Monday, February 6, 2012

The Woman In Black

The Woman in Black definitely had me on the edge of my seat. At one point I even screamed out loud because I was so surprised. The film takes place in England during the early 1900's. The film is about a lawyer called Arthur Kipps, played by Daniel Radcliffe. He is sent to this small remote village where he must look over the estate papers for a recently deceased woman. When Arthur arrives he finds that the village has a dark and terrible past. Young children tend to disappear and die in horrible and unexpected ways.

Arthur stays at the remote mansion looking for information. He slowly sees that not only does the house have a terrible history but it has an ever present woman in black. She appears in the corner of a room or down a dark hallway of out in the garden. Every time she is seen something unspeakable happens in the village. So Arthur must dive into the past of the mansion and learn the dark family history that haunts the grounds.

Over all I was very impressed with the performances by Daniel Radcliffe and Ciaron Hinds as Mr. Daily. I am sure that many people are going to have the same problem....can you see Daniel as anyone other than Harry Potter. This character is far from Harry Potter and Daniel owns this character. I only made Harry Potter jokes twice during the movie. They were under my breath when he was wondering in the house....all I could think was Lumos Maxima! Sad but very true.

The movie is not gory it's more intense an jumpy. There is only blood in it once maybe twice. Nothing you can't handle. I will tell you to be ready to jump out of your seat! So many surprising moments that are loud and sudden but it's all good stuff. Most of the movie is Daniel walking around inside the mansion with a very serious look on his face. The mansion is a character in itself. It is powerful and has a personality in it's wide open spaces. I love the mansion and wish I could live in it....preferably Spirit Free!

As for who should see this movie, I would say teens are ok for this movie but I wouldn't go younger. Like I said this is NOT Harry Potter so don't think that just because it's Daniel they should see it.

One For The Money

One For The Money had everything from humor to action to mystery. I wouldn't say that the film grabs you right away. It starts off a bit slow and yo just have to hang in there a little while and it gets pretty good. You must keep in mind that I have not read these books. I started the first one but was never able to finish it and now I am reading the Hunger Games. Sorry I normally like to read the booksfirst and compare but I guess that is not going to happen this time. Oh well no big deal.

The movie is about Stephanie Plum, played by Katherine Heigl and her unlucky life. The film starts with her getting fired from her job and getting her car repossessed. She is out on her luck and need cash and quick. He cousin has a bond agent and Plum decides to try and get a job. Lucky for Steph she is quick on her feet and is able to talk her cousin into letting her become a bounty hunter.

The first person she goes after is Joe Morelli, played by Jason o'Mara but she needs training from Ranger played by Daniel Sunjata. Ranger teaches her how to be smart and how to use a gun. He's also very easy on the eyes and super adorable.

We learn that Steph and Joe have a rather interesting past. They used to date and she may or may not have run over his foot with the car. Joe has skipped bail claiming he was charged for a crime he didn't commit. I won't get into to much because I don't wanna ruin the mystery.

The film is very entertaining and keeps you laughing and holding your breath. One minute you are cracking up at how funny Steph is with Joe then the next we are freaking out because people are going missing. It is very witty and at the same time action packed.

I would say that this is a film for a female crowd. We love to see girls kicking but and we like to see bad boys with a sense of humor. I must say I think the guys will enjoy the mystery and the twists you don't see coming. I say give it a go.

Man On A Ledge

I already know what you are thinking, is Man on a Ledge basically the whole movie wih the guy on the ledge. That is a big NOPE!

Sam Worthington plays Nick a former cop charged with a crime that he claims he didn't commit. Billionare David Englander, played by Ed Harris, claims that Nick stole a billion dollar diamond from him. As a result Nick decides to take a step out on a ledge and uses Officer Lydia Mercer as a way to get his story heard. She is the cop you call when you have a suicidal person and she tries to talk them out of hurting themselves.

Nick is no dumb cop, you must remember this while watching the movie. Nick uses himself as a distraction while his brother Joey and his girlfriend Angie, played by Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez, go into Englanders private safe to find this diamond.

The movie is filled with Action and suspense. You don't know who to trust and you pray that Nick knows what he is doing. We are so afraid because we know he is really a guy that is willing to die so the truth can be told.

The movie starts with a bang and ends with you on the edge of your seat. This film is great for anyone who like action and a little surprise. You think you know what is going on but you are very very wrong.

Sam Worthington and Jamie Bell steal the show with their charm and suspense. You can't help but love both of them! A must give a big bravo to Anthony Mackie who plays Officer Mike Ackerman. He was Nick's partner and he is a fatastic character! Elizabeth Banks play Lydia and she is also stellar in this powerful smart female role.

I say go see it!!