Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Arthur Christmas

I must say that Arthur Christmas is the sweetest Christmas movie I have seen in such a long time. Part of the fun in this movie is trying to figure out who all the voices are. We have the charming James McAvoy as Arthur. Then we have Jim Broadbent as Santa, Hugh Laurie as Steve, Bill Nighy as Grand Santa and Ashley Jensen as Bryony. Now that we know our cast, let's get right into our movie.

The movie is about Arthur, the younger son of the current Santa. In the movie we find out that the job of Santa is passed down from father to eldest son. The current Santa has been doing the job for 70 Christmases and it is now Steve's turn to take over. Steve is a military style Santa who has the Elves set up like Marines. Our darling Arthur works in the letters room and it is his job to answer children's letters to Santa. Arthur is filled with so much love and joy about Santa and Christmas. He still believes in the magic of Christmas and sees every letter as important.

So our movie really begins after Santa has finished delivering all his gifts. Everyone goes to sleep and then it is found out that a child has been missed. Santa and Steve figure that there is no way to get to her in time so they better just send it later. When Arthur finds out he is heartbroken. The thought of one child being missed is too painful for him. He does not want a little girl to lose the magic of Christmas. So Arthur enlists the help of Grand Santa and Bryony the wrapping elf to get the little girl her gift.

So the epic tale of this movie is can Arthur, Grand Santa, and Bryony get to Gwen the little girl in time? The movie has such a great lesson on how everyone is important. If one person is forgotten then you are not doing your part. The movie is so sweet and Arthur is so innocent and charming, you can't help but love him. I really enjoyed the movie because it was purely genuine and about how important everyone is. We can not forget about our fellow men and we have to kept magic alive.

The movie is a MUST SEE for kids this holiday season. It is great for the whole family and there are no inappropriate jokes. It is pure sweet innocent fun for the whole family on Christmas. It will get you in the spirit and it is beyond funny and sweet. Please go see it because it is adorable.

Action: Yeah
Adventure; Yes

over all: A

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

The only thing that runs deeper than my love for movies is my love for Robert Downey Jr. He is such a talented actor that has had to fight his way to the top. I have a huge respect for him because he cleaned up his life and recreated his career. I adore him with every fiber of my being!

Needless to say I was very excited when I heard they were making a second Sherlock Holmes movie. I really enjoyed the bromance between Watson and Holmes so I knew this would be awesome. The best thing about this sequel is everyone comes back! We have Jude Law as Watson, Robert Downey Jr as Holmes, Rachel McAdams and Irene, Kelly Reilly as Mary, Eddie Marsan as Inspector Lestrade, and Geraldine James as Mrs. Hudson! It is always a good sign when you have an entire cast return. There are also a few fantastic additions to the film, we have Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock's brother), Jared Harris as Moriarty, and Noomi Rapace as Sim.

This film jumps in where the other film left off. We know that Irene is working for Moriarty and Holmes is on the hunt to see what Irene is up to and find Moriarty. I have to be very careful with this summary because I do not want to give anything away. Basically Holmes finds out new clues and heads back to London. We find out that Moriarty is a horrible man who will do anything to get what he wants. Basically I don't like him AT ALL! Moriarty makes Blackwood look like a freaking Saint!

Holmes is back in London and poor Watson gets mixed up in the whole mess. On Watson's Stag night (British Bachelor Party) we meet Mycroft Holmes and see how different the Holmes Brothers are. Mycroft is in politics and is all about king and country. Sherlock is just there to find out more information about a girl named Sim. We find out that Sim's brother is working for Moriarty and that Moriarty is trying to have her killed. Sherlock helps her out and then sends Watson off to his wedding. Of course there is a huge action scene that is fantastic and artistic but you need to go see it!

Let me can I explain what happens next without spoilers....let's just say that Sherlock and Moriarty exchange words and we see how evil Moriarty is. As a result of this exchange, Watson and Mary's honeymoon is cut short because men show up to kill them.

After this Holmes and Watson agree to get to the bottom of this case and stop Moriarty from doing anymore harm. Of course they would need the help of Sim to figure out how to stop Moriarty and her brother from creating a war.

The film is filmed very similar to the first film. Lots of amazing slow motion capture action scenes. There is a great one with all the characters being shot at through the woods. It is one of the most beautiful action scenes I have seen in a while. I will say I think they played up Sherlock's slow motion pre-fight techniques a little bit too much. I think they should have kept it to like 2 as opposed to about 4 but that is just my two cents.

I thought the actors did a great job together. Holmes and Watson were much more serious in this film because they had to be. They were working together for a common goal and they knew it needed to be done. There are a few great moments that just make you laugh because they have such a great bromance!

I thought that Moriarty was a great character because he was scary not because of what he did but because of what he could do. This man had no limits and that is where the fear is....what else could he do? I must say I wanted more Irene but that is because she was one of my favorite characters in the series. I love that she can get under Sherlock's skin. She is only in the movie for 2 or 3 scenes and it was not enough. I won't give any spoilers....but it's really difficult not to!

I think the movie was very well done. They left alot of things open for another movie. I hope the films does as good as the first one but we will have to see! The action is fantastic, the story is great and Holmes is brilliant and funny all at the same time. If you liked the first film, you will like this one. It leaves you wanting more, I could have sat through another two hours easily but I also adore Robert Downey Jr!

Action: DUH
Adventure: Yep

Over all: A!!!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1


I should forewarn all of you that is it 3:16 am and I just got home from seeing Breaking Dawn and I am very sleepy. I am also gonna post it and proof read it later. Sooo sleepy! I hope that this blog is not a bunch of rambling! I should warn you that there will be spoilers in this review. Not so much for people who have read the book but the new comers!

Let's hope into it Breaking Dawn starts right up quick with the wedding planning drama. I loved that because in the book I hated the random moments to get the story going. Alice is planning a dream wedding that would make the royals jealous! We see that Jacob has taken off as soon as he heard about the wedding. So Bella is worried and so afraid for her 'other loves' life.

The story is pretty much planned out in the trailer, they get married, Jacob says goodbye and lots of tears. There were a ton of great moments that were not in the book that they added for the movie. Some great moments with the cast making toasts to Bella and Edward. Pure gold if you ask me!

Bella and Edward go to Esme's private island and have the most awkward honeymoon ever. I must tell you that when they first got to the island it was so awkward. I was like cringing in my chair. The love scene was tasteful and very sweet. There were really cheesy bad acting moments the next morning. The whole was it good for you type things. There is drama between Edward being afraid that he will hurt Bella during their.....intimate moments. So it's this battle between I want you, you want me. yadda yadda yadda. Just as the honeymoon starts to go smooth enter the major problem of the movie....SPOILER!!!!

Bella is pregnant by Edward but the baby is not normal, it's half vamp! When the wolves find out about this they freak out because it could be a danger to Forks and the tribe. Jacob goes to see Bella and he has a good yelling at Edward. I must say that I think Taylor Launter (Jacob) saves this movie so many times, and I'm not just saying that because I'm Team Jacob. Taylor's acting in these scenes with Kristen and Rob are fantastic. Full of emotion and true heart. This kid is gonna go far in the industry.

Anyways Jacob tells the pack and they freak out. There is this very corny cheesy weird scene when the pack talks to each other as wolves. I thought it worked because that is how it is done in the book. When they are in wolf form, they use their minds to communicate. Well they did this in the movie and about half the theater laughed. Which I totally get because it is really weird.

Moving on.....Jacob decides to break from Sam's pack and be on his own. Now for those that don't know, Jacob's grandpa was head of the tribe. Jacob was asked to be the Alpha male but decided not to. When he stands up to Sam he makes himself the Alpha of a new pack. As Jacob runs to warn the Cullens that the wolves are coming for Bella we see that Leah and Seth decide to join Jacob's pack.

While all this is going on Bella is basically dying because the baby is both crushing her internally and draining all of he bodies nutrients. She looks sooooo nasty! I'm serious, they did a great job of making her look like totally death. She is nothing but skin and bone. She is frail and looks like she is going to die. It is honestly really hard to watch because she looks so sickly. I liked it because I thought it made it more real. In the book she is literally dying and in the movie you believe it!


So let's just get to the good stuff, Bella is forced to give birth because the baby broke her spine. Carlisle is out hunting so Edward, Rosalie, and Jacob are there to help. This part is really REALLY nasty! Edward has to BITE the baby out and Bella is covered in blood. Has the baby and basically dies. Edward freaks out and injects her with venom. Jacob is so upset that he goes outside and breaks down. During this the wolves are gathering to kill the Cullens and the baby. Jacob in his grief goes to attack the baby girl and once he sees her he can't.....because he imprinted on her! It's nothing nasty it's just that they are meant to be together and it's not a sexual thing. He will always be apart of her life for whatever she needs. She is what keeps him going and fighting. We get this amazing flash of the future with Jacob and Nessie. The girl that plays little Nessie and grown up Nessie are so beautiful. I can not wait for the next film because she is so lovely.

The pack comes and there is a little fight between the Cullens and the wolves. In the middle of the fight Jacob runs/leaps out and tells them that if they kill the baby they kill him. The reason is the tribe or pack is not allowed to harm anyone that has been imprinted on. That person is now apart of that family and they have to do anything to protect that person. So basically the wolves now have to respect and protect Nessie because she is connected to Jacob.

The film ends with everyone waiting over Bella and he slowly turning into a beautiful vampire. The movie ends with Bella opening her Blood Red Eyes! Stay for the credits because there is a little moment with the Volture.

Ok let's drive into what I liked and what I didn't! I loved Taylor, I thought his acting really stood out in this film. The scenes with him and Kristen were so heartbreaking and emotional that you really believe it. There were alot of new scenes that were added that were not in the book and I really enjoyed those. It was a part of the story that was new to everyone.

The cinematography of the movie was amazing! The way that the director used colors to make a scene more emotional was great. The color red is a really big factor and it works so well. The special effects were also amazing. The wolves look better and better in each film. They look so real that you just wanna walk up and pet one of them. The way they used special effects to show how bad the pregnancy was for Bella was haunting. I mean those images really stay with you. The costumes were beautiful, as always. Bella's wedding dress was so classic. It had this amazingly low cut lace back and it looked great on Kristen.

The acting gets a little better in each film. Kristen has improved alot since the first film. She has more of a range and emotion. Rob is good but always has those few moments of bad acting. Only one or two but he does a great job most of the time. Taylor and Billy (charlie) were fantastic. Billy Burke has such great comedic timing but at the same time so much heart. The vampires and wolves are about the same, ok acting not bad. I honestly wanted more of the wolves in this movie but I figure the next one will have them a ton.

Over all I really enjoyed it, it's alot darker than the other films. It was close to being rated R but they edited it to make it PG-13. Like I said it's really dark and shows tons of blood....nasty. This is not a movie for young kids teens will be fine but it's an intense movie.

Action: Yeah
Romance: DUH
Adventure: not really

Over All: A-

Ps. It is now 3:49 am and I can hardly keep my eyes open! Good Night!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Immortals was one of those movies I knew I would have to see and review. The number one reason is, I'm always curious if people will mess up the Greek Mythology. I took Greek Mythology in college and I hate it when filmmakers change the history for their own spin on the tale. This film was not too bad, it stayed pretty close to the correct tale.

As you know I hate 3D with every fiber of my being! I think it is a stupid waste of money and I don't see the point. Most of the time it does not add to the film it just makes it harder to see what's going on in the background because it's all blurry. Ok, sorry I will get off of my little 3D soapbox. I saw the movie in 3D and it doesn't really make the film any better. The coolest part about it was seeing the blood splatter everywhere.

I was shocked to find out that this movie was directed by Tarsem Singh. That is the same director as The Cell and The Fall. He is one of my all time favorites because he has an amazing eye for color and effects. The cinematography of this film is breath taking and amazing. It seems like the emotion of the film is carried in the colors. Tarsem also does an amazing job at mixing color with emotion. There was alot of Red for Lust, Gold for Power, Brown for purity, and grey for evil.

The film is about Theseus, played by Henry Cavill, and his journey from simple boy to mythic warrior. He was raised in a small village by his mother but he has no father. You should know that in the Myth, Theseus' father was Poseidon. In the movie they say his mother was raped and he is an outcast to the people. One day war comes to his village and he is forced into slavery. While he is being held he meets Phaedra, played by the very sexy Freida Pinto. We know that she is an Oracle and she has seen a future where Warlord King Hyperion, played by Mickey Rourke, has released the Titans. The Titans are Godlike creatures that tried to defeat the Gods and bring pain and suffering to man.

The Gods become aware of the vision and watch from above but are not allowed to interfere. Zeus, played by Luke Evans, forbids any God from helping the humans. He states that they have given them free will and we must trust in the good within people. This angers the other Gods Athena, Apollo, Aries, and Poseidon. (played by Isabel Lucas, Corey Sevier, Daniel Sharman, and Kellen Lutz)

Theseus ends up escaping with Phaedra and with the help of Stavros, played by Stephan Dorff they take off to Theseus' village. In the village they find the Icarus Bow that once belonged to the Gods. King Hyperion is searching for the bow at the same time and he shows up and war breaks out.

I should stop telling you what is going to happen there because if I go any farther I will ruin a bunch of the movie for you. I really don't want you miss out on any of the amazing action moments. This movie is filled with so many intense fighting scenes and great special effects. Tarem does a great job of showing you how man and God would fight.

The best part of the movie is seeing the Gods in action. I almost wish there was more of that and less with the humans. I didn't like that they only had a handful of Gods. The Greek Mythology there were so many amazing Gods they could have shown, but I understand that you can't show everyone.

I must say that I was impressed with Henry's performance, his range was out of this world. The only thing I knew about Henry was that he was in The Tudors and I must say he impressed me. I feel like he is going to have a very long career ahead of him.

I was also really blown out of the water by Luke Evans as Zeus. I found myself missing Zeus when he was not on screen. I liked that he brought a very human quality to Zeus. He was very biblical is being the "One True God". The way he lets mankind fight for themselves and trust in their free will. He also is a father that loves his children but is willing to sacrifice a son on the behalf of mankind.

Over all the film was great and I will probably buy it because it was beautiful.

Over all: A

Tower Heist

Tower Heist was another movie that I went into with low expectations, I know I need to stop doing that. Well maybe not, maybe that is why I end up enjoying them so much. Tower Heist is a film about a group of people that working in this amazing apartment building known as The Tower. It is in New York and some of the most powerful people in New York live in this building. The staff are dedicated and they live to make sure the people have 5 star experience.

The building manager of The Tower is Josh, played by Ben Stiller. Josh is dedicated to every part of his job. He takes his job very seriously and knows everything about every person living there. He just hired in young hot shot Enrique, played by Michael Pena. Josh also has to deal with his slacker brother in law Charlie, played by Casey Affleck. One of the many people living in the building are about to get evicted because he lost his job is Mr. Fitzhugh, played by Matthew Broderick. Josh finds out that one of the people living in The Tower named Mr. Shaw, played by Alan Alda, is being put on trial for scamming people out of their money. Come to find out, Shaw was in charge of every employees 401 K. All of the money that they have worked for is now gone and they wont get it back.

Josh decides that he is going to steal the money back from Shaw by seeking the help of local criminal Slide, played by Eddie Murphy. Josh finds out from the agent in charge of Shaws case Special Agent Claire Denham (played by Tia Leoni) that Shaw has millions hidden somewhere. Josh figures out that there is a secret safe hidden in Shaws apartment and he is going to steal that money back for the employees.

This is when the movie starts to get really funny! Josh, Enrique, Charlie, Mr. Fitzhugh and Slide all work together to break into The Tower and take back that money. They movie has so many funny moments between the guys. I lied it because it was natural reactions from real people. I think that Matthew stood out the most to me as the funnest character. He was quick and funny and sad all at the same time. Michael was my second favorite because his character is so oblivious to the world around him. He has this sweet innocents that is just adorable.

Some of the movie is a little far fetched but if you just go with it, you will really enjoy the movie. It is very entertaining and really smart. You have to try and stay one step ahead of the characters but they will blow your mind!

Over all: A-

In Time

In Time was one of those movies that I was not really sure about. I knew it was gonna be interesting but I was afraid it was going to be confusing. I hate when a movie gets lost in it's own terminology. Surprisingly that didn't happen with this movie, it was pretty simple to follow.

Basically, we have a future where we are born with 25 years of life and anytime after that you have to earn. You never age, you are forever young but the poor die young and the rich can live forever. The time they have left is on a ticking count down clock on their arm. Everyone is born with one on their arm and it doesn't start counting until your 25th birthday. Now don't go into this movie thinking that they just can't die, they can't die of old age. They can die by getting hit by a car or being shot or even something like a drug overdose. There is no such thing as money, time is money. You work for more time and you can keep the time for yourself or give it to someone else. The crazy thing is people can steal your time. The people in the ghetto have to watch out for people looking to take their time. The police in this film are known as Time Keepers and they solve crimes related to time.

Our main character is Will, played by Justin Timberlake, is working in the ghetto and just trying to live day to day. He lives with his mother, played by Olivia Wilde and together they work so they can survive. The fun thing about this movie is you have no idea how old people really are. Will's mother looks 25 but really she is 50 but no one would ever know that.

Will meets a man named Henry, played by Matt Bomer, and he has over 100 years on his arm. Some guys try to steal the time from him and Will steps in and saves him. Henry tells Will that he is over 100 years old and that sometimes you just get sick of living. Henry ends up giving Will his 100 years and then sits on a bridge until his time runs out. Will takes off and decides to take his chances in the rich part of the city. Other stuff happens in the middle but I don't wanna mess up the story so you need to just watch it.

Cillian Murphy plays Raymond a Time Keeper that is trying to find out where Henry's time went. During that time Will is earning more time by gambling and he meets this very rich girl named Sylvia, played by Amanda Seyfried. When the Time Keepers find Will he takes Sylvia hostage and they basically go on this Bonnie and Clyde adventure.

The film is very biblical with this idea of who deserves time and should anyone really live forever. What is the cost of everlasting life? The greedy are the ones that do not live life to the fullest and those that have limited time know how important it is to live each day as if it were your last.

Over all the film was very good, lots of adventure and actions. I honestly think Cillian Murphey was my favorite character, his acting was sensational. It also helps that I am seriously in love with that man's eyes! Justin Timberlake was not bad as Will, it kind of seemed like Justin being Justin. Amanda was stunning as this confused rich girl who does not know what she wants out of life. I really enjoyed the whole Bonnie and Clyde theme that was going on. I was not really a big fan of the ending but it made alot of sense.

Actions: Yes
Adventure: Yep
Beautiful Actors: Yes

Over all: B+

Puss in Boots

Ok once again there can be no judgement on my love for kids movies! I always say that I go and see them for the sake of my adorable nephew but really I'm the one that talks him into going and seeing these films. I have always been a fan of the character Puss in Boots! I love that he is a Latin lover and he is adorable. Yes, I am that person who awwwwws when he does the cute kitty face. I think he is the cutest character ever, by far one of the most memorable.

So let's get right into the film, you do not have to have seen the other Shrek movies to understand this film. Puss in Boots is still voiced by the awesome Antonio Banderas. It totally stands alone and never even mentions his other adventures. I'm not sure when this films is suppose to take place, before or after the other films. It honestly does not matter because it is a whole new story with whole new characters.

The story starts with our adorable and dashing Puss being the ladies man of the cat world. He finds out about magic beans that will send him up to a castle in the clouds and the goose that can lay the golden eggs. When he goes to get these beans he finds another cat burglar (pun intended) there trying to get the beans. Puss and the cat get into an epic Latin dance off and we find that the cat is a girl cat named Kitty Softpaws, voiced by Selma Hayek. She is working for Humpty Dumpty, voiced by Zach Galifianakis, who is also looking for magic beans. We find out that Puss and Humpty have known each other for years and had a bad falling out. So the story is does Puss trust the egg that once let him down or trust him again?

The story is filled with many great twists and turns and tons to humor for kids and adults. I was laughing as much as my 7 year old nephew but for very different reasons. The movie was good but it was not my favorite out of the series. It was not bad by any means but I freaking loved Shrek 2. I know it's not fair to compare but I do!

Humor: Yep
Action: Yes
Entertaining: Very

Over all B-

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Rum Diary

As most of my ten readers know, I have a top five favorite actors. My top five actors are JohnnyDepp, Robert Downey Jr, John Cusack, Hugh Jackman, and Jeremy Renner. To be fair, the 5th does tend to change depending on the month. Anyways when I heard about the Rum Diary TWO YEARS AGO I knew that I would love it because it mixes Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson. The movie is based on the book that Hunter wrote in 1961. Now I have not read the book, so this is not a compare and contrast, although I was told that it is very different from the book. So this is strictly a review based on the movie and not the book. I should probably read the book, I heard it was great!

The movie starts just as every Hunter story should, waking up from a binder the night before. I like those kind of openings, it just puts you right into the story and you get to know the character right away, no foreplay if you will. Our main character is Paul Kemp played by the lovely, beautiful, and talented Johnny Depp. He is a writer with a 'slight' alcohol addiction, although he doesn't know it. Kemp is down in the lovely Puerto Rico during the 1960's looking for a new job. The editor in chief, Lotterman, is played by Richard Jenkins and he is perfect for the role. He is a newspaperman just trying to keep the paper going. He is stressed and everyone knows it.

As soon as Kemp walks in he also meets Sala, played by the sensational Michael Rispoli. Sala and Lotterman both welcome Kemp to Puerto Rico and warn him about the locals and the corrupt people the dwell in the town. Kemp gets the golden opportunity to meet Moburg, played by the psychotic Giovanni Ribisi. Moburg is a writer that has taken so many drugs, he is hard to understand. He just keeps showing up and getting paid even though he hardly ever writes a story.

Kemp also meets his lovely Mermaid named Chenault, played by Amber Heard (yeah for the Ambers!!!) This is the mystery girl that Kemp falls head over heels for, but who wouldn't fall for a beautiful girl skinny dipping the in the ocean? Sadly she is the girlfriend of the local wealthy over powered Sanderson played by Aaron Eckhart.

Kemp is pulled into the Rum and lust of Puerto Rico but he sees the people and the pain that they go through trying to fight for their land. The land is now being invaded by fat Americas who only want an expensive view of the ocean. Sadly, every time Kemp tries to take a stand against the wrongs and corruptions, he is shot down. None of his stories are published because no one wants to anger the powers that be.

The whole movie is filled whit HILARIOUS moments that only Depp can deliver. He is so funny without even trying. The film does have alot of Hunter hints, it reminded me of Raoul Drake in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is not a bad thing. There are the quirky moments and of course the crazy drug induced delusions.

The actors in this movie are amazing, such a great cast that will probably will never get the credit they deserve. Rispoli is by far the stand out to me, he is so funny but has so much heart. It is hard for actors to hold their own against Johnny but Rispoli does it. Ribisi is so creepy as the drugged out, wash out. He almost plays that role too well, it makes you wonder if he needs a hug in real life. I guess that should be seen as a great actor and nothing less!

I was very surprised by the performances of Amber Heard and Aaron Eckhart. Heard is honestly not one of my favorite actors. I have seen her in a few B rated movies and I have not been impressed. I must say that she blew me out of the water in this movie. I thought it would just be her running around in a bikini being hot but she brought so much more to the film. Her character is so trapped by the life is living that her only way out is Kemp. She sees him as a conquest at first but then sees that he is the only guy that truly sees her. Not gonna lie, I really wanted her job in this movie. Running around Puerto Rico with Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart....yes please! Some girls have all the luck!

Aaron Eckhart surprised me because I didn't understand his character. He is portrayed as this bad guy but how he became a bad guy is confusing. He starts as this nice guy and then all of a sudden he is angry. It almost seemed like there was a scene missing that would explain this transformation. His actor was great but the character confused me.

Over all the movie has so much to offer, it has heart and emotion. Sure is also has some very funny moments and is very dialog heavy but it's all quality! The acting is amazing and it will make you wanna travel to Puerto Rico, maybe with a good looking guy like Kemp ;)

If you are in the mood for a good movie I say check it out!

Action: So So

Humor; Yep!

Over All: A-

The Thing

To start let me make it very clear that this is not a remake but a prequel. They are not trying to recreate the classic film from the 80's. To be a total snob the REAL movie came out in the 1950's and it was in black and white. Now THAT was a good movie but I'm a purist so it's really not fair to compare. This movie takes us back to how they found this creepy creature in the ice.

Our leading lady is Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate, she is a student that is sent to Antarctica to dig up this frozen creature they found. She meets up with her friend Eric, played by Eric Christian Olsen and together they work on this dig. The only other actor I knew was Joel Edgerton. I had just seen Warrior and was excited to see him again.

So the movie is basically this, They dig up a frozen Alien and it comes back to life. Now the kicker is this, the Alien can adapt on to a person and become that person. The whole movie we have no idea who to trust and then everything falls apart as the creature starts to kill. People turn against each other and no one is to be trusted.

Honestly the movie was visually NASTY! Seriously it made my tummy turn, it was very graphic. It was like mutants attacking more mutants. The movie did have some great actor and fun fire burning! I'm all about the flame thrower!

The only good acting came from Edgerton, he was a character I believed and rooted for. The others were ok but I really was not emotionally invested in any of their characters. It was the classic scary run around movie. Alot of action but not alot of substance which is not a bad thing, it's just mindless entertainment.

Over all it's bloody and creepy

I give it a C

The Three Musketeers

I have loved the Disney version of Three Musketeers since I was little. The name Athos has been one of my favorites since I saw the movie. The new Three Musketeers is a very modern day adaptation of the traditional story. That is not a bad thing it is just trying to update a classic. Normally I would be very disappointed but they did a good job trying to stay true to the classic story.

This story starts with Porthos, Athos and Aramis (played by Ray Stevenson, Matthew Macfadyn, and Luke Evans) looking for something in Venice. They have the help of Milady DeWinter played by Milla Jovovich as a skilled theif. She is not afraid to make the amazing Athos fall in love with her and then leave him as soon as she gets what she wants. Sadly, the boys are betrayed in the first 5 minutes of the movie when Milady teams up with Buckingham played by Orlando Bloom.

We then flash ahead a few months and see a very young D'Artagnan, played by Logan Lerman, in swordplay with his father. D'Artagnan is on his way to Paris to become a Musketeer. Once he gets to Paris he teams up with our boys who are out of their luck. Together they fight for France against Cardinal Richelieu, played by Christoph Waltz. He is by far the best actor in the film with Matthew a very close second.

The whole film is basically funny moments making fun of the King and seeing the cool special effects. It is very historically far-fetched but still enjoyable to watch. It was basically fun sword fighting and funny boys plotting. I do not mean that as a bad thing, that's just what it is.

Over all the movie was ok, not the best thing I have seen but fun to watch if you are bored or if you really like Musketeers adventures like I do. I say check it out if you are bored, it's a fun sit and watch and don't think movie.

Over all B-

Paranormal Activity 3

Ok so this movie is a mix bag for me. I really enjoyed the movie because it scared the crap out of me. I was literally clinging to my aunt's arm watching this movie. My only beef with this movie is that all of the good stuff in the trailer did not appear in the movie. Now I understand not wanting to give too much away but you are actually hurting the movie by deceiving the audience. I was expecting more scary moments in the house and more ghost-like occurrings with the girls but it was all taken out. I am pretty sure that they did that because they wanted the ending to be more climatic or to make the movie shorter but there are some MAJOR points taken out.

We know for a fact that from the other movie, the girls house sets on fire. We know that they lose everything and that the monster attacks in the house. None of this happens in the movie! In the trailer we see the house starting on fire but that never happens! It doesn't make sense because the movie ends with a huge gap in the story. I don't know if they are thinking of doing one more and that is why it ended that way, but it didn't make any sense.

Other than that HUGE issue I have with the movie, it was very scary. The movie is very short at a whopping 1 hr and 20 mins but it's long enough. It's the same style with the hand held cameras so it ends in good time.

The movie does what they do best, start to scare you with the little things occurring in the house. A few jumps and screams in the middle and then a few things you can not rationalize in your mind. The ending is so creepy that people were yelling and freaking out, myself included! I can't say much more than this because it will ruin the good parts for you. Just watch this movie and keep your eyes WIDE OPEN!

Over all:B-

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real Steel

I have been waiting for Real Steel to come out for months! I think I was starting to go through Hugh Jackman Withdrawals! I have to say it was well worth the wait! This movie was fantastic!

Real Steel is about Hugh Jackman playing Charlie, a former boxer down on his luck. The game of boxing changed in this not to distant future (I think it takes place around 2020ish) Now boxing is done by Robots because they can take a hit better and have more carnage than real people. They can take each other apart in the ring and it's all OK because no one get killed. Charlie controls a fighting robot in this new boxing style. We find out his is down on his luck and honestly his robot kinda sucks. Within 5 minutes the robot starts to fall apart! Even with the help of his friend and former girlfriend, Bailey(played by Evangeline Lily) they can not get this robot to improve.

In the meantime Charlie finds out that his ex-wife has died and now his son needs a guardian. His son(Max) is played by new comer Dakota Goyo who is sensational. This kid is going to have an amazing career, he is so funny and charming. Anyway I'll get to that in a minute! Max's aunt Debra (played by Hope Davis) wants to adopt Max. Charlie ends up making a deal with Debra's husband for them to have custody of Max for money. Part of the deal is that Charlie has to take Max for a few months and then Debra will take full custody. There is alot more to it to that but I don't wanna ruin bits of the movie for you so I'll just leave it at that.

Max finds a robot in the junkyard and together Max and Charlie teach this robot called Atom how to box.

The whole movie is just fantastic! The fighting Robot special effects are sensational! I could not tell what was real and what was CGI and that is saying something because I am picky when it comes to CGI. The robots were believable and I could see something like that being created in the next 10 years. The fact that it was a little in the future really helped the story. Everything was the same but slightly upgraded.

The relationship between Charlie and Max is amazing. You really feel like Jackman and Goyo are father and son. They have this great on-screen chemistry together. They play off of each other so well and they are both so funny. Little Dakota is an amazing little actor that is going to have a long and successful career. He already can keep up with big screen leading man Hugh Jackman, this kid is great. The humor in this movie is so quick and realistic and so funny!

I loved the movie because it had great action with the fighting robots but amazing heart between the actors. At points you forget that Atom is a robot and you feel like he can understand you. The movie shows you that even the toughest creatures have a weakness in them. I'm telling you to go see this movie NOW! I'm already trying to figure out when I can go see it again. It was so good I could have sat and watched it all over again. I never do that but this movie was just that good. A MUST SEE!!!

Over all A

Monday, September 26, 2011

Twelve and Holding

You know how much I like to throw a little curve ball at all you readers (all 6 of you). I have been watching some independent films and I have one that you must check out. The film is called Twelve and Holding and it came out in 2005. The story starts with these twin brothers, Jacob and Rudy, getting chased around by the town bullies. They meet up with their two friends an over weight boy named Leonard and a little girl named Malee. The little group hears that the bullies are going to try to tear down their tree house so Rudy decides to meet Leonard there to stop them. The bullies throw a bottle with a burning towel at the tree house. Leonard escapes after he falls on his head and poor Rudy is buried alive. This is a really hard scene to watch but very good. Don't worry I'm not giving anything away because this happens in the first 5 minutes.

After Rudy's death Jacob tries to live his life. Jacob is different from Ruby because he has a big birthmark on the side of his face. Leonard finds out that he lost his sense of smell and because of that he can no longer taste food. Malee meets a man in her mother's therapy office named Gus (played by Jeremy Renner).

The movie divides into 3 small stories about the year after Rudy's death. Jacob becomes close with the boy who accidentally killed Rudy. He continues to go visit him and tell him about the outside world.

Leonard decides to get in shape and save his own life. He starts working out and eating right. This throws off Leonards whole family because they are big people and eat terrible foods. Leonard see this as his second chance for a better life. I wont mess up the ending but let's just say that he takes the diet to the extremes with his family.

Malee was by far my favorite character. She is this little 12 year old girl that gets her first crush on Gus. To be totally honest what girl wouldn't have a crush on Jeremy Renner if he was sweet to you. Malee starts to sneak around to find information about Gus. She even sneaks into her mother's office to hear his therapy session. Gus used to be a fire fighter and has serious post-traumatic stress. Now Gus is doing construction on the land where Rudy was killed.

I may give you a bit of a spoiler here but I have to talk about this scene, it is so powerful. Malee finds a key to Gus's apartment and shows up there. She goes through his things and finds a gun in his drawer. Just as she grabs it Gus comes home. Malee hides under the bed and watches as Gus gets into the shower. Gus starts to have an emotional break down in the shower. His back is to the door and his head in the corner of the shower. This is some of the best acting I have ever seen with Renner. As he is having this emotional break down, Malee walks into the bathroom and tries to put her hand on his back. She stops and walks out without him ever knowing she was there.

The rest of the movie Malee starts to see Gus more and more. She talks to him about falling in love and not liking the boys her age. As she sees him more and more she starts to dress more like a little woman and not a little girl.


One night Malee shows up to Gus' and cleans the house, makes the bed, and cooks dinner. When he walks in he looks confused as she is sitting there. He has a moment of realization that she has been in here before and took his gun. She walks up to him and takes off her robe. He looks away and tells her to stop this craziness and get dressed. She is begging him to hold her and says they are soul mates. He covers her up with his jacket and calls her mother.

Later Gus talks to Malee's mother about how he felt terrible because he knew she had a crush on him and didn't discourage it. But then he tells a story about a fire where he killed another little girl. He said that Malee looked at him the same way. She just wanted him to take her pain away. He was Malee's escape from everything that happened.

There is alot more that happen but I want you to WATCH the movie!

The acting by the 3 little actors is stunning. They have the emotional range that gets at your heart. You forget that these are just young kids and believe these wise souls. Jeremy Renner is fantastic and completely tragic in this film. You just want to reach out and help him and the kids with all the pain they are dealing with.

Over all A!

Killer Elite

Alrighty then, so I saw Abduction and Killer Elite in the same night. I must have been in an action adventure mood. Killer Elite is an action drama that is filled with guns, stunts, and government cover-up. All the good things that make films interesting! We have Jason Statham as Danny, he is the best of the best assassins. He know how to do his job and do it well. There is also Robert DeNiro as Hunter, he was the best and he trained Danny. Danny looks at Hunter as a type of father figure/mentor. We then throw in a little sexy Clive Owen as Spike a MI5 former enforcer.

The film starts with Danny and Hunter going on a job in the Middle East during the 1980's. Now this movie claims to be based on real events but you know how loosely that term in used now a days. Anyways, the job goes bad and Danny is injured and decides to get out of the "life". We flash ahead a few years and we see Danny is living in the Outback and has a new girlfriend played by Yvonne Strahovski. She is a new actress but very sweet and charming. She is one of those girls you can't help but like. Danny gets a package with a picture of Hunter being taken prisoner.

Danny finds out that a Middle Eastern man wants revenge for the British government killing his 3 sons. He hires Danny to find these men, get a recorded confession, and kill them but make it look like an accident. This is so the man's son can go back to his homeland with revenge. The only way Danny will do it is if they have Hunter.

Danny must assemble a team and hunt these guys down. Spike is a retired agent that finds out about Danny and tries to stop him. He tries to figure out Danny's every move to stop him.

The movie is filled with everything a Statham film has, action, adventure, and guns. They movie was very well done with stunts. There were only a few that you didn't believe were possible. There is a great one of Statham flipping over while tied to a's freaking awesome! I must say Owen really kept up with Statham's action. There are a few great fight scenes between the two of them.

The movie does tend to slow down a bit in the middle. It was almost like there was too much action and it didn't have the same effect anymore. It does pick up again near the end and then you will be on the edge of your seat till the credits roll.

Action: Yep
Adventure: no bad
romance: so so

Over all B+


So let me get something out there, I did not only see this movie because Taylor Lautner was in it. I really wanted to see this because of the action and adventure.....ok ok I was also curious about our dear little Taylor. For those of you that don't know I met little Taylor once at a book signing for Breaking Dawn. (That's right I just admitted my Twilight readings!) He is from the town next to mine and I have to say he is the sweetest most down to earth guy I have ever met. I did meet him before he was big buff Taylor. Anyways I was interested to see if our local boy could hold his own in this film. I must say, BRAVO

The movie is the typical teen action film. There is a girl that the boy likes and as always she gets mixed up in the mess. You all know I have a strict no spoilers policy unless I feel very passionate about the movie. So I'll try my very best not to give anything away. The film is about Nathan (Lautner) a high school kid who has a less than normal family. His parents are played by Maria Bello and Jason Issacs, both are amazing in this film. They are not in the movie long but they have this amazing chemistry with each other and with Taylor. Issacs trains Lautner how to defend himself and they honestly beat the crap out of each other. The fighting in this movie is awesome and the fact that Taylor does almost all of his stunts is just plain IMPRESSIVE! Let's be honest, the boy has mad skills!

One day Nathan and his neighbor girl Karen (Lily Collins) work on a school project about missing kids. They find a picture of Nathan on a missing kids website. So out of curiosity Nathan get a hold of this website and asks about this missing child. This sends a red flag to all these societies looking for him. This is when everything falls apart. Nathan has to go on the run with Karen as they become attacked by agents and hired guns. We find out that Nathan's family is not who they say they are and now all these little societies are trying to find Nathan because he has information.

So the rest of the movie is Sigourney Weaver trying to hide Nathan and Alfred Molina as the agent trying to hunt them down. There are train fights and car crashes and lots of explosions. All the good stuff that every action film needs.

There is also this great moment where we realise Taylor Lautner is no longer a little kid. He has this great intimate scene with Lily Collins that had my jaw drop. Let's just say it reminded me of that moment in The Fast and Furious where Vin Diesel picks up Michele Rodriquez....YIKES! Yeah let's just say I had to remind myself that Lautner is 19. Boy is gonna be a stud of a leading man!

Over all the movie was pretty good, the stunts and action were awesome. The movie did have a ton of total crap dialog. You could almost predict the cheesy one-liner coming next. Other than that the movie is still entertaining and interesting. I say if you are in the mood for some action and a fun story check this out. The acting is alright and the stunts kick major tail!

Action; Yeppers
Adventure: Yeah
Drama: A little
Romance: So So
Over all: A-

Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain America

I know I am way behind in my movie reviews. I am very sorry for this, it has been a very busy summer for me so please forgive! I promise to try and play catch up as fast as I can get some free time!

So today I saw Captain America and I was so excited. As most of my readers know I am a SUCKER for a good Marvel movie. I am very critical of them because I was raised by comic books! I was excited for this movie because I wanted to see how they would tie it in with The Avengers (2012). So here we go!

The film starts in a time we are unsure of. We think it is the 'near future' because of the tools used. All we see is the Captain America Shield then we flash to 1943ish. We see our amazing and noble Steve Rogers trying to become a soldier. He wants to serve his country in World War II. He is recruited by a new secret society to become a super soldier. Guess who helps him become amazing.....HOWARD STARK! Howard is the father of our very own Iron Man Tony Stark.

I don't want to give too much away because the movie needs to be enjoyed without knowing every detail. Let's just say that he becomes Captain America and has to prove that he can help in the army. They are trying to bring down a glorified cult run by one of Hitler's Nazi's that we call The Red Skull. He is searching for an energy cube that came from 'The God's' there is mention that it came from Odin's Treasure Chamber. (Thor connection!) This energy is being used as a weapon to destroy the world.

Steve/Captain America goes on these little missions to stop them. He has some friendly flirting with Peggy Carter a female that works with the military. We have Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Phillips who helps lead Steve. He also is always great for a quick comment or joke.

I honestly have to be careful what I tell you next because it will mess up the whole movie for you. SO I'M NOT GONNA DO IT! Some times things need to be left up to surprise.

Over all I really liked the movie. It showed that the character of a man is not his size but his actions. Steve is a pure character that is so kind and just plain amazing. Chris Evans does a fantastic job capturing the heart of the character as well as the pain and determination. The whole ensemble is fantastic together. The action is fantastic and Hugo Weaving is perfect as the Red Skull.

Now to the important stuff....the movie was great and was a fantastic tie to The Avengers but stay after all the credits run!!!!!!!! Do not even THINK about getting your butt up off that chair, I MEAN IT! If you stay you will get an AMAZING sneak peak at.....are you ready...... THE AVENGERS!!!!!!! It's an amazing teaser trailer that I literally squealed at!! We see all of our amazing characters! Bruce Banner (the Hulk), Black Widow, Nick Furry, Tony Stark, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, and Loki!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHH I tried to find the trailer but Disney has not released it yet! I WANT IT!! It comes out in May and I am so freaking excited! T-minus 10 months!

Over all: A-
Action: Tons
Adventure: Duh!
Heart: awww so sweet!

Friday, June 3, 2011

X-Men First Class

As most of my readers know, I am a big fan of the comic book genre! I love that the stories can go beyond our world to something greater. I have loved X-Men since I was a little kid! I loved watching the X-Men cartoon on One Saturday Morning. I loved how awesome Wolverine and Storm were and I loved Rogue and Jubilee. So when the X-Men movies started to come out, I was like a kid in a candy store, all hyper and jumping up and down! I saw the X-Men movies and I love Love LOVE them! When I found out they were going to make another film I was very excited. I didn't know if it would take place before or after our films. X-Men: The Last Stand left half of our characters dead or powerless. (which made me so mad you have NO IDEA!) Anyways when I found out that this was going to be a film about a young Charles and Erik I was worried, to say the least. These were characters I loved and I didn't want a new movie to ruin what a great job the franchise had done. When I found out that James McAvoy was Charles I said....HECK YES!!! Once I saw what the movie was becoming I was as giddy as a schoolgirl!

So let us dig into the movie, I freaking loved it! I even wore my X-Men T-shirt to the theater, that's right I'm THAT cool! The movie starts with Erik in a concentration camp and Charles in the mansion finding Raven (Mystique). We then flash ahead many years and we see how these two child are now men. Charles is at Cambridge on the verge of finishing his PHD. He's very dashing and smooth with the ladies. I always knew that Professor X would be a little stud muffin! Raven is with him pretending to be his little sister. She hides behind blond hair and blue eyes, not being able to show the real her.

Erik is seeking revenge for his family who died by the hands of the Nazi's. He is going all around the world searching for one person, Sebastian Shaw. Now I wanna be careful here because so much of this film is a surprise and I don't want you to miss anything! So let's just say Charles and Erik meet and decide to find and train other mutants. Basically the start of Xavier's school for gifted youngsters.

The film is filled with so many great special effects and awesome action sequences. We see mutants fighting mutants, mutants fighting humans, and mutants fighting Warheads! The movie never seems to disappoint.

If you are a big follower of the comic book series you WILL be angry. They do not follow the comic book stories at all. They basically take the comic characters, abilities, and personality traits and put them in this movie. We are just suppose to believe it works and allow it to happen. I say forget your comic ties and just enjoy for the movie it is suppose to be.

OK below are some spoilers that I must share but with good reason....BEWARE

One thing that really REALLY bothered me was some of the timeline errors. This movie is suppose to take place before X-Men Origins Wolverine but Emma Frost is a full grown woman with telekinetic powers. In Wolverine she was very young and she only had diamond hard skin. I was a bit annoyed by that but it was not a deal breaker.

The one that made me the most mad...big professor Xavier ends up in a wheelchair at the end of this movie. Don't get me wrong the moment was beautiful and heartbreaking. I actually had tears in my eyes but that is because James is a sensational actor. What made me mad was he was still walking in the other films. We see him walking at the end of Wolverine AND walking in Last Stand when him and Erik go get Jean Grey. At that point Erik and Charles are still friends and in the end of this one they are on good terms but they are not buddy buddy. I thought they should have waited until the next film to have Charles end up in a wheelchair. I figured that would have been a good thing to wait for. I guess they just wanted to have it wrapped up in case another film does not happen. I think it might because I heard they are hoping to make a new trilogy. If we get our handsome James to play the Professor I would SO BE OK WITH THAT! So I still loved it but I didn't like a few tiny nit-picky things.

Over all fan-freaking-tastic!

Action: Yes!
Adventure: YEPPERS

Over all.....a big fat A+

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Captain Jack Sparrow is now a character right up there with the classics. He is a new icon for our generation and he made it cool to be a pirate again! I adventured off to see this movie with the hopes that it would wow me. We should all be aware that I was less than happy with the final two instalments. They were long, over dramatic, and too over the top. To put it honestly I was happy that Will and Elizabeth were no where to be found. By the 3rd movie I was so sick of them and all their back and forth I love you, I hate...blah blah blah! I was very excited to see if we needed them or if our beloved Jack could keep our attention.

Ladies and gentlemen, I might have a new favorite Pirates movie! Seriously it stuck with one maybe two stories. It was not a confusing all around story and there were no cheesy declarations of love. It was about a simple goal and how to get there. I felt like the last two were all about these complex stories and themes that got so darn confusing. This one was pretty simple and fun to watch. It proved that Jack can carry an entire movie by himself. It was BEAUTIFUL to watch, let's face it, it's Johnny Depp we love him for a reason!

So the basic story is Jack is on a journey to find the fountain of youth. Barbossa had the Black Pearl but another pirate named Blackbeard over took the ship. Barboossa joined the king's navy in hopes of finding Blackbeard. Jack meets up with Gibbs and a formed fling Angelica. All the characters are aiming for the same thing, the fountain of youth. Along the way there is adventure and fighting between the king's men and Jack and don't forget to look out for those crazy mermaids!

I have to say I loved this movie and it is so much fun to watch. I think it's ok for the kids, it is a little long so they might get sick of sitting. Still a very good movie with tons of funny moments! I really hope they make another one. The rumor is they hope this is the beginning of a new trilogy! If they make the next two like this, it will put the first 3 to shame!

PS. I did not see this movie in 3D and I have to say I'm happy. I think that 3D would have made you miss out on so much great stuff going on in the background! I like the 2D version! Oh also stick around after the credits for a little clip! :)

Action: YES
Adventure: Tons
Johnny Depp: HECK YEAH!

Over all I give it an A

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I freaking loved Priest! I loved it so much that I saw it twice in 3D! It had some of the best 3D I have seen since Avatar and that is saying something. You all know how much I am not a fan of 3D but this film made it fit. It worked and used it to make the film better. It made the scary moments more intense and really made you enjoy every action packed moment.

The movie takes place in the future. We find out that the Earth has been a battle ground for the fight between humans and Vampires. Now these vamps are not your sparkly twilight cry all the time vamps. These are monsters that live to feed off of humans. They have no mercy and do not care what they's so freaking awesome! To quote Mr. Paul Bettany, "This is a movie where the vampires are scary again, I'm happy to see a movie where Vampires get their balls back." I busted out laughing when I heard him say that on Jimmy Fallon's show!

So the church created these Priest and taught them special skills on how to kill vamps. These Priest save humanity from destruction and the vamps are sent off to camps. After the wars the Priest are feared and are forced into meaningless labor as the church forgets about them.

Paul Bettany plays Priest (yeah that's his name) and his niece is kidnapped during a vampire attack. He decides to go after her with the help of Hicks (Cam Gigandet) and a Priestess (Maggie Q). They go into the heart of the vampire world and find a truth that they never expected.

Maggie Q was AMAZING in the movie. She is graceful but she can rip the head off of a vampire without even blinking. She is an amazing character that I really loved to watch. I have always had a soft spot for Paul Bettany ever since A Knight's Tale! He is great in this action packed movie. I really like him in these action roles, I loved him in Legion! Cam is a good character basically the young hot thing that tries to save the day. Not to shabby!

Over all I loved this movie! It had tons of action and butt kicking! The special effects and stunts were flawless! Who wants to see Pirates and Bridesmaids when you can see major butt kicking!?!?!?

Action: HECK YES!
Adventure: CLEARLY!
Over All: A!


I love everything Marvel produces. I am so excited for the Avengers and I love Ironman with a passion! I knew this movie was gonna be good because my dad called me to tell me how awesome it was. My dad was a HUGE comic book collector so he knows all these stories cover to cover. He told me ahead of time that it is loyal to the comic and it was awesome.

I did see it in 3D and it really didn't add much to it. The special effects were cool in 3D but the movie would have been just as awesome on a regular screen. The director is Kenneth Branagh, now he normally directs Shakespeare films. He has done Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing, great amazing movies but I've never seen him do something of this scale. I was very impressed with his directing....bravo Bravo!

The film starts off on another planet and there was a battle between the Ice Monster things and Thor's father Odin (played by Anthony Freaking Hopkins!) He was fantastic as he ALWAYS is! Thor grows up with his brother Loki and they always compete. They try to figure out who will one day be King once Odin dies. Thor grows up to be selfish and foolish. He does things he should not and disobeys his father. As a punishment he is sent to Earth without his Hammer (the hammer is where Thor gets his some of his power from. No hammer is a bad thing!) Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her team find Thor and try to figure out where he came from.

Now I don't wanna spoil too much for you so I'll just say things get crazy on Thor's home planet and as a result things get crazy on Earth. Lots of awesome action and we get to see more avenger characters like Agent Coulson from Shield and we get our first look at Hawkeye!!!

The movie has a ton of action and it ties in well with the other stories. They bring up Tony Stark and ask how he is doing and after the credit we see Nick Fury setting us up for Captain America! The film has some great battles and Thor is pretty awesome. I found myself really loving the character of Loki. He was different for that story but he worked so well! The movie is left in a cliff hanger but don't worry next summer The Avengers will come out and we will get to see Ironman, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki, and Nick Fury all in one fantastic epic movie

Action: TONS!
Adventure: CLEARLY
Romance: It pops in there

Overall I give it an A-

Something Borrowed

Alrighty guys I'm gonna give you the facts for the first half of this blog and then I'm gonna rip the film a new get ready to rock!

Something Borrowed is a film staring John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, and Colin Egglesfield. The movie is about two best friends Rachel (Ginnifer) and Darcy (Kate) who have been best friends since they were little. Darcy is engaged to Dex (Colin) a friend of Rachel's from law school. Darcy is a crazy attention seeking girl who loves everything about herself. She loves that she is getting married to this good looking smart guy. Well come to find out Rachel has liked Dex since college. The girls have a friend Ethan (John) that helps them along the way. Well one drunken night Rachel admits that she liked Dex in college. He then kisses her and they wake up in bed together the next day. Keep in mind this is the first 10mins of the movie so I'm not really spoiling it for you.

So basically the film spends the next 2 hours going back and forth between the drama with Rachel and Darcy and Rachel and Ethan and Rachel and Dex and Dex and Darcy! AHHHHH The movie gets a little long and you get so mad at some many characters....

Ok that is my nice little mini review here is what I REALLY think....Many Spoilers ahead!!

I was so disappointed in this movie! Rachel is this whining girl who can't decide what the heck she wants. She doesn't have the lady balls to admit to Darcy that not only has she slept with her future husband BUT she is in love with him. Along the way she drags Ethan everywhere and he just lets Rachel keep whining! He admits that he has feelings for her and she doesn't even care...why is that? Oh right she is still waiting around to see if Dex is gonna leave Darcy. Until then she just keeps cheating! How in the world are we suppose to like this character when she continues to hurt her best friend?! Yes Darcy is a big pain in the butt. Yes she is a little crazy but NO ONE deserves to get treated like that by someone claiming to be your friend! I mean SERIOUSLY! Rachel should have got her butt kicked by Darcy!

Basically for 2 hrs we wait to see if Dex with pick Rachel and she just follows him around like a lost puppy. It's sick! Then we have poor Ethan, the best character BY FAR in the movie just trying to get a word in. Rachel takes advantage of his friendship and it's sick. At one point Ethan FINALLY calls Rachel out on all the crap! He tells her she is weak and what she is doing is wrong and I was like THANK GOD SOMEONE SAID IT! I had ZERO sympathy for Rachel...none!

The movie ends with Dex breaking off the wedding to Darcy and running back to Rachel's. Well then Darcy shows up at Rachel's and Dex a child! So Darcy admits that she was cheating on Dex with a friend and that she is pregnant. She says she asked if he was cheating and he said no. So she leaves and notices that Dex's coat is in Rachel's place. She calls Rachel out on it and Dex walks in the room. Rachel starts to cry and Darcy screams at her. I think that Darcy should have kicked the crap out of her. Darcy leaves while screaming that she hates them.

It flashes to 2 months later and the girls run into each other on the street. Rachel is carrying Dex's shirts and Darcy calls her out on it. Basically it ends with Rachel crying and saying she is sorry and she misses Darcy and Darcy walks away saying that she is really happy. Dex and Rachel seem to be the happy little couple...not caring about how many people they hurt.

After the credits there is a little clip that I found out about after I saw it. The movie ends with Darcy flying to London and meeting with ETHAN!!!!!! Then it says To Be Continued and I really hope they make it!! The second book is really good and it's got TONS of Ethan in it!

Basically I do not condone this movie. It is basically saying that it doesn't matter who you hurt as long as your happy it is ok. So you can hurt your best friend of 20 years as long as you are happy. Oh also it is ok to pick a cheating man over your best friend. Have you ever heard the phrase Cheat once you'll cheat again....yeah right good luck with that! It made me sick to think that someone could do that to their best friend. YUCK Rachel you suck....big time.

Romance: A twisted kind
Adventure : Zero

Over all grade:
For Kate and John an A
For Rachel and Dex a D

For the movie......C+

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The King's Speech

I have to say this movie deserved every Oscar win and nomination it received. It was an amazing film that shows the raw emotion of the human struggle. The film is about Prince Albert (later King George VI) learning to live with his stutter. The film is based on the true story of the Prince trying to defeat his speech issues. Just a little history lesson Albert was the father of Queen Elizabeth the current queen of England. So we can make that connection with her and the royal family's struggle to keep tradition alive, even today.

So film is about the Albert, played by Colin Firth, trying to learn to speak without a stammer. After man failed attempts and decides to give up trying. He figures he is second in line for the throne (Prince David is first) and he is not worried about his public speeches. His wife Elizabeth, played by Helena Bonham Carter, seeks the help of Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush. Lionel is a speech teacher who tries to help the Prince to control his stammer.

The lessons push the Prince to his wits end because Lionel is anything but conventional or professional. He treats the Prince like he is just an average Joe and nothing special about him. As the lessons progress the monarchy starts to fall about because of loss, war, and Prince David's wild private life.

I do not want to spoil the movie because so much happens. It really gives you a deeper look at the struggle of a royal family. Yes they may be wealthy but what is the cost? The movie is so beautiful and so painful at the same time. It had me in tears more than once because of the true beauty of the human struggle. Colin Firth makes this movie a classic. His performance is something haunting and brilliant. Helena is perfect as the 'no nonsense queen' quoted by Firth. Rush is a true friend and a true comic in a time of great darkness.

It is a drama based film so it does depend on dialog. That's my nice way of saying that it moves slow but in an amazing way. It is about the words and emotion not the action adventure. I say rent it as soon as you can, it's amazing!

It gets an A

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Conspirator

The Conspirator is a film that I have been waiting to see for a long time but hardly anyone has heard of it. The movie is about the assassination of Lincoln and the trial that took place after his death. The film is directed by Robert Redford and it proves that he still has it! The man has talent coming out of every bit of him! The movie really should have been nominated for something because it is brilliant and the acting is fantastic!

James McAvoy plays a lawyer that must defend one of the people accused of conspiracy to kill the president, the catch is she is a woman (Robin Wright). She is the only woman to be brought to trial and the film shows how desperate the people were to seek revenge for the death of their president. The film is very historically accurate which is something I really respect. I hate when you go see a movie about history and there is not one true fact in the whole film.

Anyways we have an all star cast with James, Robin, Evan Rachel Wood, Justin Long, Tom Wilkinson, and Kevin Kline. The only actor that did not seem to fit in the movie was Alxis Bledel, she just didn't fit in that time frame. I didn't believe her as a girl during the Civil war times. She wasn't exactly a bad actor she just didn't seem to fit the part.

As the movie continues we find that the government was not worried about a fair trial for these people at all. They just wanted the people to be punished and to move on from Lincoln's death. James is forced to take a deeper look at the facts and finds that justice really is blind. He is torn between loyalty to his country and the search for truth. He is looked down on by everyone in DC because he is defending Wright and they all think she is guilty.

I don't want to ruin the ending for you but I will tell you it will have your jaw dropped. It adds a little twist to the end of the movie that we did not see coming but it is still a great movie.

I say if you like history check it out!

Source Code

Source Code is a movie that messes with the idea of time travel, but not real time travel. It's kinda hard to follow in the movie so I will explain it to you now. Basically when you are in the Source Code you can go back into the last 8 minutes of someones life. So our Jake Gyllenhaal plays a soldier who goes back into this mans life for his last 8 minutes. The man was on a train and the train blows up. Colter (Jake) must go back and try and find the bomb and figure out who set it. Even though all this happened in the past it can help the future. There is another bomb that is suppose to go off in Chicago in a few hours. The government figures that if they can figure out who set off the bomb in the past they can stop the one in the future.

I know it is a lot of take in but it's not too hard to follow in the movie. It's just one of those things where you just have to accept this reality and let the movie roll on! Most of the film is Colter going back to the train over and over and over and over. I have to say it gets a little repetitive and thank goodness Jake is so cute. In the beginning it is more annoying that you have to go back because whenever you get somewhere he blows up. Plus the military people are a pain in the butt and you just want them to go away. It's one of those moments where you are like "I get you are trying to save the world but you are driving me crazy!"

The movie adds in a few really good twists that help you to get back into the movie. They add a little every time so you don't get too bored too fast. It was a pretty good movie it just slows down in bits.

Over all I give it a B-


The movie Insidious scared the crap out of me! I mean this movie really messed with my mind! I don't think I have been that scared in years! I jumped and screamed during this movie! The movie is about a little boy who is in a coma and the house that is haunted, or so we think. The mother starts seeing things and weird things happen in the house. Someone tries to break in but no one sees him.

So finally the family moves, which means the ghost will stop....right? WRONG! We find out that it is not the house that is haunted but the kid! The spirits are after the child so no matter where you go these things will follow you. You know what else was terrible.....they came out in the DAY! You are suppose to be safe in the day time but ohhhh noooo!This movie changes all of the rules.

The movie was scary and good except one part at the end. I wont spoil what happens but I can say it reminded me of a bad haunted house during Halloween. The climax did not scare me half as much as the earlier parts of the film. That could be because all the mystery is gone, we know that the villain looks like. We understand what is going on so our minds don't make is scarier.

After I watched this movie I had to go home and check all my closets and doors! I was so freaked out for days after watching it! The film stays with you and almost haunts you!

over all I give it a B+


Hanna is a movie about a little girl who is raised in the woods by her father. She has had no social upbringing and she is a little odd. Her father was a CIA agent and he raises Hanna to be a fighting killing machine. HE has raised her to kill Marissa, a CIA agent who holds the secrets to their past. Hanna decides she is ready to leave her cabin in the woods and her father so she sends for Marissa.

The father, Eric, leaves so Hanna can complete her mission. Hanna is taken in my the CIA and she shows them what she can do. Let's just say she kicks some very serious butt and makes these agents look like 10 year old. Once she breaks out we find out that she is in the middle east and thankfully she speaks a zillion languages. She meets up with this English family on holiday and follows them around.

Marissa finds out about our father daughter teams and hires her own muscle for hire. These men are to find Hanna and do whatever they can to stop her. Marissa is full of secrets and we don't find out most of them until the end of the movie.

I really can't say much else about the movie without ruining the good stuff. It has a little bit of blood and tons of butt kicking. It is more about Hanna's skills than the gore of it all. The music in the movie is AMAZING and very energetic and futuristic. If you want a good action adventure than you should check it out.

Over all I give it a B

Fast Five

What could be better than speed and Vin Diesel? Maybe a little Paul Walker and 100 million dollars! That is the tag for me and Fast Five. This would be the 5th Fast movie that we have seen and to be perfectly honest I would say it might be my FAVORITE! I know these are shocking words but these are shocking times. The whole point of the movie is our fast group is on the run from the law and they are running a little low on some cash. So they take a job and all hell breaks out! Our gang calls for help from our other Fast time crew members of the past. We see Tyrese and Luda from 2 Fast 2 Furious, we get Gisele, Leo and Santos from Fast and Furious, we get our favorite Han from Tokyo Drift, and finally we figure out what happens to Mia and Vince from The Fast and Furious. If you kept up with all that name dropping I am very impressed.

We can not have a Fast Five without some new blood and that is where The Rock or Dwayne Johnson as he is credited. He plays a cop on the man hunt for our sexy convicts. He brings with him his new feds and a new lady...wink wink. Together with the cops and the new drug cartel in Rio our gang is on a run for their money....literally!

So these are the reasons why I love this movie Dom is awesome! Ok that can not be my only reason but it is a really big one. I like this one because he has moved on from the events of the last movie (hint hint a certain person) He meets up with Brian and Mia and the three go on their little adventure. This movie brings back the things we love like fast cars and races but comes up with new ideas. It's a movie that isn't exactly like the ones before it. It reinvents itself to become its own film.

If you have not seen the other movies you might be a little lost. There are a lot of jokes from other movies and characters that you might not understand. You don't have to have seen the others but you might be a bit I say watch them.

Over all I give this baby an A!

Oh yeah make sure that you hang out for a minute after the credits start to roll. They added a little twist that made me so mad but I will let you judge for yourself! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water For Elephants

I must say that I was very impressed with Water For Elephants. I finished the book only days before I saw the movie, so I went in with very high expectations. I knew the story and was very interested to see how the film’s adaptation would compare and I have to say it was great. The movie follows the book very closely, there are only one or two little details that were changed from book to movie. The biggest change was the merging of Uncle Al and August into one character and you hardly see the difference.

I have to warn you my biggest worry about this movie was the actors cast in the lead roles. I knew that Christopher would be sensational as August and I was right. He brings the perfect balance of charm and deception. He is likeable one moment and then you hate him the next. He is such a talented actor and fully deserves his Oscar. My other worry was about Mrs. Reese Witherspoon, I love her as an actress. I think she is very talented and charming. My only worry was that she was a little old for the role, that could be my own prejudice because I saw book Marlena as younger. Don’t get me wrong Reese does a lovely job in the role and makes it her own. Now my biggest worry of all was Mr. Robert Pattinson. I did not know if he would be able to carry this film on his own. He is known for being Edward and let’s face it, he not the best actor in that series. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some corny Twilight but this movie has depth. Water For Elephants is a powerful tale with a strong leading man and you know what....Pattison delivered! I must say I was impressed with his performance and he did a great job bringing Jacob to life. So I guess the bad acting come from either being in Twilight or dare I say, Kristen Stewart? Either way the movie is great and I was impressed with the cast.

A quick sum up, the movie is about a guy that runs away with the circus in 1931. His name is Jacob and he was about to graduate from college with a degree in Veternary Science but the day of his final he finds out his parents were killed in a car crash. Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler it happens 3 minutes into the movie. So Jacob runs away and joins a circus group and starts to watch over the animals. The boss August has a beautiful wife Marlena and Jacob swoons over her. The circus buys an elephant and it is Jacob’s job to train it. So basically it’s a How To Train Your Elephant tale! Yes I am aware of how bad of a joke that it!

I don’t want to give much more away because the shock it what makes the movie so amazing. The film is pg-13 so it’s not too bad graphic. I saw the movie with girls from my church and it was appropriate. If you are in the mood for a little romance and secretly want to run away and join the circus than this film is for you. Over all I saw the book is better, but that is ALWAYS the case. I say the movie is one of the BEST adaptations I have seen.
Over all I give it an A-

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scream 4

Yes I went and saw Scream 4 but you must remember I am 24. I was raised in the middle of the Scream movies. I remember hiding in the living room because my sister was watching the Scream movies and I was too scared to watch. I remember going to see the other in the theaters and falling in love with the series.....well all but the 3rd one. Don't get me wrong Scream 3 has it's amazing twists and turns. The ending was AMAZING a killer no one expected to see but there was not enough Sidney. So I was excited when I heard they were making a 4th movie and it has been rumored for 10 years! The moment of truth came tonight when i went with some friends to see the movie. I was filled with doubts and worried that we would not get our quality Sidney, Gale, or Duey time! I must! I loved it because it wasn't trying to be a new part of the movie it was renewing itself. It had twists and turns all over and we didn't know who to expect. Who was gonna die next and all the people you suspect end up dead! Now I can not go into too much detail because the shock value it PRICELESS! I will say that it took too long to get started, I kept waiting for the 'real' movie to begin. When it did get going it was awesome and you really will love it. So the basic idea is that it is 10 years later and Sidney returns home for a book signing. When she arrives all hell breaks out! People close to Sid end up dying all around her. We can not figure out who the killer is because they are smart. With this one the rules of the horror movie have changed. People are bored with the classic format but a little hint is....never mess with a classic ;) One thing that did drive me a little nuts was there were way too many characters to follow. I couldn't remember who was who or if they were important or not. I guess they were just trying to get as many guest stars in as they could. I must say I was sad we didn't get any Randy/Cotton cameos. I know they are both dead but hey a girl can dream! I must say I hope you are as lucky as I was with the group of people watching the movie. Our theater was full of people yelling along and screaming....myself included! If you are a fan of the first 3 you will love this one! I say check it out and ENJOY! Over all.....yeah it gets an A

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sucker Punch

Alrighty then let's get into the sci-fi adventure action packed film that is Sucker Punch! Now I must say I totally understand why alot of critics did not like this movie. It is very hard to follow if you are not paying attention. I suggest going to the bathroom before hand because if you miss bits and pieces you will be ROYALLY screwed!

So our film is basically about Baby Doll a girl who her mother dies and her step-father is an epic creep who tries to rape her. So she tries to defend herself and we all know what happens to women who take power and try to fight, they end up committed! Baby Doll goes to this mental hospital where she finds out that in 5 days a man is coming to give her a lobotomy. She has that amount of time to figure out a way to escape.

Ok here is where the film gets confusing, we go from her being in a mental hospital to being in a whore-house. I wont tell you how she gets there you just have to allow yourself to believe that these same people are in this "new" location. I promise you will understand by the end but until then just follow along. If you get hung up on the how you will miss out on the whole plot of this next "chapter".

So the counselor teaches these girls that when they dance for clients it is a way to free themselves from the real world. Baby Doll seems to have this magic over people where when she dances people forget why they are there. So when she dances she goes into this little fantasy world where she can learn how to escape. The other girls trying to escape are Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie, and Amber (GREAT name!). When the girls decide to work together to get out they become apart of Baby Doll's magic world.

Each world is different from the next but they have a theme with what object they are trying get. So once they are in a battle in Japan, then the middle ages, then this future world and world war I trenches. Each world looks AMAZING and the action is just stellar! I wont go on with much more about the story because it will spoil the movie and we all know I do not do that!

Why did I love this movie? I loved the special effects they were fresh and new. The worlds were creative and we believed the girls were in a battle for their life. Now I know for a fact that a bunch of guys are gonna go see this for the hot girls wearing little clothing, this is true. They are sexy girls with rocking hot bodies that most women will only dream of looking like. Personally, I thought it empowered the girls. They were able to use their looks and charm to get WHATEVER they needed from the weak simple minded men. Not gonna lie, if I could rock the fishnets and a sword I'd be fighting dragons too!

Over all I think most people will be confused because it is confusing. Just let yourself go for the ride and don't question it because all the answers come at the end. Just enjoy the movie for the action, adventure and AMAZING soundtrack. Please be sure to listen because that is the best soundtrack I have heard in a long time! I might have to get it just to rock out with in the car!

Over all I give it a B+/A- because it entertained me and I give it credit for trying to be different.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I have to say I'm really on the fence about Limitless. I really liked what the director tried to do with the special effects but there were alot of plot holes and things that I just didn't get. Normally I understand all the crazy film talk but this one had me sitting back and thinking. Let's just dig in and try and explain what I mean.

The movie is basically about Bradley Cooper as Eddie, a struggling writer lazy guy. He looks homeless but he is just really lazy and lacks motivation. So his ex-brother in law pops in and offers him a magic pill that helps stimulate your whole brain. So he takes this pill that comes in a plastic baggy (yeah smart move there buddy, let's just take an unknown pill from a man you have not seen in 10 years and hope it doesn't royally screw me over.) So he takes the pill and he basically can use all of his brain. He can recall things he saw 10 years ago and pick up languages like nothing. It also has your body running at top speed so when you are on it you do crazy things. You want to jump off a rock, start a fight, or drive really crazy down a busy street. It makes the user become a thrill seeker.

Along for the ride is Eddies on again/off again girlfriend Lindy played by Abbie Cornish. I am not even sure why they advertised her, she is literally in it for 30 minutes. She just shows up and leaves at random parts of the movie. I really didn't get the point of her character but I guess they just needed to throw in a female to counter act Coopers sexy rocking hot self.

Then we also have Robert DeNiro as Carl, a wall street tycoon who wants Eddie to work for him. His character is suppose to be a mix between a Trump and a gangster. He does alot of big talking but very little action. He also has a bit at the end of the movie that really didn't makes sense. Carl shows up with a new title and job and is suddenly aware of everything....PLOT HOLE!!!! How the heck did he learn anything? It kind of pissed me off because he character went from being confused and lost to being fully aware of our pill popping friend??

Here is my beef with the movie, possible spoilers below
So we have Eddie taking this magic pill and getting a really REALLY big stash of it. Then he starts taking it all the time and starts to lose time. Well in the preview I figured it would be about him trying to figure out what he did during the black outs but it is hardly an issue! Then we find out that everyone who was on the drug started having problems. Eddie slowly starts to take a normal amount and is fine??? How does that even make sense? I was just mad because so much stuff about the pill goes unanswered and we are just suppose to play along and believe that it all magically fit together. Basically Eddie becomes addicted to thins pill, when he is off NZT (pill name) he is like a crackhead.

So basically I had mixed feeling about this movie. I like that the director used different colors when Eddie was on or off NZT. He used a lot of blues and greys when Eddie was clean and alot of yellows and oranges when he was on NZT. It was also really cool how the time skipping was filmed, in like a slow motion film stretch, very cool.

If you like Cooper than you will probably enjoy this film. I just left the film with more questions than I came in.
I give it a B- because of cool camera movements and Coopers rocking good looks ;)

The Lincoln Lawyer

So it was a toss up this week between seeing Limitless or The Lincoln Lawyer, no worries we picked BOTH! So first let's get to the best out of the two, The Lincoln Lawyer. This movie is about Matthew McConaughey, or Mick Haller, a dirty lawyer who is willing to represent the rich powerful and even the guilty. Mick does not have an office like most lawyers, instead he drives around in this awesome 1980’s-vintage Cartier edition Lincoln Town car. Are you impressed that I know that? Well you shouldn't be because I totally cheated and looked it up but it's still a bad A$$ ride!

So anyways back to the story, Mick is a lawyer that has no problem working for the scum of LA. We see him with dirty lawyers, drug dealers, hookers, bikers, and even rich playboys like our new criminal Louis, played by a still very sexy Ryan Phillippe. Louis is charged with attempted rape and assault. The kicker is the girl he beat up is a hooker and not trustworthy. Louis also has a very VERY convincing story, money, and great connections. So it comes down to who do we trust?

Mick gets help from his friends played by John Leguizamo, William H. Macy, and his baby-mama Marissa Tomei. Tomei is there to be the conscience that Mick has left at the door. They continue to have their romance steam up the screen and their personal problem always clash. That's one of those can't live with them, can't live without them. William H. Macy is a private detective that tries to help Mick and we get the idea that they have been friends for many many years. They count on one another and think of the other as family. Leguizamo's character was a little confusing and honestly I really didn't think they needed him but whatever, the dude took the job. His character is basically there to tell Mick what is going on in the court and stuff like that.

The film is FILLED with amazing scenes and questionable loyalties. We have no idea who to trust and we question every minute who is good or evil. Mick slowly starts going crazy because he finds things out about the past that haunt him.

The only thing I didn't like was the ending, it left a lot of unanswered questions and a bunch or confusion. The climax was fantastic but I wish we could have had 5 more minutes to wrap a few ends up. I found myself asking about characters we had not seen in a while. I suppose they probably left it open so there could someday be a sequel. I would for sure see it because McConaughey was fantastic. I am not even a very big fan of his but I was very impressed with what he did with this character. We believed he was going crazy, we believed in the love he had in his family, we believe the guilt and every other emotion. He was fantastic and brilliant and I don't say that often about actors.

Over all if you are in the mood for a good court room/living on the streets drama this is for you. It is for both the guys and the girls. It has a lot of action and tons of little puzzle bits along the way. I say check it out!

I give it a B+

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Riding Hood

I have been wanting to see this movie since I saw the first promo. I thought Red Riding Hood looked amazing and I figured the director was the same as Twilight so why not try it. I have to say I was a little disappointed, I thought there would be more to the story. The writing was pretty awful and the acting was so so. The thing that made me the most mad was how predictable the movie was. There was nothing left to shock or surprise me. Maybe the problem was I had my expectations much too high for a film like this. You can tell they were aiming for the younger teen crowd and I think that is what effected the story.

I must say the use of color in this movie was amazing, the only red was from the hood and it just added such a pop. It was also nice because it starts in fall and moves to winter. So we have those awesome brown and orange leaves then that awesome white snow. Also the priest played by Gary Oldman wears the only purple which makes him even more sinister.

The acting was ok, Amanda Seyfried plays a great red rider. She basically plays a girl who can't decide between two really good looking boys who both love her....Marsha Marsha Marsha. She finds out that she has a connection to the wolf and the town freaks out and claims she is a witch.

I don't know, I just had so many mixed feelings about this movie. It wasn't the worst thing I've seen but it's not the best either. It was just sort of so so

I give it a B

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids was this little independent style film that I heard about but then it fell off the face of the earth. I saw it advertised like a zillion and a half times but then I couldn't find it anywhere. Well tonight my aunt and I were trying to figure out what movies to see and we found Ceder Rapids. I am SOOOOOO happy we went and saw this movie. I don't think I have laughed that hard since The Hangover.

Basically the movie stars Ed Helms and John C Reilly as insurance agents at a conference. Ed Helms is from a really really small town in Wisconsin. It's one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. Well a tragedy breaks out and Helms has to head out this conference.

When he gets to the big bad Cedar Rapids he meets up with Reilly who is really crazy drunk man. Reilly is the bad end of insurance and he helps Helms to cut loose. They get into all kinds of trouble together and it is a laugh a minute!

I have to say this movie was really funny, I laughed almost the whole time. You should have a head up that the language is just dirty, they go for the shock value. They talk about anything dirty and it is really funny but you just need to be ready for it.

Helms character is so sweet and innocent and you just can't help but like him. He is so sweet it's almost sad, you just don't want him to get hurt. He is so easily swayed by his new friends but in the end he becomes a better man because of it.

Over all it was really funny and I liked it alot!

I give it a B

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drive Angry 3D

Yes I am sad to admit that I went and saw this piece of total and complete crap! I knew that this movie was gonna be dumb but I thought I would give Drive Angry the benefit of doubt.Clearly I should have stuck with my gut because I knew it was going to be DREADFUL! I never hardly ever say that a movie is just plain bad but this movie was just sad.....sick...and wrong.

Basically we have Nic Cage (who is an OSCAR WINNING ACTOR....I don't get how the mighty have fallen!) as a guy who breaks out of hell and steals Satan's gun. So a demon called The Accountant is sent up to Earth to find him. He's kinda like a mix between Saint Peter and Satan's book keeper, he knows when you will die and where you will go. So anyways Nic Cage comes back to Earth because his daughter was mixed in a cult and she gets killed and the cult steals her baby. So Cage has till midnight on a full moon to get his grand baby back before they kill her for some cult thing.

Of course no terrible movie is complete without a female who is hot but has no talent!! She is basically along for the looks because she runs around in short shorts and kicks a lot of butt and swears a lot....for no real reason.

This movie was all about the stupid shock for example it's been 5 minutes without a random and pointless nude scene....let's just throw some naked people in the background. STUPID Oh wait it's been 10 minutes better throw in an over the top sex scene that has nothing to do with the movie! The acting in this movie was just shameful....these actors should be ashamed....this is not something they should put on their resume! I mean it would have made more sense for them to hold the scripts in their hands and recite it that way. At least it would excuse the fact that it was being read instead of recited. Even Cage was terrible...I'm talking pure crap. Stupid one liners with a bunch of F-bombs shoved in there for no real reason!

The only character that I could tolerate was the Demon because at least he was a bit of humor. He was there to be a little weird because the dude is from Hell. He is a little bit on the odd side but that is what makes him so likable.

One of my major beefs with this movie was how it romanticized Hell. It made it seem like a hardcore prison that people can just break out of. At one point the Demon says the the Devil is basically a glorified warden just doing his job!! What kind of crap is that!? Plus they made it seem like ok Cage has broken out of Hell and it's no biggie because everyone is cool in the end....WHAT?! It made no sense what so ever!!!!!!

The only....ONLY thing that was cool about this movie was the cars. The 3D sucked the whole movie but seeing those cars race in 3D was cool. I would have rather watched that instead of the crap-tastic acting I subjected too!

Do not go see this movie it is a waste of time, energy, and money!
I give it a D-
(the only reason it's not an F is because of the hot cars....that's it!)