Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain America

I know I am way behind in my movie reviews. I am very sorry for this, it has been a very busy summer for me so please forgive! I promise to try and play catch up as fast as I can get some free time!

So today I saw Captain America and I was so excited. As most of my readers know I am a SUCKER for a good Marvel movie. I am very critical of them because I was raised by comic books! I was excited for this movie because I wanted to see how they would tie it in with The Avengers (2012). So here we go!

The film starts in a time we are unsure of. We think it is the 'near future' because of the tools used. All we see is the Captain America Shield then we flash to 1943ish. We see our amazing and noble Steve Rogers trying to become a soldier. He wants to serve his country in World War II. He is recruited by a new secret society to become a super soldier. Guess who helps him become amazing.....HOWARD STARK! Howard is the father of our very own Iron Man Tony Stark.

I don't want to give too much away because the movie needs to be enjoyed without knowing every detail. Let's just say that he becomes Captain America and has to prove that he can help in the army. They are trying to bring down a glorified cult run by one of Hitler's Nazi's that we call The Red Skull. He is searching for an energy cube that came from 'The God's' there is mention that it came from Odin's Treasure Chamber. (Thor connection!) This energy is being used as a weapon to destroy the world.

Steve/Captain America goes on these little missions to stop them. He has some friendly flirting with Peggy Carter a female that works with the military. We have Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Phillips who helps lead Steve. He also is always great for a quick comment or joke.

I honestly have to be careful what I tell you next because it will mess up the whole movie for you. SO I'M NOT GONNA DO IT! Some times things need to be left up to surprise.

Over all I really liked the movie. It showed that the character of a man is not his size but his actions. Steve is a pure character that is so kind and just plain amazing. Chris Evans does a fantastic job capturing the heart of the character as well as the pain and determination. The whole ensemble is fantastic together. The action is fantastic and Hugo Weaving is perfect as the Red Skull.

Now to the important stuff....the movie was great and was a fantastic tie to The Avengers but stay after all the credits run!!!!!!!! Do not even THINK about getting your butt up off that chair, I MEAN IT! If you stay you will get an AMAZING sneak peak at.....are you ready...... THE AVENGERS!!!!!!! It's an amazing teaser trailer that I literally squealed at!! We see all of our amazing characters! Bruce Banner (the Hulk), Black Widow, Nick Furry, Tony Stark, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, and Loki!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHH I tried to find the trailer but Disney has not released it yet! I WANT IT!! It comes out in May and I am so freaking excited! T-minus 10 months!

Over all: A-
Action: Tons
Adventure: Duh!
Heart: awww so sweet!