Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1


I should forewarn all of you that is it 3:16 am and I just got home from seeing Breaking Dawn and I am very sleepy. I am also gonna post it and proof read it later. Sooo sleepy! I hope that this blog is not a bunch of rambling! I should warn you that there will be spoilers in this review. Not so much for people who have read the book but the new comers!

Let's hope into it Breaking Dawn starts right up quick with the wedding planning drama. I loved that because in the book I hated the random moments to get the story going. Alice is planning a dream wedding that would make the royals jealous! We see that Jacob has taken off as soon as he heard about the wedding. So Bella is worried and so afraid for her 'other loves' life.

The story is pretty much planned out in the trailer, they get married, Jacob says goodbye and lots of tears. There were a ton of great moments that were not in the book that they added for the movie. Some great moments with the cast making toasts to Bella and Edward. Pure gold if you ask me!

Bella and Edward go to Esme's private island and have the most awkward honeymoon ever. I must tell you that when they first got to the island it was so awkward. I was like cringing in my chair. The love scene was tasteful and very sweet. There were really cheesy bad acting moments the next morning. The whole was it good for you type things. There is drama between Edward being afraid that he will hurt Bella during their.....intimate moments. So it's this battle between I want you, you want me. yadda yadda yadda. Just as the honeymoon starts to go smooth enter the major problem of the movie....SPOILER!!!!

Bella is pregnant by Edward but the baby is not normal, it's half vamp! When the wolves find out about this they freak out because it could be a danger to Forks and the tribe. Jacob goes to see Bella and he has a good yelling at Edward. I must say that I think Taylor Launter (Jacob) saves this movie so many times, and I'm not just saying that because I'm Team Jacob. Taylor's acting in these scenes with Kristen and Rob are fantastic. Full of emotion and true heart. This kid is gonna go far in the industry.

Anyways Jacob tells the pack and they freak out. There is this very corny cheesy weird scene when the pack talks to each other as wolves. I thought it worked because that is how it is done in the book. When they are in wolf form, they use their minds to communicate. Well they did this in the movie and about half the theater laughed. Which I totally get because it is really weird.

Moving on.....Jacob decides to break from Sam's pack and be on his own. Now for those that don't know, Jacob's grandpa was head of the tribe. Jacob was asked to be the Alpha male but decided not to. When he stands up to Sam he makes himself the Alpha of a new pack. As Jacob runs to warn the Cullens that the wolves are coming for Bella we see that Leah and Seth decide to join Jacob's pack.

While all this is going on Bella is basically dying because the baby is both crushing her internally and draining all of he bodies nutrients. She looks sooooo nasty! I'm serious, they did a great job of making her look like totally death. She is nothing but skin and bone. She is frail and looks like she is going to die. It is honestly really hard to watch because she looks so sickly. I liked it because I thought it made it more real. In the book she is literally dying and in the movie you believe it!


So let's just get to the good stuff, Bella is forced to give birth because the baby broke her spine. Carlisle is out hunting so Edward, Rosalie, and Jacob are there to help. This part is really REALLY nasty! Edward has to BITE the baby out and Bella is covered in blood. Has the baby and basically dies. Edward freaks out and injects her with venom. Jacob is so upset that he goes outside and breaks down. During this the wolves are gathering to kill the Cullens and the baby. Jacob in his grief goes to attack the baby girl and once he sees her he can't.....because he imprinted on her! It's nothing nasty it's just that they are meant to be together and it's not a sexual thing. He will always be apart of her life for whatever she needs. She is what keeps him going and fighting. We get this amazing flash of the future with Jacob and Nessie. The girl that plays little Nessie and grown up Nessie are so beautiful. I can not wait for the next film because she is so lovely.

The pack comes and there is a little fight between the Cullens and the wolves. In the middle of the fight Jacob runs/leaps out and tells them that if they kill the baby they kill him. The reason is the tribe or pack is not allowed to harm anyone that has been imprinted on. That person is now apart of that family and they have to do anything to protect that person. So basically the wolves now have to respect and protect Nessie because she is connected to Jacob.

The film ends with everyone waiting over Bella and he slowly turning into a beautiful vampire. The movie ends with Bella opening her Blood Red Eyes! Stay for the credits because there is a little moment with the Volture.

Ok let's drive into what I liked and what I didn't! I loved Taylor, I thought his acting really stood out in this film. The scenes with him and Kristen were so heartbreaking and emotional that you really believe it. There were alot of new scenes that were added that were not in the book and I really enjoyed those. It was a part of the story that was new to everyone.

The cinematography of the movie was amazing! The way that the director used colors to make a scene more emotional was great. The color red is a really big factor and it works so well. The special effects were also amazing. The wolves look better and better in each film. They look so real that you just wanna walk up and pet one of them. The way they used special effects to show how bad the pregnancy was for Bella was haunting. I mean those images really stay with you. The costumes were beautiful, as always. Bella's wedding dress was so classic. It had this amazingly low cut lace back and it looked great on Kristen.

The acting gets a little better in each film. Kristen has improved alot since the first film. She has more of a range and emotion. Rob is good but always has those few moments of bad acting. Only one or two but he does a great job most of the time. Taylor and Billy (charlie) were fantastic. Billy Burke has such great comedic timing but at the same time so much heart. The vampires and wolves are about the same, ok acting not bad. I honestly wanted more of the wolves in this movie but I figure the next one will have them a ton.

Over all I really enjoyed it, it's alot darker than the other films. It was close to being rated R but they edited it to make it PG-13. Like I said it's really dark and shows tons of blood....nasty. This is not a movie for young kids teens will be fine but it's an intense movie.

Action: Yeah
Romance: DUH
Adventure: not really

Over All: A-

Ps. It is now 3:49 am and I can hardly keep my eyes open! Good Night!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Immortals was one of those movies I knew I would have to see and review. The number one reason is, I'm always curious if people will mess up the Greek Mythology. I took Greek Mythology in college and I hate it when filmmakers change the history for their own spin on the tale. This film was not too bad, it stayed pretty close to the correct tale.

As you know I hate 3D with every fiber of my being! I think it is a stupid waste of money and I don't see the point. Most of the time it does not add to the film it just makes it harder to see what's going on in the background because it's all blurry. Ok, sorry I will get off of my little 3D soapbox. I saw the movie in 3D and it doesn't really make the film any better. The coolest part about it was seeing the blood splatter everywhere.

I was shocked to find out that this movie was directed by Tarsem Singh. That is the same director as The Cell and The Fall. He is one of my all time favorites because he has an amazing eye for color and effects. The cinematography of this film is breath taking and amazing. It seems like the emotion of the film is carried in the colors. Tarsem also does an amazing job at mixing color with emotion. There was alot of Red for Lust, Gold for Power, Brown for purity, and grey for evil.

The film is about Theseus, played by Henry Cavill, and his journey from simple boy to mythic warrior. He was raised in a small village by his mother but he has no father. You should know that in the Myth, Theseus' father was Poseidon. In the movie they say his mother was raped and he is an outcast to the people. One day war comes to his village and he is forced into slavery. While he is being held he meets Phaedra, played by the very sexy Freida Pinto. We know that she is an Oracle and she has seen a future where Warlord King Hyperion, played by Mickey Rourke, has released the Titans. The Titans are Godlike creatures that tried to defeat the Gods and bring pain and suffering to man.

The Gods become aware of the vision and watch from above but are not allowed to interfere. Zeus, played by Luke Evans, forbids any God from helping the humans. He states that they have given them free will and we must trust in the good within people. This angers the other Gods Athena, Apollo, Aries, and Poseidon. (played by Isabel Lucas, Corey Sevier, Daniel Sharman, and Kellen Lutz)

Theseus ends up escaping with Phaedra and with the help of Stavros, played by Stephan Dorff they take off to Theseus' village. In the village they find the Icarus Bow that once belonged to the Gods. King Hyperion is searching for the bow at the same time and he shows up and war breaks out.

I should stop telling you what is going to happen there because if I go any farther I will ruin a bunch of the movie for you. I really don't want you miss out on any of the amazing action moments. This movie is filled with so many intense fighting scenes and great special effects. Tarem does a great job of showing you how man and God would fight.

The best part of the movie is seeing the Gods in action. I almost wish there was more of that and less with the humans. I didn't like that they only had a handful of Gods. The Greek Mythology there were so many amazing Gods they could have shown, but I understand that you can't show everyone.

I must say that I was impressed with Henry's performance, his range was out of this world. The only thing I knew about Henry was that he was in The Tudors and I must say he impressed me. I feel like he is going to have a very long career ahead of him.

I was also really blown out of the water by Luke Evans as Zeus. I found myself missing Zeus when he was not on screen. I liked that he brought a very human quality to Zeus. He was very biblical is being the "One True God". The way he lets mankind fight for themselves and trust in their free will. He also is a father that loves his children but is willing to sacrifice a son on the behalf of mankind.

Over all the film was great and I will probably buy it because it was beautiful.

Over all: A

Tower Heist

Tower Heist was another movie that I went into with low expectations, I know I need to stop doing that. Well maybe not, maybe that is why I end up enjoying them so much. Tower Heist is a film about a group of people that working in this amazing apartment building known as The Tower. It is in New York and some of the most powerful people in New York live in this building. The staff are dedicated and they live to make sure the people have 5 star experience.

The building manager of The Tower is Josh, played by Ben Stiller. Josh is dedicated to every part of his job. He takes his job very seriously and knows everything about every person living there. He just hired in young hot shot Enrique, played by Michael Pena. Josh also has to deal with his slacker brother in law Charlie, played by Casey Affleck. One of the many people living in the building are about to get evicted because he lost his job is Mr. Fitzhugh, played by Matthew Broderick. Josh finds out that one of the people living in The Tower named Mr. Shaw, played by Alan Alda, is being put on trial for scamming people out of their money. Come to find out, Shaw was in charge of every employees 401 K. All of the money that they have worked for is now gone and they wont get it back.

Josh decides that he is going to steal the money back from Shaw by seeking the help of local criminal Slide, played by Eddie Murphy. Josh finds out from the agent in charge of Shaws case Special Agent Claire Denham (played by Tia Leoni) that Shaw has millions hidden somewhere. Josh figures out that there is a secret safe hidden in Shaws apartment and he is going to steal that money back for the employees.

This is when the movie starts to get really funny! Josh, Enrique, Charlie, Mr. Fitzhugh and Slide all work together to break into The Tower and take back that money. They movie has so many funny moments between the guys. I lied it because it was natural reactions from real people. I think that Matthew stood out the most to me as the funnest character. He was quick and funny and sad all at the same time. Michael was my second favorite because his character is so oblivious to the world around him. He has this sweet innocents that is just adorable.

Some of the movie is a little far fetched but if you just go with it, you will really enjoy the movie. It is very entertaining and really smart. You have to try and stay one step ahead of the characters but they will blow your mind!

Over all: A-

In Time

In Time was one of those movies that I was not really sure about. I knew it was gonna be interesting but I was afraid it was going to be confusing. I hate when a movie gets lost in it's own terminology. Surprisingly that didn't happen with this movie, it was pretty simple to follow.

Basically, we have a future where we are born with 25 years of life and anytime after that you have to earn. You never age, you are forever young but the poor die young and the rich can live forever. The time they have left is on a ticking count down clock on their arm. Everyone is born with one on their arm and it doesn't start counting until your 25th birthday. Now don't go into this movie thinking that they just can't die, they can't die of old age. They can die by getting hit by a car or being shot or even something like a drug overdose. There is no such thing as money, time is money. You work for more time and you can keep the time for yourself or give it to someone else. The crazy thing is people can steal your time. The people in the ghetto have to watch out for people looking to take their time. The police in this film are known as Time Keepers and they solve crimes related to time.

Our main character is Will, played by Justin Timberlake, is working in the ghetto and just trying to live day to day. He lives with his mother, played by Olivia Wilde and together they work so they can survive. The fun thing about this movie is you have no idea how old people really are. Will's mother looks 25 but really she is 50 but no one would ever know that.

Will meets a man named Henry, played by Matt Bomer, and he has over 100 years on his arm. Some guys try to steal the time from him and Will steps in and saves him. Henry tells Will that he is over 100 years old and that sometimes you just get sick of living. Henry ends up giving Will his 100 years and then sits on a bridge until his time runs out. Will takes off and decides to take his chances in the rich part of the city. Other stuff happens in the middle but I don't wanna mess up the story so you need to just watch it.

Cillian Murphy plays Raymond a Time Keeper that is trying to find out where Henry's time went. During that time Will is earning more time by gambling and he meets this very rich girl named Sylvia, played by Amanda Seyfried. When the Time Keepers find Will he takes Sylvia hostage and they basically go on this Bonnie and Clyde adventure.

The film is very biblical with this idea of who deserves time and should anyone really live forever. What is the cost of everlasting life? The greedy are the ones that do not live life to the fullest and those that have limited time know how important it is to live each day as if it were your last.

Over all the film was very good, lots of adventure and actions. I honestly think Cillian Murphey was my favorite character, his acting was sensational. It also helps that I am seriously in love with that man's eyes! Justin Timberlake was not bad as Will, it kind of seemed like Justin being Justin. Amanda was stunning as this confused rich girl who does not know what she wants out of life. I really enjoyed the whole Bonnie and Clyde theme that was going on. I was not really a big fan of the ending but it made alot of sense.

Actions: Yes
Adventure: Yep
Beautiful Actors: Yes

Over all: B+

Puss in Boots

Ok once again there can be no judgement on my love for kids movies! I always say that I go and see them for the sake of my adorable nephew but really I'm the one that talks him into going and seeing these films. I have always been a fan of the character Puss in Boots! I love that he is a Latin lover and he is adorable. Yes, I am that person who awwwwws when he does the cute kitty face. I think he is the cutest character ever, by far one of the most memorable.

So let's get right into the film, you do not have to have seen the other Shrek movies to understand this film. Puss in Boots is still voiced by the awesome Antonio Banderas. It totally stands alone and never even mentions his other adventures. I'm not sure when this films is suppose to take place, before or after the other films. It honestly does not matter because it is a whole new story with whole new characters.

The story starts with our adorable and dashing Puss being the ladies man of the cat world. He finds out about magic beans that will send him up to a castle in the clouds and the goose that can lay the golden eggs. When he goes to get these beans he finds another cat burglar (pun intended) there trying to get the beans. Puss and the cat get into an epic Latin dance off and we find that the cat is a girl cat named Kitty Softpaws, voiced by Selma Hayek. She is working for Humpty Dumpty, voiced by Zach Galifianakis, who is also looking for magic beans. We find out that Puss and Humpty have known each other for years and had a bad falling out. So the story is does Puss trust the egg that once let him down or trust him again?

The story is filled with many great twists and turns and tons to humor for kids and adults. I was laughing as much as my 7 year old nephew but for very different reasons. The movie was good but it was not my favorite out of the series. It was not bad by any means but I freaking loved Shrek 2. I know it's not fair to compare but I do!

Humor: Yep
Action: Yes
Entertaining: Very

Over all B-