Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am so on the fence about the movie Haywire. The film had action, adventure, and some intense butt kicking but it lacked story. The movie is about a hired gun named Mallory, played by Gina Carano. She is betrayed and the movie is about her trying to figure out who set her up. Along the way she meets and beats a bunch of people. The movie is a Where's Waldo of actors. Every now and then someone like Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGreggor, Michael Fassbender, Bill Paxtor, and even Michael Douglas show up!

To be totally honest the movie lacks story. It is confusing because you are not sure who to trust and in the end we are still a little confused. There are a ton of loose ends that never get resolved.

The fight scenes were AWESOME! Gina can kick some serious butt. I loved the fights because they seemed realistic. Well I should say Trained Realistic, I would be down with one punch. Even though the story was really slow the fight scenes totally make up for the lack of story.

I did have one little peeve and I couldn't put my finger on what was up with Gina. I figured it out once I went on imdb....her voice was dubbed! They made her voice sound much deeper for the film. Which makes me laugh because she basically has one tone the entire movie....same....monotone....voice. Not to go all feminist on my readers but of course they feel they have to make her voice deeper. I guess the only way to make a butt kicking female to seem real is if you make her more like a man with a deeper voice...ok I'll get off my soap box.

The movie was directed by Stephen Soderbergh which surprised me. Normally his films have a little more story but it does explain why there were so many awesome actors. Soderbergh tries to be creative with the different colors and music he uses for action. There is no sound in the fight scenes except for the fighting and natural sounds of breaking items. In the stake out scenes there was always some type of intense fast music and it was in black and white alot. I liked what he was trying to do, a different way to use cinematography.

Over all not a bad movie but not the best either

Action: Yes
Adventure: Yes
Drama: Not really

Over all: C+

Monday, January 23, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

I love the Underworld series, I love that the vampires and werewolves are mean and deadly. They are the superior species and they know it. The film has all the great action and adventure as the last films. I must say this one really stepped it up on action.

The film starts with the humans learning all about werewolves and vampires. They do not explain how the humans got this knowledge. Personally I figured that since Alexander Corvinus was not there to clean up the vampire mess they were discovered. That is my total assumption because it never actually tells us how.

Selene starts the movie kicking butt and trying to escape The Purge. The humans are trying to get rid of all the vampires and werewolves. I don't want to spoil anything so we will just say some time passes and the world changes. Selene enters into a new world that she knows nothing about and finds that werewolves and vampires are still in hiding. Now there are new creations bigger werewolves...more powerful vampires and insane hybrids.

The whole movie is basically action action action. Not that it is a bad thing but there is hardly any story at all. It seemed like the movie was rushed to get finished. It was also very short running at only an hour and a half. I could have sat through at least another 45 minutes.

The 3D was cool but not important. There were only 2 shots were the 3D came in handy. I say see it in 2D and save yourself the 5 bucks.

The movie left me wanting more story and more characters. I felt like most of the characters were thrown in but never really got a chance to develop. The movie was all about how sexy Beckinsale can look while she shoots a gun and kicks some butt. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome action! I really wanted more story...and more Michael ;)

All I have to say is that there better be another one or I'm gonna be very upset!

Action: Tons
Adventure: Yep
Drama: Not really

Over all B+/A-

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Before I even start reviewing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo you should know that I have not read the books or seen the Swedish version of the film. I will probably end up seeing the other movies now just to find out what happens but I went into this with no expectations at all. This movie was very VERY dark and extremely graphic and intense. The movie is a very hard R, it was almost an NC-17. The movie has a bunch of nudity and two graphic rape scenes. You literally feel dirty and like a pervert watching it. It stars Daniel Craig as Mikael, Rooney Mara as Lisbeth, Christopher Plummer as Henrik, Stellan Sarsgard as Martin, Robin Wright as Erika, and Joely Richards as Anita.

Basically the story is about journalist Mikael and his discredited career. Mikael is hired by Henrik to try and solve how his niece Harriet was killed. Mikael goes to northern Sweden and dives deep into the story of Harriet and her abduction.

Lisbeth's story does not connect with Mikael's story until 40 mins into the movie. The whole first half of the movie is seeing how messed up her life is and all the abuse she must suffer just because she is different. She is dark and twisted but she was made that way by years and years of horrible abuse.

Later in the film Mikael hires Lisbeth as a research assistant to help him uncover the dark horrible truth about the family.

Overall the film was good, it didn't seem like 2 hours and 40 minutes. The coolest part was the introduction with a cover of the Led Zepplin 'Immigration Song'. It is this twisted all black oil images. It's dark and dirty and fantastic. I think the opening alone deserves some kind of award.

The ending has some awesome action and you are on the edge of your seat. It is amazing how smart Lisbeth is and how she uses her smarts in everyday life. The ending is a little unsatisfying but that is why we have sequels. The best part of the movie is all the questions are answered and the mystery is solved.

Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara did a fantastic job as these dark characters. Rooney fit the role perfectly and really made it her own. This role will be one she will be remembered for. I would be shocked if she didn't get an Oscar nomination.

Like I said before this movie is very VERY dark. It is emotional and at points disturbing. It is not a movie for young people. There is a ton of sex, nudity, and like I said some very intense rape scenes. It was a dark dark movie. It was still very interesting very good but don't go see it if you are easily offended.

Over All: B+/A-

We Bought A Zoo

I must say that I think We Bought A Zoo is the must see family movie of the year! Cameron Crowe wrote and directed an amazing story that has tons of heart and emotion. It will make you laugh, cry and then laugh again.

The movie is about Benjamin Mee, played by the lovely Matt Damon. Benjamin is an adventure writer for a newspaper but his wife just died. He is now trying to raise his two adorable kids, Rosie and Dylan in this confusing time. Dylan is your typical troubled teen, getting into trouble in school and learning how to push the buttons of every adult he can. Rosie is so adorable and cute. She is just trying to help out her dad in any way she can. Benjamin's brother Duncan, played by Thomas Haden Church, tries to help support his brother the best he can.

While looking for a new house, Benjamin comes across the perfect place but finds out it actually a house on a zoo. At first he says no way but then he see how in love and at peace Rosie is with all the animals. So he decides to buy a zoo!

The zoo staff is very doubtful in Benjamin can pull this off but they are all willing to fight for these animals and this place. The zoo staff is made up of Scarlett Johansson as Kelly, Angus McFadden as Peter, Elle Fanning as Lily and Patrick Fugin as Robin. The zoo staff become apart of the Mee Family unit. They work together because in the end they have the same goals in mind for each other and the zoo.

I loved this movie so much, it had so much heart and emotion. The animals were not seen as dumb creatures but apart of this family. They had personalities and they were treated like living things that deserve our respect. The film dealt with alot of really difficult topics from Death, to trouble teens, to a broken family. It is totally ok for the whole family to see. In fact I really encourage my dear readers to take their families to see it.

There is a great line in the movie that is Benjamin says to Dylan and it is beautiful.
"You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it."

Truer words were never spoken!

Over All- A+

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I tend to give a disclaimer with certain films starring certain actors. In this case I must warn you that I think Jeremy Renner is so fantastic and impressive! I love everything he does because I think he is brilliant. So that said let's jump in.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is the 4th Mission Impossible movie and it actually makes sense in the whole chronology of the films. All the questions we have about the other films are answered and we see past characters. That is a very big deal to me. I hate it when a sequel expects you to forget the other movies. This one includes its past and present, which is fantastic for real fans.

The movie starts a few years after MI:3. Ethan is needed by the government again but this time they are on their own. A mission was compromised and as a result Ethan and his amazing team are left without support.

Speaking of team let's see who they are...shall we?! We have the brilliant, stunning, charming, athletic, beautiful Jeremy Renner as Brandt. Brandt was a computer analyst that got mixed up when all the trouble started. He gets adopted into Ethan's Team and he has certain....hidden talents. He is covered in mystery and the unknown. As the story progresses we learn all about him but part of the fun in the movie is trying to figure out whose side is he really on?

We have Tom Cruise as the charismatic Ethan Hunt. My I just say the Tom Cruise was looking pretty dang good!!! The man is pure beefcake, he is the perfect Ethan. Tom was also amazing because he did all his own stunts on the tallest building in the world. Yeah the guy hanging upside down 138 floors is really Tom Cruise! Now that is a real action hero if you ask me! The best part about his character, Ethan is he is trapped between the old world and the new, past and present. He is trying to survive in this new world all on his own.

Simon Pegg plays Benji the quick witted computer analyst from MI:3. He has so many great one liners but is still perfect for this role. We also have Paula Patton as the lovely Jane. She is a butt kicking member of the group. She is able to beat up anyone that comes at she is stunning to look at.

Over all I really liked this movie alot. The action was fantastic and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Only a few of the fight scenes were unbelievable that that was because you wonder how Ehtan can still be conscience after that many hits to the head! Other than that it was a great movie that even take the time to make fun of itself!

Action: Yeah
Adventure: You Bet!
Drama: so so

Over all: A-

Adventures of Tin Tin

I must be honest, I went into this movie with very little expectations. I figured typical Stephen Spielberg movie with family, adventure, and always a cheesy happy ending for the main characters. I was correct in my logic, not to say that it was a bad film by any means.

The CGI/special effects in The Adventures Of Tin Tin were by far stunning. They looked so real that you forgot you were watching an animated film. Almost every image looked so human and real, it was almost creepy how real it looked.

The basic plot of the movie is Tin Tin is a young reporter who goes on adventures with his little white dog named Snowy. This adventure is about Tin Tin finding a model pirate ship and learning that there is a treasure clue in the ship. Then the big bad Sakharine tries to steal the ship to find the treasure. We learn that a family of sailors named Haddock are the only ones who know the true story of the lost treasure. Sadly our Haddock is a drunk and he can't remember anything.

This adventure takes Tin Tin, Snowy and Haddock on a wild goose chase around the world trying to stay ahead of Sakharine. It's basically National Treasure meets Indiana Jones.

The movie itself was....okay. I found the story cute and the CGI stunning but the movie was very long. My nephew did a better job sitting there than I did. The story took too long to get going but it was interesting. I would say this movie is not for really little kids. Haddock is a drunk....a big drunk. Seeing him drinking as much as he does is a little shocking for a kids film.

Over all I would not say this is something you have to go out and see. Maybe rent it from Redbox when it comes out but I was not super impressed.

Over all - C