Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Virtue

You know how much I love my readers to expand their horizons when it comes to film. I love finding a random movie that is a stroke of pure genius! As some of you know, I have been on a little...tiny....ok it's a big Colin Firth Kick. If he wasn't so brilliant I wouldn't have to write about him! Wow I think that is almost the exact same thing I said in my Dorian Gray review. Like I said the man is pure brilliance wrapped up in a fabulous web of Mr. Darcy, Mark Darcy, and British can't be helped. Anyways....I digress!

So this week I got a hold of a little British film called Easy Virtue and what a fantastic film it was. The film takes place during the 1920's in the country side of England. The Whittaker family owns one of the biggest farms in the area. Young John Whittaker, played by Ben Barnes, went out into the world to sow his wild oats and came home with a racing wild woman wife Larita, played by Jessica Biel. Veronica Whittaker, played by Kristin Scott Thomas is less than thrilled and even more discouraged when she finds out Larita is American. John's father Jim Whittaker, played by Colin Firth, seems to adore Larita. Jim and Larita both seem like outsiders in this world of tradition and country living.

It becomes battle of the Mrs. Whittakers with Larita and Veronica butting heads right away. Larita is a race car driver and wants to leave the country as soon as she can. Veronica draws John back into family life and that is where the war begins. Larita seems to be failing at everything traditional and she becomes fast friends with Jim. We find that after World War I John took off to Paris and one day 'wandered home'. Ever since he keeps to himself and tries to support Larita and every possible gallant way.

The movie is filled with tons of dry British humor. I busted out laughing more than once, it is quick wit and timing. Colin Firth makes the film his own, every line he speaks is pure hilarity or true heart. He will having you laughing one minute and your heart breaking the next. Jessica Biel is beyond lovely and charming and this confused American trying to survive the British countryside. Ben Barnes is so innocent and sweet that you almost get a toothache! Kristen is so evil and manipulative you wonder how her children have not turned out more insane. The family does have little quirks that are on the verge of ridiculous.

There are so many amazing moments in this film. There is a fox hunt of epic proportions, modern music that makes you smile, and a tango between Biel and Firth that will make you drool. I say if you enjoy dry British humor with a bit of heart, check this movie out ASAP!

Action: Not Really

Humor: Tons
Heart: Yeah
Swoon Moments: Tons!

Over All: A-/B+


This action packed film directed by James Mather and Stephen St. Leger is a future action film about a max security prison in outer space. There is a massive break out and the president's daughter, played by Maggie Grace, is hiding on board with all these insane criminals. The government scrambles to figure out how to help her. They decide to send in one man.....former officer Snow to try and recover her. There is alot more to the story but I do not want to ruin it for you.

The film was very entertaining it was like The Rock Meets The Fifth Element Meets CGI. The film uses a ton of CGI but it is well done and makes the film seem more futuristic. Guy Pierce as Snow is one of the best films I have seen him in for a while. He was so witty and funny and charming....I laughed so often at his fabulous one liners! I was also very impressed with the muscles he put on for this film. Guy has always been an attractive actor but never an action star....but I was made a believer by this film!

Maggie Grace plays the perfect stuck up first daughter trying to make a difference in her world. She is a little naive but her and Guy play off of one another so fantastically! They are quick and funny and butt kickers!

I say if you are looking for some type of entertaining action film....try this one out! It was really well done! Ok not the best movie I have ever seen but it was entertaining and served a purpose. I enjoyed it and thought it was creative and had great special effects!

Action: yep
Suspense: Clearly

Over All: B

The Lucky One

Let's be totally honest...this film should just be called Zac Efron....because that is the biggest reason people, and by people I mean girls are going to see this movie. The film is about a Marine named Logan, played by Zac Efron, and his personal journey to thank a woman his has never met, played by Taylor Schilling, for saving his life. The way she saved his life is he found a picture of her in a moment of madness and it saved him from the terrible truths of war. Once Logan is able he tries to find this mystery woman and make some meaning out of his life now that he has survived.

He finds out where the lady lives and applies for a job at her Dog pet training and boarding farm. He name is Beth and she lives on the farm with her young son Ben, played by Riley Thomas Stewart, and her mother Ellie played by Blythe Danner. Beth is divorced from local sheriff Keith, played by Jay R Ferguson, who is the film's villain. He is the jealous ex husband who doesn't like that his ex wife has a very sexy...beefy...piece of man meat working for her.

This movie was the typical swoon film for the ladies! I have to admit I was drooling over Zac in this film. He really bulked up to play the role of troubled Marine and it can not be over looked. This was the first film that I saw Zac Efron as a man and not a little boy from Hairspray.

A little spoiler...not if you have seen the trailer......

The love scene in this film is one of the best ones I have seen in a long time. It was filled with passion, desire, and affection. It was done very tastefully but at the same time it was so so sexy! This is where the ladies will be swooning....I was! The only thing I wanted more from Zac was emotion....he seemed like a very one dimensional character. We only saw glimpses of the man under the Marine emotions.

Taylor Schilling was great as the troubled woman learning to live her life and starting over. She is lovely and yes she is suppose to be a little bit older than Zac in this film. She has such a passion and almost innocent quality about her that makes you smile. Blythe is charming, witty and brings so much heart to the film. The little boy Ben is so sweet and a great little actor.

I say if you liked The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk To Remember you will like this. It's very sweet.

Heart: Yeah
Swoon: Yes...yes YES!

Over All I give the movie B-

The Lorax

My name is Amber and I speak for the trees! So far I have been very impressed with the Dr. Seuss movies and the way they have changed animation forever. The studio has taken average stories like Horten Hears a Who and turns them into beautiful stories. The Lorax has a way of bringing not only heart and joy to the screen but not being afraid to attack the problems with society. As soon as I heard The Lorax was being made into a movie, I was very excited! That is one of my favorite Dr. Suess stories. I loved the Lorax and how he spoke for the trees. I loved that the trees were call Thruffla Trees and they were fuzzy and wonderful. This movie does not disappoint, it takes you deeper into the story than the book did.

Our story starts with Ted and young boy trying to impressed the girl next door Audrey. These characters are voiced by Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. Ted swoons over Audrey and finds out that the one thing she wants more than anything is a real live tree. They live in a city where everything is mechanical and made out of metal and plastic. There are no real plants and trees. Ted asks his grandmother, voiced by Betty White, where he can find a tree. She sends him out of town to the Once-ler, voiced by Ed Helms.

The Once-ler tells Ted a story about how lovely the forest was in the area until one day it was too late to save it. Ted learns about The Lorax, voiced by Danny Devito, a magical creature that speaks for the trees. The film then follows the story with heart and some very fun songs. It shows kids how easy it is to get caught up in greed and only thinking of yourself. It teaches them to keep their eyes open to the problems in the world around them.

The story is very innocent and fantastic for young kids. It does not have adult humor but good hearted stories. The music is fun and it will help entertain the little ones. I say go see it on a Sunday afternoon with the family. It is a sweet movie that will....WILL make you smile!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Pure magic that radiates from the screen, Mirror Mirror brings the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs children's story to life. The film is visually stunning with vivid scenery, lush costumes, and larger than life characters. Once Upon a Time there was a king who loved his daughter Snow White very much. Sadly her mother died wen Snow was very young. To be a good father, the king remarried the most beautiful woman in the land. One day the king had to leave Snow White and The Queen and he was lost in the dark forest, never to be heard from again. Snow was raised by The Queen who became evil and bitter toward Snow and her beauty. Snow was the rightful ruler of the kingdom so The Queen kept her locked up in the castle. On Snow's 18th birthday she left te castle and met a handsome prince and seven tiny dwarfs and that is where our story really begins.

The film stars Julia Roberts as the wicked queen who has the whole village believing that Snow White is a shut in. Poor Snow is not allowed to leave the palace and mostly must stay to her room and the servant quarters. Snow White is played by The film is directed by Tarsem, who is one of my all time favorite directors. He is India so all of his films have these India influences that add so much to the film. In this case it was the music and costumes. The dresses were large and could fit 3 people in them. The colors were so bright and vivid that add so much to the character's personality.

The film has a pretty basic story, it is a film for children. There is not a ton of adult humor, a bit here and there. Nothing vulgar more innocent and funny. It has a very big laugh factor, the seven dwarfs are so charming and funny. They have a quick wit that can keep up with Snow's sweet spunky nature. The Prince has some very embarrassing moments that the kids will laugh till their sides are sore.

Over all I enjoyed this movie, it was entertaining and charming. Keep in mind that it is a children's films and I think you will be very happy. Personally, I wish that Julia Roberts was just a little bit more evil but she does ok. I suppose I always picture merciless and dark. Julia was cheery with a bit of evil on the side.

Action: Yep
Adventure: Yes
Over All: B-/C+

American Reunion

American Reunion was a blast back to my young high school and middle school days. I honestly feel that the reason this film will be so successful is because it gives my generation a sense of nostalgia and makes you miss the easy high school lives. Like the characters we are trying to figure out what to do with our lives and trying to be adults. Still part of us misses the good old days when we were young and stupid high school kids. Yes the good old days! I have to say I was very happy with American Reunion. It was much funnier than American Wedding and honestly better than American Pie 2. This film had all of the characters take a deeper look at their lives and try to figure out what they want out of life. Plus the film brought back all of our favorite characters that we just can not seem to get enough of. Even the more minor roles from the first film make an appearance and it fills us with happy memories of the good old days. You remember the time you first heard what a MILF was and you know you never looked at apple pie or a flute the same way again. Plus the world finally figured out what really does happen at band camp.

The film brings all of our favorite cast members back home for their 13th year reunion....the reason it's 13 is because they couldn't get their act together for a 10. That sounds like it might happen with my senior class! We see Jim and Michele have a son and are in a bit of a marital rut. Shiffler is exactly the same except he is a temp at a job he hates. Heather is working at a hospital dating a surgeon. Oz is a small time celebrity working on sports center and dating a model. Fitch is a world travel living the wild dream life. Vicky is working in New York city and Kevin is married and playing house-husband with his wife. We can't forget about Jim's Dad who recently had his wife pass away and as always Stiffler's mom, the original MILF. The gang come home and are thrown back into all the old feelings and situations they always were in. Jim is being tempted by an 18 year old neighbor girl he used to babysit and Stiffler is still trying to keep the party going.

The movie is so funny you will be in tears. The movie is rated R and for very VERY good reason. There is nudity, both male and female. There is sex....DUH it's an American Pie movie. There is vulgar nasty despicable humor....which is honestly fantastic and pure gold! Be ready to be offended and even be grossed out because some parts are really nasty! Like I said it is so funny, it just brings me back to high school!

Over all I say if you love the first American Pie movie, you will love this film!

Over All: A-