Monday, November 22, 2010


Fast trains and great stunts not to mention Tony Scott directing! The film Unstoppable was one of the best action movies I have seen all year. Denzel gives a powerful performance as a man just trying to do his job. He does not think about himself he just thinks of others. Chris Pine plays a new guy who is stubborn and in the middle of a fight with his wife. Now the whole film takes place in a matter of one day. The best part of this movie is it wasn't terrorists or people trying to hurt each other, it was just a string of bad luck and human error.

The film is filled with close calls and action with the train. I'm not even sure how is describe this movie without giving too much away. It deals with the whole chain of command and having to follow an order that you do not agree with. It certainly paints the corporate world as a negative, the big CEOs only care about the final dollar and not the people. Denzel is the character that is willing to risk everything for a chance to save lives and save people.

In the film the Chris Pine character grows so much in a day. He goes from being a self-centered jerk to a man trying to do the right thing. See this is what happens when you spend one day with Denzel :)

The film is filled with raw emotion and amazing action. You will literally be sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time! I say go check it out because it's EPIC!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This one was a nephew movie and he has been asking me for weeks to see this one. He actually had my sister call me to tell me what date it was coming out....that's right I'm that aunt! He was so worried that I was going to see it without him, it was cute!

So going into it I knew it would be funny because I have total faith in Tina Fey and Will Ferrel. I was more worried about the adult jokes that would be hidden in the film and I am happy to report that there are not any. The film is very good for the kids and very sweet. It teaches them that not every bad guy is a bad guy. We need to take a deeper look at the people we do not like and see if there is something more there. It also shows kids to not judge because of the way someone looks.

Along the way we see that Megamind was made a bad guy because Metroman was always the favorite. He figured the only thing he was good at was being bad. (A good lesson for parents to kids as well, the naughty kid does not like being that way but knows no other way) So Megamind tries to take over the city and along the way he creates another supervillain. So he must make a choice if he wants to be good or be bad. The hero or the villain....very complex ;)

I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was fantastic and charming. It proves to kids that there is more than meets the eye. Don't ever give up what you are fighting for and don't be afraid to stand up for what is right.


That's right I saw Marmaduke and I don't even have the excuse of saying it was because my nephew wanted to see it....this was all me! I decided to top off my Lee Pace marathon by checking out this kids movie. I must say I am happy that I did not pay to see it in theaters but it was cute. It sort of reminded me of a mix between Marley and Me and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was fun to see the family interact with the dog as he tries to talk to them even though they don't understand each other. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Marmaduke and Phil as they have this owner pet. Although you really can not tell who thinks they are in charge.

Basically the family moves to LA to try a new life. Marmaduke is basically put into the whole high school drama but with dogs at the dog park. It's very new kid in town and trying to be popular. So as the dog is finding his place the kids are also trying to fit into their parents lifestyles and trying to make others happy instead of themselves. Phil is trying to be the new head of project design for a dog food company and he tries to fit in. Of course Marmaduke messes things up at every turn. And what dog film would be complete without the dog running away and the whole family coming together to try and find him. It was a very predictable film that your kids will like. It was cute and adorable but not my favorite kids movie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miss Pettigrew Live For A Day

I wanted to see this movie since it came out but never got the chance to see it. Well after being introduced to Lee Pace in Possession (see other blog if you didn't already!) I had to see more of this man! So I went out and rented it and really enjoyed it. The whole idea is that Miss. Pettigrew is an out of work Governess during the 1930's in London. So one day she steals a job that she thinks is for a governess and shows up at this house. She is literally thrown into the life of this actress named Delysia (played by Amy Adams). She is trapped between 3 men and her careers. She doesn't know if she should choose love, money, or fame which is what these men are offering her. The one with money owns a club that she sings at. The one with fame is a theater producer that can give her the role of a lifetime. The one that is offering her love (played by lee Pace) is her piano player.

So Miss. Pettigrew has one day to help Delysia figure out what she wants out of life. Along the way they go Pettigrew gets the chance to live like she never has before. She finally sees what it is like to be a woman in society and not on the streets. She truly is amazing at her job and Delysia becomes dependent on her.

I love the way Pettigrew is so practically and sees what Delysia can not. She sees the love that Michele the piano player is offering her and sees what is inside. The film is very funny and inspiring. It is filled with moments that makes you smile, swoon, and fall in love all over again. I say go out and rent it. It is a chick flick so you have been warned fellas!


So this weekend was a very lazy one for yours truly. I was determined to do absolutely nothing and that is just what I did....Nothing. I got in a much needed movie weekend and tried to not be stressed by the busy week. So I rented a bunch of movies and watched some of my own. I watched some X-men because I was in a very big Hugh Jackman mood. Then I started to watch some yummy Vin Diesel. Now on the DVD for Babylon AD there was a trailer for a movie with Sarah Michele Gellar called Possession.

So being the good film person that I am I decided to go out and rent this movie. I wondered why I had never heard of it and then I figured out's a Yari picture. For those of you that don't know Yari was this fantastic little film company that made beautiful films. Their films was full of big epic sets and amazing stories. Sadly, this production company had to claim bankruptcy in about 2008. So all the films that were apart of them kinda got screwed. This film was one of was put on hold and hoped for a theater release which never happened. This movie was one of those that was sent right to DVD. It's such a shame too because this was a good movie!

So I put in this movie and loved it so much! It was about Jess and her husband. They are the perfect little cheesy couple that everyone hopes to be someday. She is a lawyer and he is an artist. Well Ryan (husband) has a brother named Roman who lives with them. Now Roman is a troubled man that Jess was hired to represent and then Jess met Ryan and they fell in love. Well Roman just gives Jess the creeps and tells Ryan she wants him out. So one day Roman storms out of the house and he gets into an accident. The other car is his brother Ryan and they both end up in a coma.

So there is poor Jess waiting for her husband to wake up and instead Roman wakes up. Now here is the kicker....Roman thinks he's Ryan! He tells Jess all these private stories and know everything about their lives together. So this is where the movie gets really good. Do you believe that in some way the spirit of Ryan went into the body of Roman? Is Ryan still in his body in a coma? Is Roman telling the truth? Why does sarah michele gellar get to be in a movie with two sexy men? These are all questions we ask in this film.

Now I will be a good little film critic and not tell you what happens but I must tell's GOOD! I must tell you to watch the film and then go to the special features. There is a really long alternate ending that I suggest you check out. I couldn't decide which one I liked better.... I suppose you can be the real judge of that!

I give it an A

On a little side note I must tell you I have now become head over heels for Lee Pace the man that plays Roman. I had never seen Pushing Daisies but I now will watch it because i love this man! So sexy and talented and I can't wait to see him in more stuff!

Paranormal Activity 2

So I was a mini fan of the first film. I have a very VERY VERY hard time watching movies that are done with hand-held cameras. I get motion sick really easy so I knew this movie would be a challenge for me. The second one was much easier to watch than the first one. In this one the family puts cameras in the house because they were broken into. So most of the film was not moving around.

The idea of this movie is it's before the first film. The family is actually related to Katie from the first film. The mother is Katie's sister and they show the strange things happening in their home. There were a few moments where I jumped and was really freaked out but that didn't occur until about an hour into the movie. It took way too long to get going! There was probably about 30 mins of good stuff and that was it.

The best part in the movie happens during the day and in the kitchen. The rest was very predictable and you just knew it was coming. The ending also sucked big time. It wasn't very good and it happened too fast. The first film was a lot better and much scarier. I would not waste my money on it again. you can wait for it to come out on Dvd.

I give it a C-


With this film I did not know what to expect! I didn't know if it would be action packed or more drama centered. I knew going into it that it was a Clint Eastwood film, so you kinda know what to expect with his films. They start really well but then they slow down and you need to focus. In the end the movie is always worth it but you have to be willing to hang on to the ride! I enjoy Clint's movies and think he is a very good director, he knows how to pick his scripts. My favorites of his are Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil and Mystic River. Both were amazing films and the audience really gets attached to the characters. Bravo Mr. Eastwood!

So this films is about Matt Damon who plays a psychic that can talk to the dead. He is basically trying to live the everyday life but is always being asked to do readings. Then the story also follows a french reporter who survives and crazy disaster. I'm not gonna tell you which one because it is so amazing on film. One of the best openings of a movie I have ever seen...truly! The film is also about a little boy who loses someone close to him and his struggle to go on with life. All of these stories are very separate but they end up connecting before the credits roll.

I was sad because I wanted more of the Matt Damon Story and felt a little cheated. I wanted to know more about his life and his character but we never find out. So don't go into it thinking it's all about him because it's not at all. He is just one minor piece of a much bigger puzzle. Either way the film really captures the human feelings of loss and pain. The people who are just trying to make it one day at a time.

I really enjoyed the film and will not be shocked if it get some nominations this year. Very touching and ready because it's a little long but still really good.

Due Date

So like everyone else who loves and adores The Hangover, I had high expectations for this film! I must say at first it started a little slow but it really picks up! You must know that I am truly and deeply in love with Robert Downey Jr. I think he is a stellar actor and amazing in every way. So now that we have that out there you know where I stand on Robert's films!

So the whole idea of this film was about a guy who is trying to get home to see his first child to be born. Along the way he meets Zach Galifianakis and together they get kicked off of the plane. So they have to travel by car across the country to make it to LA in time to see the birth. I must say that Zach played the typical "Alan" type character. Now don't get me wrong, it was funny as heck but it was still the same type of character. I kept calling him Alan later that night. I was like "Oh yeah when Alan, oh wait I mean Ethan.

So there were a ZILLION funny moments in this movie, most of them from Robert. He would have these mega one-liners that just made this film fantastic! I really enjoyed every moment. I say if you like stupid funny and want to see something random check it out. It is very much worth the money and you will laugh about it later!