Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You should be very aware that I love a good vampire movie! I have always loved the idea of vampires and I have 11 vampire themed movies in my film collection! So when I heard about this film I jumped at the idea of a vampire society!

So the whole idea of Daybreakers is vampires have over taken society. They sort of explain it as a virus that came out and then became the "cure" for death. The film starts in the middle of this society and we see that humans are almost extinct. If there are no humans than there is no blood. Now this isn't some Twilight story where the characters can just eat animals...it doesn't work like that. The vampires become more aggressive and savage if they go without human blood for too long!

Ethan Hawke plays our human loving vampire (who happens to be named Edward....seriously...no one thought hmmmm there is already a movie franchise with that vampire name....Oh well...moving on!) So he is trying to create a human blood substitute, he believes this will "save" the remaining humans.

Well along the way we meet Willem Dafoe who was a vampire but became human again. To be honest I'm still a little confused on how it all worked...something about sunlight and oxygen....it's a bit confusing but just go with it! Anyways....so the story becomes this crazy puzzle between humans and vampires, vampire vs vampires, vampires vs mutated vampires! All the makings of a fantastic story!

It is full of BLOOD and action so be ready for a bit of gore. Nothing you can't handle....I hope! So go to your local video store or redbox and get Daybreakers! If you like vampire stories this is a must watch!

Gore: TONS
Blood: Hello....vampires!
Action: Intense!
Overall I give it a A- just because I love me a good vampire story~!

Pump Up The Volume

So as I have stated before I think it is VITAL as a film person to watch all types of films. Now if I were only to watch the latest blockbuster I would not be a very good critic! Soooo once again I'm here with one of those hidden gems that you should try to get your hands on!

So a few months back I went on this very intense Christian Slater kick and watched almost everything he was in! A few of the films stood out like The Name Of The Rose or Heathers but one of my favorites is Pump Up The Volume. The film was released in 1990 and is the typical high school drama story.

Slater plays this shy kid who decides that the only way he can express himself is to start a crude pirated radio show in his parent's basement. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit disturbed by the beginning of the film, Slater's radio personality Harry is....what's the word....not crued...but....vulgar? Yeah I guess vulgar could work, he makes rude jokes and is graphic with some of his "jokes". Well if you stick with the first 10 minutes I promise you will not be disappointed. The film moves into this story about high school kids being lost and forgotten by society. Harry has a chance to deal with everything from bad teachers, pregnant students, sexual harassment, and teen depression. Harry becomes the only voice for these kids and the film just takes off!

It has moments where you will laughing and blush at the same time. Slater is fantastically charming and witty! The soundtrack is AMAZING full of really great rare music. The film is rated R and should be because it is a bit intense but it's worth it! If you get a chance to get your hands on it....Rent it....watch it....buy it.....just get your hands on it!

Just don't forget to....Talk Hard!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Last Exorcism

Ok so I normally love movies, it's very rare that I find a movie I just don't like....well that day has come~ This was by far the most overrated movie I have seen this year~ It was soooooooo PREDICTABLE and not scary.

Spoilers ahead
This film is suppose to be about a preacher doing his final exorcism when in reality it's just about some faithless man trying to prove that it's all fake. So it starts off really REALLY slow and trying to be artistic instead I got motion sickness from the "documentary" camera. The whole story was just washed up and overrated! It was like a really bad mix between Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch but it couldn't pull it off! Just as the film was starting to get good it ENDED! No joke, I felt sooo ripped off!

The only saving grace of this film was the acting by the girl playing Nell. She was very good at being creepy. All the other performances were soso....typical for this type of movie. I think i was more offended by the way the preacher handled things. It really makes people seem like mindless puppets and the preacher can manipulate anyone. With that kind of story I was at least expecting some resolution or cause or thrill but was left disappointed.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Go rent the Original Exorcist and you will have seen a much better movie!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat Pray Love

So I figured that any film with those 3 little yet powerful words in the title had to be good, and it was. This film is a charming look at a woman's last chance to find herself. Julia Roberts plays Liz, a writer that lives in New York City. She feels trapped by her life and is looking for something new. She goes through a few men and figures out that what she needs is an escape. She feels that the only way she can live life again is to throw herself into something new and scary. She decides to spend 4 months in Rome, 4 months in India, and 4 months in Bali. I did hear that the movie is based on a true story which explains how the film captures that raw emotion and pain in searching for yourself.

Each place has a word that Liz relates to....in Rome she eats....in India she prays....and in Bali she learns to love. The story is so some touching and it makes you want to travel the world and just leave everything safe behind. We feel like we are friends with the characters we meet along the way.

The movie is filmed in so many beautiful places and really captures the feeling of that place. You feel the heat of India, you feel the wind in Bali, and you smell the food in Rome. (A word to the wise, don't go see this movie if you are hungry because the food looks sooo AMAZING!)

This is a movie that all people can enjoy and I hope that the film will help people to leave their comfort zones and explore the world around them. Be daring and live life fuller than you ever have before!

I give it an A because it's truly beautiful

The Expendables!

I have to say that this movie was flat out AMAZING! Now I know that may surprise and maybe even shock people but it actually was a great movie! The film's idea was basically get every single kick butt action star from the past 20 years and put them in this film! You know what the crazy thing is....it actually worked! The film is filled with great action sequences, amazing stomach turning injuries and some kick butt knife fights! It bring back all the good stuff we love in classic action films!

Stallone does a great job as writer, director, and star. He has wit and charm and he is not afraid to make fun of himself and to show his age. One thing I really liked about the film was that these guys were not super human. People got their butts handed to them on a platter!

The only thing better than watching the characters kick serious tail is trying to figure out who else will show up. Which Hollywood action hero will make a guest star appearance. Of course we have the beautiful and yummy to watch Jason Statham and the Karate genius Jet Li. We also get a mini cameo by our favorite Governor Schwarzenegger and Die Hard action thriller Bruce Willis. Both characters were not really needed but who really cares because they are action legends!

There is also a very odd yet moving performance by Mickey Rourke. He plays this old action hero who keeps a bar/tattoo parlor where our guys hang out. He has this one monologue where he really shows why he was nominated for an Oscar a few years back. His character is fun and witty and can hold his own.

Basically this film has action, knives, blood, bones breaking, butt kicking, motorcycle riding, plane flyin', gun shooting, bombs blowing, and everything in between to have a great action movie! CHECK IT OUT!

Ladies you need to see this for your men....they will adore you for it!

PS....YES The guy that plays Gunner is the Russian from Rocky 4!