Saturday, April 4, 2015

Furious 7

Welcome Welcome one and all. I have seen a ton of movies this year. More than most people see in ten years. I love learning about actors and seeing all their films. I get attached to actors and really come to admire them. Paul Walker was one of those actors. I remember watching him back in middle school and falling in love with his dreamy blue eyes, sexy smile, and charismatic attitude on screen. When he died last year, my heart broke into a million little pieces. I remember reading the news feed and crying. No I did not know him but no one should have to die so young. I have not been able to watch a Paul Walker movie since he died. It was too sad to see this man on screen and know he was no longer with us. I knew that I would have to see Furious 7 and I'm happy that I did. It was a great way to have closure to an actor who entertained us for so many year. Thank you Paul Walker, you will be missed.

Furious 7

The movie is what we have come to expect over the years. There will be sexy cars, impossible stunts that no one would survive, half naked women, cheesy one liners, and comments about not being friends but family. I will fully admit that I love every cheesy moment of it.

This movie starts off with Owen Shaws big brother coming back for revenge. Who plays the perfect British villain when you need one? Well Jason Statham of course! He is the man in black, the secret military man that no one can control. He kills without question and he is good at what he does. In all honesty, he held his own pretty well in this film. Shaw is coming to our Furious gang because of what they did to his brother.

Our new family member Hobbs, played by The Rock, is there to help Dom and the gang fight back. He helps get them in touch with a secret government group run by Kurt Russel. All these teams must come together, to fight a common enemy.

This movie does not have a ton of story to it. I was a little disappointed that there was not more heart to the characters. This movie was all about the action and fighting. Don't get me wrong, the stunts were crazy cool! The camera angles were amazing flipping around and down on the screen. There was not a lot of quiet times of reflection. You could tell that the film had to rearrange some stuff because of Paul Walkers death. Scenes didn't always flow as smoothly as they used to. Every once and a while you could tell that it wasn't Paul Walker. His two brothers came in to help the director finish his scenes. Considering what they had to work with, it was good.

This is a movie for action and suspending your disbelief. Go into this knowing that it is about over the top cars and stunts that no one would ever walk away from. Get ready for Sexy ladies, expensive cars, beautiful men, guns, missiles, and maybe a few helicopters. It was very entertaining and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Was it worth seeing, Yes it was. If you like the other 6 Fast and Furious movies, you will be very happy with this one.

A little word to people like me. I ended up crying at the end. The movie does a wonderful way of saying goodbye to Paul Walker.  There is a tender montage of his clips from the other Furious movies while Vin does a great voiceover about his friend and brother. No joke, I'm starting to tear up thinking about it. The actors/characters watch as Brian/Paul plays with his son on the beach. They talk about not saying goodbye but see you later. How family never really leaves you and you must keep them in your heart always. It ends perfectly with Brian and Dom driving side by side down the road. At the very end Brian's white car turns left and Dom's car turns right. The sky goes white and they are two words across the screen
For Paul
*Queue Amber's ugly cry face*