of So You Think You Can Dance then you will love this movie. Half of the 'actors' are former dancers from that show. Like I said the dancing is something to be respected. The choreography is so original and cutting edge. The idea of the flash mob and all these artists coming together is fantastic. I guess the right way to say it is the movie's heart is in the right place but the bad acting over shadows all of that.

Go into this movie with a grain of salt. Go see this movie for the dancing and creative art but do not go expecting some epic story and stellar acting.

Over All: C

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Rises

First off let me say I am so sorry for the families in Colorado. I'm so sorry for them and my prayers go out to those affected. It makes me sad that this horrible tragedy will be attached to this great film. I hope no one feels I am being disrespectful in doing this review. I feel like the plot of this film is to fight against oppression and stand up to injustice. It shows that the human spirit and the will to do what is right and will prevail.

The Dark Knight Rises starts off 8 years after the first film. Harvey Dent and Rachel are gone and Bruce is left to his own demise. Alfred and Fox try to get him to move on in his life but he can not. While Bruce is a shut in, people like Jim Gordon and Officer Blake are left without Batman. The city of Gotham is almost at a moment of peace.

It is the calm before the storm. A new villain named Bane and a woman named Selina Kyle are wondering the streets of Gotham causing problems. So when he is needed Batman will always return to protect his beloved city.

Ok I have to be very careful not to spoil anything. The film brings all kinds of fun toys for Batman to play with. We get our first look at the Bat plane and our favorite Bat Cruiser pops up. Bane also has some fun toys and big explosions. He is a bad guy we love to hate.

All of the actors did a fantastic job and the emotional range was so stellar. I think my favorites are Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael Caine. Levitt plays Blake an officer on the Gotham police department. He is Gordon's right hand man. Blake believes in the law, what is right, and Batman. Levitt does a great job showing his passion and his range of emotion is so impressive. Levitt has been acting a long time, I remember him in 3rd Rock From The Sun and I feel like he is finally getting the recognition he deserves! Well done Sir, I am very impressed. Another outstanding performance came from Michael Caine, not that it's surprising! Caine taps into the deep pain that Alfred feels for Bruce and how much he loves him. A great performance from a brilliant actor.

Anne Hathaway gives a charming performance as the duel personalities of Selina Kyle and Catwoman. I didn't know if Anne could pull it off but she did a great job. I wanted to see more of her. When she wasn't on screen, I found myself missing her. The chemistry between her and Christian Bale was outstanding. You have to love when Batman finds a girl that can give him a run for his money! Well done both of you.

Christian Bale is haunting as the lost soul of Bruce Wayne. Bale is able to show Wayne's true pain for his past and hope for Gothams future. He is also haunted by the ghosts of his past....literally. Keep your eyes open for characters from the other films because they are there.

Over all the film is a stunning conclusion to the Batman saga. I must say it does leave it open for future projects. I must say that I am very hopeful that we will be seeing more of Mr. Levitt! I should warn the comic fans that this is CLOSE to the comics but a few liberties were taken. One major one that I won't spoil for you. Trust me, if you know anything about the comic series you will catch it in the end.

Action: Yes
Drama: Yes
Amazing Acting: Yep!

Over all grade: A-

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Madagascar 3:Europe's Most Wanted

So another afternoon with the nephew always starts with a cinematic adventure (to quote Dane Cook). This week it was between Brave and Madagascar, I wanted Brave he wanted Madagascar....he won! I must say it was a great movie that was very family friendly! It had a great plot and breath taking animation. The use of colors was so rich and engaging that all the children in the theater were mesmerised by the images on the screen. I found myself wanting to live in this rich pretend film where animals can talk and go on adventures!

Let's get into this, the film starts where the 2nd one ended. The penguins are off to Monte Carlo to win their fortune and our zoo gang is waiting for their return. We have our returning voices and characters. We have Ben Stiller as Alex, Jada Pinket Smith as Gloria, Chris Rock as Marty, David Schwimmer as Melvin, Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien, Cedric the Entertainer as Maurice,and Andy Richtor as Mort. We also have some new comers to the series like Francis McDormand as Captain DuBois, Jessica Chastain as Gia, Bryan Cranston as Vitaly and Martin Short as Stefano.

Alex and the gang decide to go to Monte Carlo to find the penguins and along the way run into trouble with animal control and Captain DuBois. Their only escape is pretend to be circus animals and jump a train with their new friends. Alex tries to remake the circus into a big success while trying to travel across Europe without getting caught.

The movie does a great job of showing kids that change is good and sometimes life is unexpected. It was also very magical and musical which is always fun for an 8 year old. If you have kids you really need to see this. If you have not seen the other films, it's totally ok. It gives you the background but makes it a whole new story. If you need an afternoon with the kids, take them to this...SOOOOO adorable!

The Amazing Spiderman

Alright Amber let's sit down and focus! You must write this blog because if you don't write it, people can't read it. If people can't read it, you can not expand your little universe! Alright readers here we go! I'm sorry it has been weeks between posts, my motivation is at zero! It's been too hot to do anything but sit on my butt melting in the 107 degree heat. So to stay focused I went to the local coffee hut and I'm drinking my Arnold Palmer. Sadly I am sitting in the worlds most uncomfortable chair. I keep eyeing the other tables planning my secret table attack. Move your feet lose your seat! ANYWAYS!

This past week I have been movie watching like CRAZY! I have finally got some time for myself and have been trying to play catch up. This past weekend I went and saw The Amazing Spiderman....not to be confused with Spiderman with Tobey McGuire from a few years back. This is a whole new reboot for Marvel and I must say I was very excited for it. Don't get me wrong, the others were good. They followed the original comic books very well. To us comic people, that is what it is about....follow the story and don't screw it up. So in this version they basically took a few liberties with the comic but not too many where is pisses you off. It's just skewing the timeline just a little.

In this story we have the charming Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. We see his parents leave as a child and we see Peter's confusion and pain over his parent's abandonment. We have Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Both do a great job playing the concerned adult figures in Peter's life. Personally, I liked them but I found Sally to be a bit young to play Aunt May.....I always see her as older. We also have Emma Stone playing Gwen Stacy and she is so charming and fantastic. For you unknown nerds Gwen was in fact involved with Peter at one point during the comic books. We also have Gwen's father Captain Stacy played by Denis Leary. He is the perfect father figure/cop trying to protect the city and take down the Spiderman! We also have a stunning and haunting performance from Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Conners. Basically it is a full power ass kicking cast that any director would drool to work with!

The problem is I can't give away too much about the film because it will literally ruin the film for you. I know the previews give WAY too much away! So let me just explained what I liked and if a spoiler pops up I will warn you!

One of the issues I had with this film is the relationship between Peter, Uncle Ben, and Aunt May. I didn't feel the closeness that I wanted for those characters. That seemed like a minor story in this 2 1/2 hour movie. I wanted more of a connection and more respect from Peter to them. I think part of me was comparing to the other Spiderman film....which is not fair...I know!

I really liked Peter and the way Andrew played him in this film. He wasn't this really nerdy kid that you felt bad for. He was just an average kid trying to get through high school, like most of us did. He was still charming but a little shy. The way he played the flirtation between himself and Gwen was so real and cute. A side note....Andrew and Emma are now dating in real life....maybe there was a Spiderman romance connection even then. I can tell you that I fell for both Peter and Andrew. I really fell for him when I saw that boy kiss....GRRR!

The character of Dr. Conners was probably my favorite. He had so much mystery, secrets, and soul that you wanted to see more of. The performance by Rhys was wanted to see him more on screen. It makes me wonder why he doesn't have a bigger name for himself. Seriously a very underrated actor!

The film did a great job of showing New York City as this city of togetherness. It was a very post 9/11 representation of the City and how they can come together in a time of distress. I just spent a week in NYC and I did see the city in that light. So many different cultures and people that must come together as a city in a time of need. It honestly gave me chills to see in person and then see on screen. A very Pro-America ending that shows what a big heart this country has.

Over all the movie had great special effects and wire work. The stunts were action packed and believable. Andrew looked great in the Spiderman suit and I really hope they make another film....OR Add him to the next Avenger Movie!! For those of you that didn't know, Spiderman was in the Avenger comic books, he was recruited by Tony Stark. Fingers crossed that he can assemble with the other beautiful superheroes...oh yeah and Scarlett Johanssen. ;)

Action: Yes!
Adventure: Yeah
Comic Book Adaptation: Well Done!

Over All:B+/A-

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Men In Black III

I must say that when I heard they were making another film about our favorite agents J and K I was beyond excited. I knew that if they could get Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to come back, then we would be just fine! So going into Men In Black III I figured it would fit in along with the rest of the francise. I must say that this film did not disappoint. As all good triologies go, this film tied in all the stories and teaches you the truth behind the character's past.

The premise of this film is that a villian, Borris The Animal from Agent K's past breaks out of jail and comes after K. The trick is Borris goes after Agent K in the past using illegal time travel. So to the rest of the world Agent K died back in the 1970's but Agent J remembers the truth. So Agent J must travel back in time and try and save Young Agent K before Borris can reach him.

This film is just plain fun and full of humor given by the whole cast. Tommy Lee Jones always does a great job playing the some what distant Agent K and we get to see why he is the way he is. we also get to see Josh Brolin do an AMAZING....seriously awesome and creepy impression of Young Agent K. I mean you really believe that he is a young Tommy Lee Jones....bravo Josh Bravo! Emma Thompson plays O A british member of The Men In Black, she also gets some great jokes in the film. Will Smith is charming, witty, and adorable. You love to see him on screen and you want more of him. Watching MIB III reminds us how much we have missed Will Smith these past 3 years on screen. He had such a star power, he's a guy you just want to hang out with. He brings alot of fun and emotion to Agent J as he tries to save his best friend and partner.

This film is more for a 13 and over audience. The lanuage is a little out there and there are a few curses in there. Not a movie you should be taking kids to. Just because there are aliens and it's funny does not mean it's for kids. I would say it's fine for the teens....probably nothing they have not heard before. Very funny and made me laugh out loud! Plus is does a great job of tieing in all of the other films. I say if you liked the first two, you will love this.

Magic Mike

Magic Mike is a movie that proves that women are just as nasty as men! We love to watch sexy men strip down and dance like the freaky little beasts they are. I'm still a little flustered from all the grinding and thrusting. I must warn you this is not a film for children and it is rated R for a reason....lots of buns and chests. The film is not for kids or the easily embarrassed because this film was created to make you blush!

Let's get down to it, it is about Channing Tatum playing stripper/furniture maker Magic Mike. He is a man who is good at what he does and is trying to save enough money to get his custom furniture business off the ground. Mike meets Adam, played by Alex Pettyfer who is a down on his luck 19 year old college football drop out. He is attractive and a little shy. When we met him he is sleeping on his sister Brooke's sofa, played by Cody Horn. One night Mike feels bad and takes Adam to the strip club where he works. Mike introduces Adam to Dallas the owner, played by Matthew McConaughey. He allows Adam to start stripping at the club.

The strip club consists of some sexy beautiful muscle men that we really love to watch. We have Ken, Tito, Tarzan, Big Dick Richie, and bouncer Tobias played by Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriquez, Kevin Nash, Joe Manganiello, and Gabriel Ingesias. This crew is the talent of Tampa Bay Florida and the ladies come for the action.

The movie basically consists of strip dances, freaky tricks, and once and for a while a little bit of story. Mike is so charming that you can not help but like him. At the same time the man can dance like no other! The plot and story are pretty simple. We learn about the characters and the way that they grow and change over the corse of a summer.

To be perfectly honest, a friend made the comment that you mess up the movie with too much talking. Most women are there to 'watch the show'. This movie is the reason why so many girls are single....we want Channing Tatum to fall in love with us. He has the whole package in this movie, charm, class, compassion, and a freaky dark side!! LOVE IT!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm all about action and adventure, bad acting is something that bothers me. I was very interested when I heard that they were making Battleship into a movie. First off I was very confused because how were they going to do and would they be able to pull it off. I am happy to say yes they did pull it off. The movie brings fantastic special effects and beautiful settings into a modern art or war type story. The film takes it's young stars and pulls them into situations where they will either grow and survive or be selfish and parish. The film stars Taylor Kitsch as our young and rebellious Lt. Alex Hoper who can not figure out what to do with his life. His borhter Commander Stone Haopper is played by the charming and loyal Alexander Skarsgard. Liam Neeson stars as the brave and strong Admiral Shane and his daughter and Alex's girlfriend is Sam, played by the lovely Brooklyn Decker.We also have Rihanna in her acting debut as Petty Officer Cora Raikes.

The film starts with the Hopper brothers trying to find purpose and meaning. Stone uses the Navy to find his place and Alex tries to gain the heart of Sam. We also see the the government is sending out a radio signal to outer space to a planet that has a similar environment to ours. A few years later we see the Hopper boys are at the anual Navy training games with ships from all over the world. That same day ships fall from the sky and Hawii is locked into a shield and is invaded from an enemy out of this world.

I was shocked that the movie made a big effort to show the dark and forgotten sides of war. Sam works at a military rehabillitation center and we see all these amazing men and woman who have lost parts of their body for their country. As an audience we feel the pain of a fallen soldier and the fear of what to do now that they are not one. There is also a poitn in the movie of remembering those that have fought before us. At one point the modern Navy must as the help of former Navy vets in order to fight back for their planet. It shows this respect of your elders, past, and those that have given so much for our freedoms. I was not expecting such a heartfelt and obvisous message from the filmmaker.

The special effects are fantastic and so believible. I honestly thought that there were real spaceships flying around at sea. You are not sure what is real and what is not. Even the Aliens themselves seem so real that you are not sure what is CGI and what is real. I was very impressed with the action and the way it was tied into the batteship game. I was on the edge of my seating waiting for the next attack or the next moment I would jump out of my seat. Bravo for action.

There were only two things that I didn't like in this movie....product placement was TERRIBLE. Everywhere you looked there was a Coke Zero sign or someone was drinking it. There were a few others that actually made me roll my eyes because it was not even suttle! I also thought that the acting by the main cast was great but the smaller roles the acting was comical! I mean seriously funny and I coulf not believe they could not get a better actor in there! I found myself laughing at the smaller roles because you could tell they were reading a script. Rihanna did an ok job in the movie. Most of her lines were simple and her yelling. She did an ok job at that....she should probably stick to singing. She was not terrible but you could tell it was out of her comfort zone.

Over all it was an entertaining movie that will keep you guessing. Looking for something fun and you have already seen Avengers....go check this one out. you have been warned about the terrible acting but other than that the action was pretty sweet!

The Count Of Monte Cristo

You all know how much I like to throw in a random movie that challenges my few readers to go out and experience something new and awesome! Well the movie of the week is The Count of Monte Cristo the 2002 version. The film is based on the classic story by Alexandre Dumas Pere and has had many interpretations over the years. This is my favorite because of the combination of cast, setting, and script. I also love this film because it shows that a story can be a few hundred years old and still hold value in today's world.

The movie stars Jim Caviezel as Edmond Dantes a second mate of a small ship. His fiance is Dagmara Dominczyk as Mercedes and she is lovely and enchanting. Their best friend is Guy Pearce as Fernand Mondego, the son of a count. The film begins with Edmond being accussed of a crime he is not commit. He was sent away to prison by J.F. Villefort, played by James Frain. We learn that he is sent away because has information on Villfort's family and wants no one to know about it. While in prison for 4 years Edmond one day meets a man who pops up out of the floor. He is Abbe Faria or Priest, played by the talented and dearly departed Richard Harris. Priest tells Edmond that he will teach him everything he knows if he will assist him in digging out of prison. Edmond agrees and a friendship is born out of pure chance.

Priest tells Edmond that he knows the location of a massive treasure and he gives Edmond a map. I won't tell you how but Edmond ends up out and able to find this treasure with the help of his new friend Jacopo played by Luis Guzman. Edmond makes it his life's goal to destroy all of those that have made him suffer all of these years. He makes himself The Count of Monte Cristo and slowly starts to ruin the lives of all those that betrayed him.

The movie is beautiful with amazing scenes and settings. Even in the dark and gloomy prison the colors are vivid orange and brown. Once in Paris the colors turn much warmer than the beach and sea colors we are so use to. As the Count, he covers himself with Red and blue as where Edmond wore browns and grays. Even Jacopo dresses in vivid lively colors. Fernand tends to stay with the simple white and black but do not let that fool you, he is anything but simple. Mercedes is so beautiful is does not matter what color she is in. When she is with Edmond she wear simple blues and yellow....simple clothes for a simple happy life. When she is with Fernand she wears deeper red and purples but she is in pain and torn from the life she knew.

The actors in this film are so real and human. They are flawed as much as the rest of us. Richard Harris plays a memorable and deeply torn man. He is ashamed of his past and tries to dedicate his life to God and retribution. Jim as Edmond shows some much growth from the innocent second mate, to the lonely prisoner, to the bitter trouble man filled with revenge. By the end of the film you do not even remember the old Edmond because The Count has changed him so much. Guy Pearce is the man you love to hate. He is charming but sneaky and you are sure if you can believe anything he says. Plus Guy plays the odd man out so well. I really enjoyed Dagmara because she was in so much pain and suffering but still managed to be strong and stand up for what she believed in. She is a modern woman trapped in a traditional world.

If you need a great movie to watch...go get this one! One of my all time favorites!

Action: Yes

Adventure: Some

Romance: Sort of

Over All: A


It's hardly a shocker when you hear of another action movie guessed it Jason Statham. Now don't get me wrong, he is very good at what he does. He is a great piece of eye candy and he is amazing at his skill. The movie Safe was no different...there is action, a bit of drama, some one liners, and blood. The movie starts of with Statham winning a fight and some Russians that lost money on him ruin his life. They tell him he will never be able to have contact with people again or they will kill them...and they do. So Statham wanders the street of New York as a homeless man. During this time we see a little girl wonder name Mei who can remember any number or code you tell her. She is taken by the Chinese drug lords and forced to memorize all of their paper trails. She is sent to New York to keep an eye on ChinaTown and their holdings.

Well the Russian try to steal the girl because of a code she has in her head and the Chinese want her back. Well then we find out that the NYPD dirty cops want in on the money too so all these groups are after this one little girl. As she is trying to run and hide from them, Jason Statham sees her and saves her. He then makes it is mission/purpose to save this girl and keep her safe...hint hint from the title. So he tears apart New York and we learn all about his secret past.

The movie is not has alot of one liners that are funny. The action is awesome and very intense. Statham is beautiful and memorizing to watch.....I now understand why men drool over hot women because I was swooning over him! The story is not the best thing I have ever seen but far from the worse. It lacked depth but it was entertaining and engaging.

The little girl Mei was adorable and spunky as the girl who didn't know who to trust. It is very hard to remember who any of the other characters are, they kind of all blend into one. Most of them are killed off right away so it really doesn't matter.

If you are in the mood for action and mindless entertainment, this is your film. It is the typical guy muscle man movie but it's Statham and he's awesome. I would not buy it, you don't have to see it in theater, but rent it if you are looking for entertainment!

Action: yes

Adventure: Yeah

Drama: eh?

Over All: C+

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers

FINALLY!!!! I have been waiting years and years to see The Avengers! I am a big comic book movie fan and this was like the icing on the cake! We have 5 amazing individual movies coming together to form one huge mega movie. Those five movies would be Captain America, Ironman, Ironman2, The Incredible Huld, and Thor, all of which were fantastic stand alone films. Marvel put all of these characters into the same universe and showed us how it would work. A film like this has never been done! It was one of those films where it would either work and be brilliant or fail and suck. Now the line has been drawn and some critics have not liked the movie...well I loved it!

The film starts off with Director Fury, Hawkeye, Agent Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, and Dr. Eric Selvig (Played by Samuel L Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulder, Clark Gregg, and Stellan Skargard) working with the energy source they found during World War II. Now those of you that know your films know this was an endless energy source discovered by The Red Skull and it was brought to Earth from Asgaurd (Loki and Thor's home planet). This is interrupted by a doorway opening and Loki appearing. Loki has come to Earth to take over and crown himself king. Now there is alot that happens but I'm not going to tell spoilers from me!

So The Avengers must come together for the good of mankind! We must bring together some very large egos and see what will happen. We have Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Natasha Romanoff/BlackWidow, and Thor (Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Hemsworth) coming together. They are all very strong personalities so the trouble is can they stop their petty bickering and keep it together long enough to save the world!!??

The special effects in this movie are AMAZING. I could not tell what was real and what was not. They all made sense within this larger than life film. When there was action there was a ton of action. You are on the edge of your seat waiting for something else to go wrong or for someone else to show up! The other world moments were so fantastic and The Hulk looked so real, I thought he was real. It did not look CGI at all!

All of the actors were fantastic in this film. Chis Evans was the fantastic down to Earth one that is just trying to keep the peace. Robery Downey Jr is FANTASTIC with his one liners and his chemistry with our dear Pepper Potts, played by Gwyenth Paltrow. He also has the energy to push the other Avengers beyond what they want to do. Thor is still torn between what he should do and what is right. He loves his brother and you believe he is so torn between fighting his brother and trying to save him. You can tell he still loves Loki and it is his brother no matter what he does. Tom Hiddleston as Loki is always raw pain and talent. He is filled with so much rage and bitterness but he is still really likable. Jeremy Renner makes me swoon when I see Hawkeye....perfect down to his bow welding kick butt self. I found myself wanting to know more about his back story and his connection with the bas A$$ Black Window. She was very enjoyable this film because we saw she had heart and was not just a SHIELD agent. Mark as The Hulk was the best portrayal I have EVER seen of that character. I believed in his confused state and that inner rage just fighting to break out. I wanted more of The Hulk, which shocked me because I'm not a big Hulk fan...but this movie made me one! All the SHIELD agents were great, fighting soldiers for a planet they loved and heroes they prayed for.

I really enjoyed the film and it connected all of the other films together. I hope they make another group Avenger movie but until then we have Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 coming out! Fingers crossed for another group party film! If the numbers are what they say they are.....I bet there will be an Avengers 2!!

Action: Yes
Adventure: Yes
Humor: Stark....hello yes!

Over all: A!!!

The Raven

Quoth the raven....nevermore. A fantastic and chilling line from Edgar Allan Poe's timeless haunting classic The Raven. Edgar Allan Poe was a poet who was not afraid to show his dark outlook on life. He would write the horrors that the people dreamt of and the fears we all have inside us. The film The Raven starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe puts a modern spin on this classic writers life. Now my readers should remember this is a work of fiction with some true facts about Poe's life mixed in. The Raven takes place during the later years of Poe's life after he ha written most of his famous works. The film starts with a down in his luck Edgar Allan Poe wandering the streets of Baltimore alone and drunk. Hardly anyone knows who he is and no one will publish him because he is not writing stories but reviews of other people's work.

One night a murder is committed in Baltimore and Detective Fields, played by Luke Evans, is called on the case. This murder seems familiar and creates a sense of Duja Vu with Fields. He realises that it is a gruesome killing right out of one of the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Fields calls on Edgar for his unholy knowledge in the tale and in turn the case. More murders start to turn up and the city of Baltimore is in chaos as the killer uses Poe as inspiration.

The film is by far Bloody, disturbing and gruesome. At one point I even had to look away because the blood was so intense...but still well done. I never pictured Poe's stories as clean and fluffy but this movies brings their true darkness to form. The costuming of this film is beautiful and haunting. The masks in the ball scene are amazing and I seriously want to now have a masked ball around Halloween. The coats in this movie fly about like capes and like the wings of a raven.

The colors of the movie are so drastic from one another. The film itself is very dark tones, lots of blacks and greys. Even scene during the day have a heavy fog that suffocate the characters. The character of Emily, played by the stunning Alice Eve, wears alot of lite blue and white. Poe and Fields wear black coats with white shirts, very dark with their dark features. I think the reason the death scenes are also to effective is the use of the color red. It stands out so much and is disturbing in this world of blue and black. The vivid red of blood splattered across the screen intensifies the feeling of terror and dread.

The acting in this film was very real and disturbed, I mean that in the best possible way. Cusack is disturbing, witty, and emotional as the torn and lost Poe. He is a man that life has treated so cruelly and he managed to continue on. He is finally allowing himself to love again and all hell breaks loose. Cusack goes from angry drunk to lost lover at the spill of a drop of blood. I enjoyed his performance very much and I feel like he will not get the recognition he deserves.

Luke Evans is stunning and charming as the lovely Detective Fields. He is trying so hard to prove himself but has the passion of a normal man. I wish he would have been on screen more, his acting is so real that you forget he is acting. You think that Luke Evans IS Detective Fields! I am very excited to see how far his career will go because the man just drips with pure raw talent.

I really enjoyed the film but I was a very big fan of the ending....not the end....I thought it ended rather well but the build up to the end was disappointing. I think part of that was my own personal desire for the film not to end. The film is action packed and if you are a Poe fan you will be very entertained. The movie slides in little hints about the short stories written by Poe and if you know his stories you will not be disappointed. You will also never read The Pit and The Pendulum the same way again!

Action: yes
Adventre: A little

Over all: B+

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Virtue

You know how much I love my readers to expand their horizons when it comes to film. I love finding a random movie that is a stroke of pure genius! As some of you know, I have been on a little...tiny....ok it's a big Colin Firth Kick. If he wasn't so brilliant I wouldn't have to write about him! Wow I think that is almost the exact same thing I said in my Dorian Gray review. Like I said the man is pure brilliance wrapped up in a fabulous web of Mr. Darcy, Mark Darcy, and British can't be helped. Anyways....I digress!

So this week I got a hold of a little British film called Easy Virtue and what a fantastic film it was. The film takes place during the 1920's in the country side of England. The Whittaker family owns one of the biggest farms in the area. Young John Whittaker, played by Ben Barnes, went out into the world to sow his wild oats and came home with a racing wild woman wife Larita, played by Jessica Biel. Veronica Whittaker, played by Kristin Scott Thomas is less than thrilled and even more discouraged when she finds out Larita is American. John's father Jim Whittaker, played by Colin Firth, seems to adore Larita. Jim and Larita both seem like outsiders in this world of tradition and country living.

It becomes battle of the Mrs. Whittakers with Larita and Veronica butting heads right away. Larita is a race car driver and wants to leave the country as soon as she can. Veronica draws John back into family life and that is where the war begins. Larita seems to be failing at everything traditional and she becomes fast friends with Jim. We find that after World War I John took off to Paris and one day 'wandered home'. Ever since he keeps to himself and tries to support Larita and every possible gallant way.

The movie is filled with tons of dry British humor. I busted out laughing more than once, it is quick wit and timing. Colin Firth makes the film his own, every line he speaks is pure hilarity or true heart. He will having you laughing one minute and your heart breaking the next. Jessica Biel is beyond lovely and charming and this confused American trying to survive the British countryside. Ben Barnes is so innocent and sweet that you almost get a toothache! Kristen is so evil and manipulative you wonder how her children have not turned out more insane. The family does have little quirks that are on the verge of ridiculous.

There are so many amazing moments in this film. There is a fox hunt of epic proportions, modern music that makes you smile, and a tango between Biel and Firth that will make you drool. I say if you enjoy dry British humor with a bit of heart, check this movie out ASAP!

Action: Not Really

Humor: Tons
Heart: Yeah
Swoon Moments: Tons!

Over All: A-/B+


This action packed film directed by James Mather and Stephen St. Leger is a future action film about a max security prison in outer space. There is a massive break out and the president's daughter, played by Maggie Grace, is hiding on board with all these insane criminals. The government scrambles to figure out how to help her. They decide to send in one man.....former officer Snow to try and recover her. There is alot more to the story but I do not want to ruin it for you.

The film was very entertaining it was like The Rock Meets The Fifth Element Meets CGI. The film uses a ton of CGI but it is well done and makes the film seem more futuristic. Guy Pierce as Snow is one of the best films I have seen him in for a while. He was so witty and funny and charming....I laughed so often at his fabulous one liners! I was also very impressed with the muscles he put on for this film. Guy has always been an attractive actor but never an action star....but I was made a believer by this film!

Maggie Grace plays the perfect stuck up first daughter trying to make a difference in her world. She is a little naive but her and Guy play off of one another so fantastically! They are quick and funny and butt kickers!

I say if you are looking for some type of entertaining action film....try this one out! It was really well done! Ok not the best movie I have ever seen but it was entertaining and served a purpose. I enjoyed it and thought it was creative and had great special effects!

Action: yep
Suspense: Clearly

Over All: B

The Lucky One

Let's be totally honest...this film should just be called Zac Efron....because that is the biggest reason people, and by people I mean girls are going to see this movie. The film is about a Marine named Logan, played by Zac Efron, and his personal journey to thank a woman his has never met, played by Taylor Schilling, for saving his life. The way she saved his life is he found a picture of her in a moment of madness and it saved him from the terrible truths of war. Once Logan is able he tries to find this mystery woman and make some meaning out of his life now that he has survived.

He finds out where the lady lives and applies for a job at her Dog pet training and boarding farm. He name is Beth and she lives on the farm with her young son Ben, played by Riley Thomas Stewart, and her mother Ellie played by Blythe Danner. Beth is divorced from local sheriff Keith, played by Jay R Ferguson, who is the film's villain. He is the jealous ex husband who doesn't like that his ex wife has a very sexy...beefy...piece of man meat working for her.

This movie was the typical swoon film for the ladies! I have to admit I was drooling over Zac in this film. He really bulked up to play the role of troubled Marine and it can not be over looked. This was the first film that I saw Zac Efron as a man and not a little boy from Hairspray.

A little spoiler...not if you have seen the trailer......

The love scene in this film is one of the best ones I have seen in a long time. It was filled with passion, desire, and affection. It was done very tastefully but at the same time it was so so sexy! This is where the ladies will be swooning....I was! The only thing I wanted more from Zac was emotion....he seemed like a very one dimensional character. We only saw glimpses of the man under the Marine emotions.

Taylor Schilling was great as the troubled woman learning to live her life and starting over. She is lovely and yes she is suppose to be a little bit older than Zac in this film. She has such a passion and almost innocent quality about her that makes you smile. Blythe is charming, witty and brings so much heart to the film. The little boy Ben is so sweet and a great little actor.

I say if you liked The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk To Remember you will like this. It's very sweet.

Heart: Yeah
Swoon: Yes...yes YES!

Over All I give the movie B-

The Lorax

My name is Amber and I speak for the trees! So far I have been very impressed with the Dr. Seuss movies and the way they have changed animation forever. The studio has taken average stories like Horten Hears a Who and turns them into beautiful stories. The Lorax has a way of bringing not only heart and joy to the screen but not being afraid to attack the problems with society. As soon as I heard The Lorax was being made into a movie, I was very excited! That is one of my favorite Dr. Suess stories. I loved the Lorax and how he spoke for the trees. I loved that the trees were call Thruffla Trees and they were fuzzy and wonderful. This movie does not disappoint, it takes you deeper into the story than the book did.

Our story starts with Ted and young boy trying to impressed the girl next door Audrey. These characters are voiced by Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. Ted swoons over Audrey and finds out that the one thing she wants more than anything is a real live tree. They live in a city where everything is mechanical and made out of metal and plastic. There are no real plants and trees. Ted asks his grandmother, voiced by Betty White, where he can find a tree. She sends him out of town to the Once-ler, voiced by Ed Helms.

The Once-ler tells Ted a story about how lovely the forest was in the area until one day it was too late to save it. Ted learns about The Lorax, voiced by Danny Devito, a magical creature that speaks for the trees. The film then follows the story with heart and some very fun songs. It shows kids how easy it is to get caught up in greed and only thinking of yourself. It teaches them to keep their eyes open to the problems in the world around them.

The story is very innocent and fantastic for young kids. It does not have adult humor but good hearted stories. The music is fun and it will help entertain the little ones. I say go see it on a Sunday afternoon with the family. It is a sweet movie that will....WILL make you smile!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Pure magic that radiates from the screen, Mirror Mirror brings the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs children's story to life. The film is visually stunning with vivid scenery, lush costumes, and larger than life characters. Once Upon a Time there was a king who loved his daughter Snow White very much. Sadly her mother died wen Snow was very young. To be a good father, the king remarried the most beautiful woman in the land. One day the king had to leave Snow White and The Queen and he was lost in the dark forest, never to be heard from again. Snow was raised by The Queen who became evil and bitter toward Snow and her beauty. Snow was the rightful ruler of the kingdom so The Queen kept her locked up in the castle. On Snow's 18th birthday she left te castle and met a handsome prince and seven tiny dwarfs and that is where our story really begins.

The film stars Julia Roberts as the wicked queen who has the whole village believing that Snow White is a shut in. Poor Snow is not allowed to leave the palace and mostly must stay to her room and the servant quarters. Snow White is played by The film is directed by Tarsem, who is one of my all time favorite directors. He is India so all of his films have these India influences that add so much to the film. In this case it was the music and costumes. The dresses were large and could fit 3 people in them. The colors were so bright and vivid that add so much to the character's personality.

The film has a pretty basic story, it is a film for children. There is not a ton of adult humor, a bit here and there. Nothing vulgar more innocent and funny. It has a very big laugh factor, the seven dwarfs are so charming and funny. They have a quick wit that can keep up with Snow's sweet spunky nature. The Prince has some very embarrassing moments that the kids will laugh till their sides are sore.

Over all I enjoyed this movie, it was entertaining and charming. Keep in mind that it is a children's films and I think you will be very happy. Personally, I wish that Julia Roberts was just a little bit more evil but she does ok. I suppose I always picture merciless and dark. Julia was cheery with a bit of evil on the side.

Action: Yep
Adventure: Yes
Over All: B-/C+

American Reunion

American Reunion was a blast back to my young high school and middle school days. I honestly feel that the reason this film will be so successful is because it gives my generation a sense of nostalgia and makes you miss the easy high school lives. Like the characters we are trying to figure out what to do with our lives and trying to be adults. Still part of us misses the good old days when we were young and stupid high school kids. Yes the good old days! I have to say I was very happy with American Reunion. It was much funnier than American Wedding and honestly better than American Pie 2. This film had all of the characters take a deeper look at their lives and try to figure out what they want out of life. Plus the film brought back all of our favorite characters that we just can not seem to get enough of. Even the more minor roles from the first film make an appearance and it fills us with happy memories of the good old days. You remember the time you first heard what a MILF was and you know you never looked at apple pie or a flute the same way again. Plus the world finally figured out what really does happen at band camp.

The film brings all of our favorite cast members back home for their 13th year reunion....the reason it's 13 is because they couldn't get their act together for a 10. That sounds like it might happen with my senior class! We see Jim and Michele have a son and are in a bit of a marital rut. Shiffler is exactly the same except he is a temp at a job he hates. Heather is working at a hospital dating a surgeon. Oz is a small time celebrity working on sports center and dating a model. Fitch is a world travel living the wild dream life. Vicky is working in New York city and Kevin is married and playing house-husband with his wife. We can't forget about Jim's Dad who recently had his wife pass away and as always Stiffler's mom, the original MILF. The gang come home and are thrown back into all the old feelings and situations they always were in. Jim is being tempted by an 18 year old neighbor girl he used to babysit and Stiffler is still trying to keep the party going.

The movie is so funny you will be in tears. The movie is rated R and for very VERY good reason. There is nudity, both male and female. There is sex....DUH it's an American Pie movie. There is vulgar nasty despicable humor....which is honestly fantastic and pure gold! Be ready to be offended and even be grossed out because some parts are really nasty! Like I said it is so funny, it just brings me back to high school!

Over all I say if you love the first American Pie movie, you will love this film!

Over All: A-

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wrath Of The Titans

I have to say that I have been so excited to see Wrath of the Titans! I have a big....ok huge crush on Sam Worthington. I think he is a stellar actor and the accent doesn't hurt! I know I tend to have a crush on every leading man....well I'm a great judge of men by acting talent ;)

Moving on....again I had to see this movie in 3D which was a total waste of money! Do not bother spending your money on 3d if you do not have to. It honestly did not bring anything extra to the film. I only noticed the 3D twice because rubble came flying at my face.

So to the movie I love Sam as Perseus, he brings this inner conflict between being half man half God. In this film he has accepted he is the son of Zeus, played by the fabulous Liam Neeson. He has a son and he is in contact with Zeus from time to time. IO is not in the movie but you really wont miss her. We also have Ralph Fiennes returning as the clever yet confusing Hades. The only casting that really bummed me out is there is a different Andromeda, played by Rosamund Pike. She is a talented actress but I hate when casting is changed from one film to the other.

This film is a story all it's own. It does not follow the old Greek tales of Perseus but takes a new spin on the story. It follows the end of the Gods and what happens to the world around them. The special effects are very impressive, it is hard ot tell what is real and what is not. Well except for the cyclops, you can tell they are CGI.

This film does not have as deep of a story as the first film did. This is more about the action and searching for a common goal. It was too short, I could have sat through another 25 minutes easily. I also would have loved to see more Gods in the film. I mean where was Athena or Hera all of the powerful Gods were gone. I guess the story was suppose to be more about humans and their will to live.

Over all the film was pretty good, I wouldn't say I liked it as much as the first one. This one stands alone as it's own film. It was very entertaining and Sam Worthington shows that he is a force to be reckoned with.

I say see it if you like the first one but do not waste your money on 3D.

Action: Yep
Adventure: yes

Over All: B

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dorian Gray

A classic story with a classic British cast....what else could anyone want? Ok maybe a slightly bigger budget but I suppose beggars can not be choosers. As some of you know, I have been on a little Colin Firth kick...I can't help it really....the man is just so darn talented!

For those of you that don't have a taste for CLASSIC pieces of literature, let me give you a little back story. Dorian Gray is based on the novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Dorian is a young beautiful man that gets mixed up in the Lust and corruption of London. Dorian is played by Ben Barnes, you might know him as Prince Caspian in the Narnia movies. He inherits a lovely home and a small fortune from a corrupt and abusive uncle.

Once in London he meets Lord Henry Wotten played by Colin Firth. This is not a typical Colin Firth role, he is not funny or charming but lustful and sinful. He helps lead Dorian astray from his pure life of innocents and introduces him to all the lust the city can provide.

Dorian is painted by Basil Hallward, played by Ben Chaplin. Dorian's spirit becomes tied with that painting. All of the ugly and sinful things that Dorian does shows on this painting. It shows his true self. Dorian himself becomes ageless and forever beautiful.

The sets in this film are dark but classical. The spaces are so large and make the characters seem so small and out of control in their own world. The costumes reflect the mental state of the characters. The ladies in lush red and blues while the men keep to the simple black and white. Well all the men except for Basil who adds a touch of flare to his attire. That becomes very important halfway in the film but I will not spoil the surprise. Color is a big part of emotion in the film. Reds are vivid and stand out so much in the world of grays, blacks, and blues.

The acting is top notch with some of the finest Britain can offer! Colin Firth is fantastic as such a horrible mean spirited lost man. He loves to manipulate the people around him like they were pieces in his game. Once Dorian becomes the lead player, Henry fights back. Firth does a stellar job trying to seek the truth that Barnes has so charmingly hidden.

Barnes has grown so much as an actor and it is fun to watch him evolve. Not only is he beautiful but he shows his emotional range and depth. He makes Dorian a confused and lost soul not a selfish player. His emotional turmoil shines all over the screen.

This movie is very much rated R. There are several scenes where Dorian goes on sexual escapades. They are very shocking and show his corruption. The painting itself is so grotesque it is hard to watch. Like a said it is a bit disturbing....but still a good film.

Over All- B

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

Happy Hunger Games! Yes I went and stood in line to see the 12:01am showing of The Hunger Games. I may or may not have dressed up....ok I totally did! I was Katniss, my friend Amy was Peeta, and her friends were Effie and Haymitch! I must say I had a blast running around the movie theater shooting my suction cup bow and arrows! I was the only person that brought a Bow and Arrow, I felt dedicated! You should also know that it's 3:15 am and I have been up since 7:45......basically I'm really tired and a little crazy! You have been warned!

Anyways lets get right to the movie! I did read all of The Hunger Games series before I saw the movie. I purposely didn't re-read the book right before because all you can think about are the things they left out of the movie. The basic story is this, the setting is in the future and the capitol is Panem. There was once a rebellion and after it was crushed the 12 districts must have a boy and a girl between the ages of 12-18 to fight to the death in The Hunger Games. It's the governments way of still having control over the 12 districts. These children are sacrificed for a live television audience for entertainment.

The movie was a little slow in the middle but that might have been because I knew what was coming, so I was ready for the next scene. There is a bunch of hand held camera scenes that are suppose to make the audience feel connected to the character. I did not mind most of it except at the end when it was hard to see the final fight.

The casting was perfect! We have the Oscar Nominee Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. She is our leading lady, she is skilled with a bow and is willing to sacrifice her own life for her little sisters. Jennifer is so true and real to the emotions of the character that you forget you are watching a movie. One of the best actresses of our time. We also have the charming and charismatic Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark our fellow district 12 tribute with Katniss. He is such a sincere character and Josh plays him so naturally. It's seems like Josh and the Character are one in the same. Woody Harrelson play Haymitch, a former district 12 winner of The Hunger Games. His character is dirty, low, and willing to do anything to block out his thoughts. At the same time Woody brings this real pain and understanding but it is done so suttelly that it feels so true. He brings an honesty to the character that we don't see in the book. There is also a stunning cast of Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, and Donald Sutherland.

The movie follows the book pretty well. ok here are some spoilers below. This is where I am going to talk about the differences between the book and the have been warned!


Ok so number one in the book the cave scene is a little different. In the film it is done much quicker but there is so much heart in it. There isn't any of that making out pretending to be in love crap. There is one breath taking kiss that had everyone SWOON in the theater. It's almost like you could tell Peeta was in love with Katniss but you are not really sure what she feels. In the book it is a little clearer that she has some confusing feelings about him. You really don't see that in the movie.

Also a few little things, we see alot more of what was going on behind the scenes. In the book it was only from her perspective but the movie we see Haymitch trying to get sponsors, we have President Snow talking to Seneca, we see the upraising in District 11 after the death of Rue, and we see what is going a on a bit with District 12.

Oh also the ending is a little different. Katniss never has damage to her ear and Peeta does not lose his leg. We see him get the leg bit but as far as we know he still has it. Also it doesn't end with Peeta so angry like it did in the book. The movie ends with Peeta understanding that things should go back to normal and they should just forget. Peeta tells Katniss that he doesn't want to forget any of it. That's the moment you can tell he is in love with her and she is taking it for granted. The movie leaves you on the edge of your seat. We will all be ready for Catching Fire.

Over all a really good movie with out of this world costume and set designs. The acting is some of the best I have seen in a long time. All of the actors bring so much heart and life into their characters. The movie does have a bit of blood but nothing you can't handle! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Action: DUH
Romance: Not really
Blood: Some

Over all: A-

Monday, March 12, 2012

John Carter

I am so sorry that I have not been as up to date with my reviews as I should be. I have been very busy and honestly sleep has won me over. Whenever I get a spare few hours to myself, all I want to do is crash. To paraphrase Ron Weasley....I need to sort out my priorities. Not to worry I am still watching as many movies as ever, so let's get right into it. I love the Disney action films, I think they are epic and adventurous. I knew I would see John Carter from the first preview. To be totally honest, I went into the film with very low expectations. I knew the special effects would be awesome but I had little faith the the quality of the script. I must say I was proven wrong.

The movie is about John Carter, a soldier who is trying to find his place in the world. He is disturbed by the memories of his past and tries to change his fate by seeking out treasure and riches. One day he ends up in a cave where he finds and item that whisks him to a new world. In this world he can not walk or run like his normal self. His steps are him and he can leap from place to place.

Come to find out, he is actually on Mars. He is put into this land of adventure and danger as he tries to find his way home. While on Mars he finds aliens and humans alike trying to survive as their world falls apart. John must decide if he will fight with these new found beings or just try and get home to the world he knows.

The movie is a little hard to follow at times. It is hard to understand the different lands and people they are talking about. The film uses alot of made up martian names that all sound the same. I found myself trying to figure out who they were talking about because I didn't recall the name.

The special effects were believable and grand. The green aliens were lovely and creepy with their tusks and four arms. Even watching John, you believed he was really leaping from structure to structure. The colors used in the movie were haunting with the dry yellows and browns to the lush blues and reds. The colors were vivid while the costumes were simple and showed lots of skin. The story was about the land, environment, and history of Mars.

The actors were not bad either. John Carter is played by Taylor Kitsch and he is not only sexy with his body like karate but his emotional range shows so much potential. Yes part of me kept thinking about Gambit from X-Men Origins but that's ok! Lynn Collins played Dejah Thoris a Martian princess that travels along with John. She is beautiful with stunning blue eyes. Her fake accent made me cringe just a little but you almost over look it because she kicks alot of butt!

Over all a fun and entertaining movie that the kids can enjoy.

Action: Yes
Adventure: Yes
Thrill: Some
Over all: B-

THe Hunger Games Mall Tour!!

Gas Money.....$40.00
Road Trip Snacks.......$8.00
Standing in a crowd......3 hours
Standing 3 feet away from Josh Hutcherson, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Jacqueline Emerson....PRICELESS!!!

Yes I did it! I joined the thousands of Teeny-bopper girls and went to the Live Q&A with the cast of The Hunger Games in Chicago. The event was set up by Lionsgate and what they did was start off in LA with the 3 Lead stars of the film, Jennifer Lawerence, Liam Hensworth, and Josh Hutcherson. Once the tour started they spilt the 3 leads to one city each and then added a few smaller role actors on the tour. At my tour we saw the characters Peeta, Clove, and Foxface.

The day started with driving from Michigan to Chicago/Aurora IL. A fun trip that went by so fast because I had amazing company. We got to the mall about 3 hours early and got really lucky and found a spot next to the sound area with a clear view to the stage and 3 chairs. There were some people that had been there since 8am we got there around 2:30ish. Then we played the waiting game, standing, sitting, standing, jumping. I will give it to Westfield Fox Valley Mall, they did provide entertainment. We had a mall wide Sing a long to Journey and Adele. Nothing says a great time like hundreds of people belting out Someone Like You.

Finally when the time came to see the actors, the fans broke out into pushers and screamers. Thankfully I was right next to their entrance and the stage. I was able to slide in and stand with no one in front of me. The security was insane, tons of big burly guys trying to maintain order with thousands of screaming girls. Finally I saw the cast standing next to me. Not even 3 feet away! I stayed as cool as a cucumber and didn't scream or yell.

Once they took the stage it was a haze of screams, laughs, and microphone interference. Josh Hutcherson answers questions about why he took the role and what it has done to his life. His answers proved that he is still a small town sweet guy that has not let fame get to his head. All 3 actors looked stunning and comfortable at the same time. I can not imagine going from city to city to city in just a weeks time. They were amazing and had tons of energy. They really brought that passion to the crowds and managed to make us all feel special and apart of this film historical moment. I will always be able to say that I was at the live Q&A for The Hunger Games. It was honestly a great moment! Let's hope that by the time Mockingjay comes out I will be able to be in LA doing the Interviews instead of being in the crowd.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

I must say I was not very impressed by the movies out this past weekend. That is probably because I am in desperate need of some summer action blockbusters. I have been watching trailers for The Bourne Legacy, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, and Snow White and the Huntsman. This summer is going to be amazing with films but until that time I am stuck watching Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Once again the only times that worked with this movie were in 3D. I hardly even noticed that it was in 3D which tells me they did not use it to the full potential. It didn't need to be in 3D and It didn't bring that extra soemthing to the film. Again I will get off of my 3D soapbox and jump back into my review of this movie.

I was not a big fan of the first film. I thought that it was a little slow and it took a while for the film to really get going. I also never understood the end of the film and why Johnny Blaze decided to make a new enemy. That being said, I did like this film so much more than the first one. This one was very simple and started off quickly. There was none of this crazy build up, the movie just jumped into the story. It also had an amazing nod to the comic books by using the comic art to tell the back story of the Ghost Rider. Throughout the movie the direct uses this and I felt it added so much more to the film. It changed the style and allowed it to be different.

The whole premise of the story is that the Devil, played by Ciaran Hinds is looking for a way to be on Earth fully powered. He can not do that in human form. There is a connection between the Devil, Nadye, and her son Danny. Nadye is played by Violante Pacido and Danny is played by Fergus Riordan. With the help of Moreau, played by Idris Elba, and Johnny Blaze Aka Ghost Rider, played by Nicolas Cage, they all team up to fight the Devil.

Along the way there is fighting, adventure, and violence. I really enjoyed Danny as a character because he is a young boy put into this battle of Heaven and Earth. He reacts the way any normal child would act. I really enjoyed Idris character and I wished he was in the film a little bit more. The action scenes were very cool and the special effects were very intense. I even enjoyed the inner turmoil that Johnny was going through trying to be both himself and the Ghost Rider. In this movie we actually find out how the Ghost Rider came into existence in the first place. A very interesting story that is also told through the eyes of the comic book.

Action: Yes
Adventure: Yep
Drama: Not really

Over all: B-

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Alright, I admit it.....I went and saw Journey 2: The Mysterious Island just because Josh Hutcherson was in it! I am in serious need of a Hunger Games fix and after I watched The Kids Are All Right and The Last Song, this was my other option. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and the fun entertainment it had. Keep in mind this is a family film for a younger group of kids. The story is very simple and it moves along quick. It will hold the attention of the little 6 and 7 year olds but still be funny for the older tween group of kids.

This is a sequel to the first Journey To The Center of The Earth, sadly Brendan Fraser is not in this one. In this story Sean and his mom have moved away to a new town. The story starts off with Sean, played by the charming Josh Hutcherson, breaking into a military office. He found a code hidden in a satellite message that he believes is from his missing grandfather played by Michael Cane. With the help of Hank Sean's stepfather, played by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, they go on a search for The Mysterious Island. They must hire a plane to get there, piloted by Gabato and his daughter Kailani, played by Luis Guzman and Vanessa Hudgens. Once they arrive at the Island they are exposed to all the magic it has to offer. You will notice characters from classic stories and it's fun to see huge lizards and bees.

The movie is quick witted and very funny. Michael Cane has some moments to pure gold with Dwayne Johnson, they play so well off of each other. Josh Hutcherson is so charming and sweet, you can not help but like him. Luis is so funny, he had me in tears from laughing so hard. He has this sort of pure innocence that makes you smile. He is the perfect character for a children's movie. Vanessa Hudgens.....what can I say about her? She looked amazing and she was very pretty but how in the world does this girl still get work!? She is so sweet but her acting is terrible in this movie. It's cheesy and you can tell she is reading lines, it doesn't feel real. Thank goodness she has Josh to play off of because he makes up for her lack of skill. The thing is, you really REALLY want to like Vanessa, you can tell she is a nice girl. I'm sure in person is she fantastic but that acting was so bad. I could have done better and I've never done a film in my life.

Over all it is a great film for the family. Keep that in mind that the audience is younger children to tween because you will see it as charming and adorable. If you go into the film expecting it to be this epic film you will be disappointed. I really liked the film and I know that my 7 year old nephew will love this movie. I can already see him bouncing up and down in his seat. Oh I wanted to add that I did see this movie in 3D. If you have read my reviews before, you know I have a big disdain for 3D. This movie uses the 3D to make it more fun for the kids. You see bees and berries flying at you. It was fun and added a little something extra to the film, that is what 3D is suppose to do. It will still be just as amazing of a film without the 3D.

Action: Yep
Adventure: Heck Yeah
Drama: Not really
Funny: Very
Eye Candy: YEPPERS!!!!

Over All: A-

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Woman In Black

The Woman in Black definitely had me on the edge of my seat. At one point I even screamed out loud because I was so surprised. The film takes place in England during the early 1900's. The film is about a lawyer called Arthur Kipps, played by Daniel Radcliffe. He is sent to this small remote village where he must look over the estate papers for a recently deceased woman. When Arthur arrives he finds that the village has a dark and terrible past. Young children tend to disappear and die in horrible and unexpected ways.

Arthur stays at the remote mansion looking for information. He slowly sees that not only does the house have a terrible history but it has an ever present woman in black. She appears in the corner of a room or down a dark hallway of out in the garden. Every time she is seen something unspeakable happens in the village. So Arthur must dive into the past of the mansion and learn the dark family history that haunts the grounds.

Over all I was very impressed with the performances by Daniel Radcliffe and Ciaron Hinds as Mr. Daily. I am sure that many people are going to have the same problem....can you see Daniel as anyone other than Harry Potter. This character is far from Harry Potter and Daniel owns this character. I only made Harry Potter jokes twice during the movie. They were under my breath when he was wondering in the house....all I could think was Lumos Maxima! Sad but very true.

The movie is not gory it's more intense an jumpy. There is only blood in it once maybe twice. Nothing you can't handle. I will tell you to be ready to jump out of your seat! So many surprising moments that are loud and sudden but it's all good stuff. Most of the movie is Daniel walking around inside the mansion with a very serious look on his face. The mansion is a character in itself. It is powerful and has a personality in it's wide open spaces. I love the mansion and wish I could live in it....preferably Spirit Free!

As for who should see this movie, I would say teens are ok for this movie but I wouldn't go younger. Like I said this is NOT Harry Potter so don't think that just because it's Daniel they should see it.