Monday, May 17, 2010

Letters To Juliet

This film is the ultimate chick flick filled with cheesy moments that will make your heart melt. I must say that I felt the trailer gave a bit too much away. There was no thrill of the moment during the journey of finding the lost true love because I knew from the trailers how it would end. So personally a lot of the amazing moments that occurred I already knew about.

Sooo besides that how was the film over all? I'd say so so. The acting was not so bad from the main cast. I must that the leading man Christopher Egan was a bit lacking in his English accent. It was very clear that he was not from the UK. Actually he is from Australia and you can tell he is uncomfortable with the accent. I must say some of the best acting is done but the Italian letter writers. They are amazing women that really stand out.

So yes this film is filled with cute moments and forbidden love but over all it's ok. I wouldn't prob buy it but hey I can say I saw it. Don't get me wrong, if you love cheesy chick flicks you will LOVE this. I suppose I was just disappointed in the lack of originality. I like films with a twist and this was very predictable and charming. Soo it was a nice film.

Love: Yes!
Romance: Tons
Cheesy romantic moments to make her swoon: By the truck load~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goodbye Heroes

It is a sad day indeed! I know that this blog is suppose to be about movies but I am going to branch out just a bit. NBC's Heroes is by far my favorite show on television. I found out yesterday that the show was cancelled by NBC and all I have to say is what a shame. This show was by far a gem within the NBC universe.

I must give props to the amazing actors and crew that worked on this show. By far the one that stands out to me is Wendilynn. She was a makeup artist on the show and she did an amazing job making our heroes all bloody and pretty. She used Twitter as a tool to help connect fans to their favorite show. ( She would give little hints and tid-bits from the set while filming. She would personally answer questions from fans and she fought so hard to save the show. Wendi, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you so very much for connecting fans with this unique show and thank you for making it personal.

I believe credit is also due to those that tried very hard to save Heroes. There were petitions and even a group of people who started sending waffle mix to the Head of NBC. The waffle mix is a connection with season 3 with Gabriel is making waffles for his son Noah. The Sarmy worked hard to get the word out and support the show. Greg Grunberg even went on live television to say how he was worried for the show. We see your efforts everyone and thank you all for fighting so hard!

Heroes was a show that made you smile, laugh, jump, and even scream! I'll never forget the first time I saw Peter Petrelli and the moment he jumped off that building. I'll never forget the moment we saw Sexy Sylar cut open someones head. Of course the famous line of Save the Cheerleader Save the World is still a memorable quote. We loved Hiro for his selflessness and we loved Nathan for his Selfishness!

We even looked forward to the crazy twists and turns of the show. We loved to be shocked and we loved the moments of action. When the Bennett house explodes in A Company Man or when Peter stops the Shaniti virus from crashing I was on the edge of my seat. I loved every time Sylar got a new ability....or a new lady. That's right we all know that Sylar was the total ladies man of the show! I mean he made out with Claire, Elle, Maya, Lydia, Angela, and even Parkman's wife Janice (ok there might not have been making out but there was a bit of fantastic scandal!)

A show that will be missed by all who watched live, downloaded, or bought the series. (Hint hint NBC most downloaded show)
Don't worry I wont go into a rant about how much I am unhappy with NBC right now....but it's there. Maybe another blog for another day.
So thank you Heroes for being unique and bringing your show personally to the fans. You will be missed and you are loved.