Monday, September 27, 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I freaking loved Legend of the Guardians! It was a stunning and beautiful movie filled with adventure and hope! The owls were so magical and looked so real. I would say this is by far the best computer generated movie I have ever seen. It looked so lifelike and the animals were so graceful!

The movie starts with a family of Owls and they two boys are learning how to fly. Well at night the mother and father leave to hunt and the boys stay in the tree with their new born sister and the snake nanny. This family was raised on stories and Legends of these Owl Guardians that fight for peace and Justice. They are stories but Soren and his little sister Eglantine believe. One day the boys, Soren and Kludd fall out of their tree and they are kidnapped by bigger Owls. They are taken to a tree where Owls are brain washing Owls that can't fly to be apart of this army. Well come to find out the leader is a once powerful guardian who betrayed the Owls and is now seeking revenge.

So Soren learns to fly and makes friends along the way. The point of the movie is accepting people and having faith in something bigger than yourself. Soren believes in the Guardians and will search for them until he finds them.

Now I won't ruin the movie for you but it is epic! It is filled with battles and family problems. It has brother against brother, friend against friend and so much more. The movie was beautifully told and is very inspiring. The faith that Soren has alone is so amazing and so pure. All the characters were fun loving and all had a purpose. I say check this movie out! It is truly amazing and you will not be sorry. It is visually stunning and I really hope that it gets some type of Oscar nomination because it is stunning!

Action: YES!
Adventure; YES

Over all grade.....A!!!!!!!

ps. yes the voice of Soren is Jim Sturgess from Across the Universe!

Alpha and Omega

So as you know I see almost all of the kids movies out there. I mean how can you say no when you have a little guys who asks so nicely! Yeah yeah I'm a sucker...I KNOW! So once again we decided to see this movie in 3D and as always I hated it. I just can not become a fun of the 3-D. I mean what is in focus fine but everything else is all dark and fuzzy and then all the other stuff is just blah. I have yet to see a movie that I liked in 3-D. So I didn't feel like this movie needed to be in 3-D. It didn't add anything to the movie.

I must say this film a a difficult task trying to make this story PG for the kiddos! The whole point of the story is that the Alpha Female Kate is not allowed to "howl" with the Omega Wolf Humphrey. We all know what they are secretly implying and my little guy didn't catch on so we will go with it. I did like how they did howl at the moon, if they were a good match the howl would be like a song or a harmony between the two wolves. That was really pretty and sounded amazing.

So the Alpha female and Omega male is taken to a different park to try and make more little wolves. Along the way they meet a goose and a duck that just so happen to know where their home is. So the adventure is on. I have to say the actual adventure was only about 15 mins of the movie but it works. Of course Kate has to get back because there is going to be a fight over territory of the wolves. So by joining Kate and Garth the other pack Alpha they can be happy and one HUGE pack. But poor little Humphrey wants Kate to himself!

The best part about this movie was figuring out the voices! We have Justin Long as Humphrey who is super funny and SUPER sweet! Then there is Hayden Panettiere as Kate and she fits because she is cute but sassy. We also have Dennis Hoppers film piece as the leader of the other pack. The movie is in fact dedicated to him. Very sweet but also very sad to hear his voice.

Over all it was a good movie, not the best but it was ok. I wouldn't buy it but it was a fun night for the kids.

Easy A

So one random day my friend and I decide to go see Easy A and I must say it was great. Yes it was one of those chick flick teen dramas about the hardships of growing up and how tough it is to be a teen...yadda yadda yadda. News flash being a teen is so much better than being a grown up! I'd go back to high school in a second! hehe Anyways moving on...

So this film was about a girl and how a rumor got started that she lost her V-card (aka her virginity...come on get with the program guys!) The rumors were flash butt she decides whatever I'll take them at least people notice me....hey dear, not something you want to be known for! Well then a friend asks her to pretend to have sex with him just so he can be popular. Of course this involves a freaking funny mock sex act in a room at a party. I laughed so hard during this part!!

After that she gets the rep for being Easy and since this is high school she is reading the Scarlett Letter which is the hardest book EVER to read in high school! Man did I hate that book! So to get back she sews a red A on all of her recently purchased slutty shirts....well they are corsets but I would NEVER EVER have been able to wear that to my school! I would have gotten sent home after two seconds! I guess since its a movie we allow this false stuff to go on.

So what did I think of this movie.....I did like it. I know I mock it but I did enjoy it! It was funny and it actually gave props to the classic movies of the 80's. Olive says that she wishes she could have John Cusack standing outside her house holding a stereo with "In Your Eyes" playing loudly.....sigh. Yeah I'd take that too! They just don't make them like they used to be!!!

The movie does poke fun at the crazy religious groups...more the extreme. Olive actually makes a point to seek out faith herself and I thought she had the right idea. So I say if you are a chick check this out. Even guys might enjoy the random funny moments but it is a chick flick! Make no mistake about it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Accidental Husband

This is one of those movies that so many girls waited for but never got to see. You see The Accidental Husband was a Yari production and the film group Yari went out of business just as this film was being released. So sadly this movie never made it to the US because of money reasons. It is a great film with a cast of Uma Thurman, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and Colin Firth.

The idea of the film is Uma Thurman plays a radio doctor that tells people about relationships and how to fix them. Well one day she gets a caller that says she wants to call off her wedding and Dr. Emma tells her that she is not happy so why be married. Well the callers would-be husband Patrick is listening and decides to take revenge out on Dr. Emma. So he hacks into the marriage license online and marries himself to Dr. Emma. So when Dr. Emma goes to marry Colin Firth she is already legally married! WOAH what a big mix up but I promise it is easy to follow!

So the film ends up being about first impressions and how well you really know people. It is also about being real in relationships and seeing if you are right for each other because it's meant to be or just because it is comfortable? I feel like I'm talking about my own love life here, are we waiting for Mr. Right or waiting for Mr. Convenient?? This movie brings up all these questions.

Now you should be fully aware that this is a CHICK FLICK I'm talking hard core chick flick. I'm talking that your girl is going to say awwww when she sees Patrick. This character is not only a nice guy but he is handsome and a fireman! Sooo watch out because this film is a ladies movie. It's full of fantastically cheesy moments that I love down to my core!

So if you are looking for a movie to watch with the girls....check this one out. I know you can buy it or rent it sooo go to your local video store and check it out, it's worth a watch! Enjoy!

Romance: YES YES YES
Magic: In a romantic way

Overall grade: B+/A-

Bell Book and Candle

Alright I am a firm believer in watching old movies because they are amazing. I always hear things like "Oh that movie is so old so it's not any good." Well I have some news for you buddy....that is so totally WRONG! I will give you that some older movies seem a bit out dated but so do movies from a few years ago. Go back and watch a movie from the 90s or even early 2000's and you will see it is dated. Sorry....I'll get off my little soap box now and tell you why Bell Book and Candle is such a great movie.

As fall draws near we are all getting in the Halloween spirit.....I know I go crazy around this time of year. I'm talking movies and decorating my house....the works! Anyways I was in the mood for something a little different so I busted out Bell Book and Candle. Now this movie was made in 1958 and it is about a witch and the man she wants

The witch is Gill who is played by Kim Novak who is stunning as ever. Even her giant eyebrows don't take away from her beauty. She is amazing and sexy at the same time. So Gill comes from a magical family and her aunt Queenie lives upstairs and she has a brother named Nicky, who is played by a young and cute Jack Lemmon. Well James Stewart plays Shep who moves upstairs and is introduced to this family who he thinks is just odd.

Now the whole movie takes place around Christmas and it is this sort of love vs passion battle. In this movie witches can not fall in love, if they fall in love they loose their powers. Soooo we know that Gill can not love Shep but she can "witch" him. As Queenie puts in "We can not fall in love but hot blood is acceptable."

Well we end up finding out that Shep is about to marry a woman that was terrible to Gill in college, so let the fun games begin! Now I don't want to spoil the movie for you.....I want you to be curious enough to go out and find it for yourself. I know they sell it at the store because i saw it there the other day!! Sooo GO FIND IT and enjoy!

Passion: Yep
Magic: Heck yeah!
Scary: No
Funny: Sometimes

Overall grade: B+

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So I'm not gonna lie to you, I didn't have too many expectations for Devil. I knew that all the actors were new comers and we didn't really see anyone we know. The reason this movie has a good tag is because it is written by M. Night Shyamalan. Either way it was still an interesting pretty good film.

I would not call this a scary movie at all, it's more of a thriller. It messes with your head as you try to figure out if this is a battle between God and the Devil or between Man themselves. Is it our own inner demons we are fighting with or is the Devil pulling your strings?

The whole movie is filled with religious symbols and faith tag-lines. Personally I love that because I am a woman of faith. I enjoyed that it questioned both what is politically correct and what is faith driven. Now don't get me wrong, this is not one of those BELIEVE movies it is more about questioning.

The style of the film is very quick, the cuts and edits are fast and all the scenes in the elevator make you feel like you are in an elevator. The shots are so close that you start to feel claustrophobic. You also don't know who to trust and what the story is with each character.

I wouldn't say this movie moves fast, I think it's only an hour and a half but it feels longer, not in a bad way. The movie is kinda like a puzzle trying to figure things out. The characters are all likable and seem trust worthy so you are not sure who is good and who is bad. One character is faithless because he lost his family another man is very religious because of his background. These characters were everyday people that we all know in real life, which makes is scary. It's scary because you think you know and understand someone and then you are surprised.

My only beef with this movie was the fact that there is a guy fixing the elevator and he like disappears for 20 mins and we never figure out was confusing! Other than that there is a tiny M. Night twist but it's not movie altering. I say if you are in the mood for a thriller and like a film that challenges spirituality check it out.

Action: Some
Adventure: Not really
Romance: NONE
Scary: so so

Overall: I give it a B

Resident Evil: Afterlife

So here we have a combo mix of 3D, zombies, hot chicks, and sexy men in Resident Evil Afterlife. So the whole idea of this movie is it takes place after Alice finds all the clones and Claire goes off to Alaska.

I must say I have played the video games and I think this was an okay mix of video game and movie. most of you already know how I feel about 3D, I feel like it's over-rated. I still feel like that, I don't think it's worth an extra 3 bucks but that's just me. So the 3D in this movie works but it really doesn't add anything to the movie. I didn't feel like the 3D version would have been any better than a 2D movie.

The movie was very fun to watch and everyone loves to see zombies get beat up but I did have a few problems with the no worries these are not spoilers they are just tid-bits! I did not like that with the 3D they played up on the slow motion...I mean it shouldn't take someone 20 seconds to turn around. It was almost annoying because it was WAY over used. That's just a minor annoyance.

My other minor annoyance was at the end of the 3rd movie we see HUNDREDS of Alice clones...I mean there were sooooo many. Now in the beginning of the movie we see how awesome these clones are and what they can do. It's so fun to see all of them running around kicking major butt! The only thing I didn't like was after 15mins we never hear about them again. We understand where some of them went (that's my way of not spoiling something for you!) but there were HUNDREDs of them and then we don't find out about where they all were!! It made me mad because I liked Alice in bulk!

I enjoyed the zombies but they were hardly in it, it was more about humans and how dark they can be. Of course there are some sexy actors including Wentworth Miller who is soo dang yummy! Let's put it this made me want to rent Prison Break just so I could watch him! Don't worry fellas you get sexy Ali Larter and Milla is not bad either!

You Should be ready for another movie because the ending is left.....SOOOOOO wide open. They hint at another movie. Of course it ends with impossible odds but that is what Alice is good at. So over all if you liked the other movies you will like this one. It's pretty good and fun to watch. I wouldn't call it scary but it did make me scream once JUST because it caught me off gaurd.
Sooo go check it out and enjoy!

Action: Yep!
Adventure: I suppose
Drama: Not Really
Horror: Only a little blood ;)

Over all I give it a B/B+