Friday, May 27, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Captain Jack Sparrow is now a character right up there with the classics. He is a new icon for our generation and he made it cool to be a pirate again! I adventured off to see this movie with the hopes that it would wow me. We should all be aware that I was less than happy with the final two instalments. They were long, over dramatic, and too over the top. To put it honestly I was happy that Will and Elizabeth were no where to be found. By the 3rd movie I was so sick of them and all their back and forth I love you, I hate...blah blah blah! I was very excited to see if we needed them or if our beloved Jack could keep our attention.

Ladies and gentlemen, I might have a new favorite Pirates movie! Seriously it stuck with one maybe two stories. It was not a confusing all around story and there were no cheesy declarations of love. It was about a simple goal and how to get there. I felt like the last two were all about these complex stories and themes that got so darn confusing. This one was pretty simple and fun to watch. It proved that Jack can carry an entire movie by himself. It was BEAUTIFUL to watch, let's face it, it's Johnny Depp we love him for a reason!

So the basic story is Jack is on a journey to find the fountain of youth. Barbossa had the Black Pearl but another pirate named Blackbeard over took the ship. Barboossa joined the king's navy in hopes of finding Blackbeard. Jack meets up with Gibbs and a formed fling Angelica. All the characters are aiming for the same thing, the fountain of youth. Along the way there is adventure and fighting between the king's men and Jack and don't forget to look out for those crazy mermaids!

I have to say I loved this movie and it is so much fun to watch. I think it's ok for the kids, it is a little long so they might get sick of sitting. Still a very good movie with tons of funny moments! I really hope they make another one. The rumor is they hope this is the beginning of a new trilogy! If they make the next two like this, it will put the first 3 to shame!

PS. I did not see this movie in 3D and I have to say I'm happy. I think that 3D would have made you miss out on so much great stuff going on in the background! I like the 2D version! Oh also stick around after the credits for a little clip! :)

Action: YES
Adventure: Tons
Johnny Depp: HECK YEAH!

Over all I give it an A

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I freaking loved Priest! I loved it so much that I saw it twice in 3D! It had some of the best 3D I have seen since Avatar and that is saying something. You all know how much I am not a fan of 3D but this film made it fit. It worked and used it to make the film better. It made the scary moments more intense and really made you enjoy every action packed moment.

The movie takes place in the future. We find out that the Earth has been a battle ground for the fight between humans and Vampires. Now these vamps are not your sparkly twilight cry all the time vamps. These are monsters that live to feed off of humans. They have no mercy and do not care what they's so freaking awesome! To quote Mr. Paul Bettany, "This is a movie where the vampires are scary again, I'm happy to see a movie where Vampires get their balls back." I busted out laughing when I heard him say that on Jimmy Fallon's show!

So the church created these Priest and taught them special skills on how to kill vamps. These Priest save humanity from destruction and the vamps are sent off to camps. After the wars the Priest are feared and are forced into meaningless labor as the church forgets about them.

Paul Bettany plays Priest (yeah that's his name) and his niece is kidnapped during a vampire attack. He decides to go after her with the help of Hicks (Cam Gigandet) and a Priestess (Maggie Q). They go into the heart of the vampire world and find a truth that they never expected.

Maggie Q was AMAZING in the movie. She is graceful but she can rip the head off of a vampire without even blinking. She is an amazing character that I really loved to watch. I have always had a soft spot for Paul Bettany ever since A Knight's Tale! He is great in this action packed movie. I really like him in these action roles, I loved him in Legion! Cam is a good character basically the young hot thing that tries to save the day. Not to shabby!

Over all I loved this movie! It had tons of action and butt kicking! The special effects and stunts were flawless! Who wants to see Pirates and Bridesmaids when you can see major butt kicking!?!?!?

Action: HECK YES!
Adventure: CLEARLY!
Over All: A!


I love everything Marvel produces. I am so excited for the Avengers and I love Ironman with a passion! I knew this movie was gonna be good because my dad called me to tell me how awesome it was. My dad was a HUGE comic book collector so he knows all these stories cover to cover. He told me ahead of time that it is loyal to the comic and it was awesome.

I did see it in 3D and it really didn't add much to it. The special effects were cool in 3D but the movie would have been just as awesome on a regular screen. The director is Kenneth Branagh, now he normally directs Shakespeare films. He has done Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing, great amazing movies but I've never seen him do something of this scale. I was very impressed with his directing....bravo Bravo!

The film starts off on another planet and there was a battle between the Ice Monster things and Thor's father Odin (played by Anthony Freaking Hopkins!) He was fantastic as he ALWAYS is! Thor grows up with his brother Loki and they always compete. They try to figure out who will one day be King once Odin dies. Thor grows up to be selfish and foolish. He does things he should not and disobeys his father. As a punishment he is sent to Earth without his Hammer (the hammer is where Thor gets his some of his power from. No hammer is a bad thing!) Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her team find Thor and try to figure out where he came from.

Now I don't wanna spoil too much for you so I'll just say things get crazy on Thor's home planet and as a result things get crazy on Earth. Lots of awesome action and we get to see more avenger characters like Agent Coulson from Shield and we get our first look at Hawkeye!!!

The movie has a ton of action and it ties in well with the other stories. They bring up Tony Stark and ask how he is doing and after the credit we see Nick Fury setting us up for Captain America! The film has some great battles and Thor is pretty awesome. I found myself really loving the character of Loki. He was different for that story but he worked so well! The movie is left in a cliff hanger but don't worry next summer The Avengers will come out and we will get to see Ironman, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki, and Nick Fury all in one fantastic epic movie

Action: TONS!
Adventure: CLEARLY
Romance: It pops in there

Overall I give it an A-

Something Borrowed

Alrighty guys I'm gonna give you the facts for the first half of this blog and then I'm gonna rip the film a new get ready to rock!

Something Borrowed is a film staring John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, and Colin Egglesfield. The movie is about two best friends Rachel (Ginnifer) and Darcy (Kate) who have been best friends since they were little. Darcy is engaged to Dex (Colin) a friend of Rachel's from law school. Darcy is a crazy attention seeking girl who loves everything about herself. She loves that she is getting married to this good looking smart guy. Well come to find out Rachel has liked Dex since college. The girls have a friend Ethan (John) that helps them along the way. Well one drunken night Rachel admits that she liked Dex in college. He then kisses her and they wake up in bed together the next day. Keep in mind this is the first 10mins of the movie so I'm not really spoiling it for you.

So basically the film spends the next 2 hours going back and forth between the drama with Rachel and Darcy and Rachel and Ethan and Rachel and Dex and Dex and Darcy! AHHHHH The movie gets a little long and you get so mad at some many characters....

Ok that is my nice little mini review here is what I REALLY think....Many Spoilers ahead!!

I was so disappointed in this movie! Rachel is this whining girl who can't decide what the heck she wants. She doesn't have the lady balls to admit to Darcy that not only has she slept with her future husband BUT she is in love with him. Along the way she drags Ethan everywhere and he just lets Rachel keep whining! He admits that he has feelings for her and she doesn't even care...why is that? Oh right she is still waiting around to see if Dex is gonna leave Darcy. Until then she just keeps cheating! How in the world are we suppose to like this character when she continues to hurt her best friend?! Yes Darcy is a big pain in the butt. Yes she is a little crazy but NO ONE deserves to get treated like that by someone claiming to be your friend! I mean SERIOUSLY! Rachel should have got her butt kicked by Darcy!

Basically for 2 hrs we wait to see if Dex with pick Rachel and she just follows him around like a lost puppy. It's sick! Then we have poor Ethan, the best character BY FAR in the movie just trying to get a word in. Rachel takes advantage of his friendship and it's sick. At one point Ethan FINALLY calls Rachel out on all the crap! He tells her she is weak and what she is doing is wrong and I was like THANK GOD SOMEONE SAID IT! I had ZERO sympathy for Rachel...none!

The movie ends with Dex breaking off the wedding to Darcy and running back to Rachel's. Well then Darcy shows up at Rachel's and Dex a child! So Darcy admits that she was cheating on Dex with a friend and that she is pregnant. She says she asked if he was cheating and he said no. So she leaves and notices that Dex's coat is in Rachel's place. She calls Rachel out on it and Dex walks in the room. Rachel starts to cry and Darcy screams at her. I think that Darcy should have kicked the crap out of her. Darcy leaves while screaming that she hates them.

It flashes to 2 months later and the girls run into each other on the street. Rachel is carrying Dex's shirts and Darcy calls her out on it. Basically it ends with Rachel crying and saying she is sorry and she misses Darcy and Darcy walks away saying that she is really happy. Dex and Rachel seem to be the happy little couple...not caring about how many people they hurt.

After the credits there is a little clip that I found out about after I saw it. The movie ends with Darcy flying to London and meeting with ETHAN!!!!!! Then it says To Be Continued and I really hope they make it!! The second book is really good and it's got TONS of Ethan in it!

Basically I do not condone this movie. It is basically saying that it doesn't matter who you hurt as long as your happy it is ok. So you can hurt your best friend of 20 years as long as you are happy. Oh also it is ok to pick a cheating man over your best friend. Have you ever heard the phrase Cheat once you'll cheat again....yeah right good luck with that! It made me sick to think that someone could do that to their best friend. YUCK Rachel you suck....big time.

Romance: A twisted kind
Adventure : Zero

Over all grade:
For Kate and John an A
For Rachel and Dex a D

For the movie......C+