Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8 MM

So as I have stated before I love reviewing all types of films. It does not matter if they are new or old so I have here a few movies I picked up from the video store. Now I am on a bit of a Nicolas Cage kick right now. I'm talking a bunch of his movies, here is the list that I have watched so far....
National Treasure 1&2
Bringing Out The Dead
The Rock
Guarding Tess
Ghost Rider
That is just my list so far, I have a bunch stacked on top of my DVD player right now....all in good time I promise!

Well last night I decided to try and put in 8MM and I must say...wow! I knew that the movie was a bit strange but wow I was impressed! The film had me so tense and on the edge of my chair that I had to fast forward because i couldn't handle the suspense!

The idea is that Cage is a PI and he is investigating a movie that some rich widow finds of her husband's. It's a film where a young girl is shown being killed on tape. Cage is hired to see if it is real or fake. The film reminded me of Alice going down the rabbit hole. Cage starts off being so emotional about the tape but as he continues he becomes more desensitized to the horrible films he finds. He ends up knee deep in the world of Underground Violent Adult films and it's disturbing.

There is also an great performance by a very young Joaquin Phoenix as an adult video store clerk. Now I must warn you that this is a very hard film to watch. After all these years of watching movies, it takes a lot to shock or disturb me and this film did. It really pushes that line of what Hollywood and the industry can do to people. It really is this eye opening film to the dark side of people and how fast you become sucked into these crazy circles of pure evil. It is a rated R movie for a reason so only go into knowing it could make you feel uncomfortable.

Cage's performance is absolutely amazing and he really shocked me. He has emotion and range that is just amazing. He goes from every raw emotion, pain, sorrow, disgust, anger, and amazing stunning thrilling rage.

Action: Some
Suspense: Yeah!
Shock Value: you bet

Over all grade: B+/A-


So I actually saw this movie by accident. I was going to see Inception and we had the wrong times so we figured Salt should be interesting. Now before I even go on and on about this movie I should tell you, I had heard NOTHING about it. It was one of those movie that I had not even seen a trailer for. Personally I was so thankful that I knew nothing of it because I had no idea what to expect. I have to say I was very surprised by the film.

I love Ms. Jolie and this she is an amazing actress filled with talent. She is beautiful, talented, and shows so much emotion in her acting. Liev was also fantastic and pleasant. I must say that I will try very hard not to give anything away, this movie is so fantastic and talking about it messes up the suspense.

So the film is about a CIA agent and the search for truth. It is one of those who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. Just when you think you have figured it out you are not even close! I found myself on the edge of my chair. The action was amazing in this film and it was all so real. I didn't see and green screen it was all amazing pure Hollywood stun glory! (sorry I'm a purest, nothing compares to the REAL thing. Give me a man on a wire and a puppet any day)

The film really hits that classic thriller feel, like a good Hitchcock where you are not sure who is to blame until the last few minutes. I should warn you that this film will leave you wanting more. It was left very open ended and there could or could not be a sequel.

Over all it was great and anyone that likes action should give it a go.

Adventure: In a way
Suspense: Yep

Over all I give it an A-

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Sorcerer's Apprentice was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I knew that it would be filled with action because it's a Nick Cage movie but it also had a lot of humor. The story was filled with action and tons of amazing magic. I also took my 6 year old nephew to it and he loved it. It's very family friendly and has some cheesy moments.

Right from the start you know there is going to be action and special effects. It makes me wish I knew how to create a fire ball and throw it across the room! Cage is the perfect part for this film. He is able to play serious and even wise. T he character is called to be hundreds of years old and you believe he could be. He really shows this wise older mentor type person.

I must say the film would be nothing without Jay Baruchel! He really steals the film and shows what a great actor he is. He has a long career ahead of him and I can't WAIT to see it! He character is just so easy to like and relate to! So charming and so nerdy but that's what makes the character to easy to enjoy.

Over all it's a family friendly movie that has TONS of action. There is barely any time to rest because you are on the edge of you seat!!!

Action: yep!
Adventure: Tons
Magic: It makes Harry Potter look like he's in preschool!!!!!

Overall: A-

Despicable Me

So I decided to take my 6 year old nephew out to the movies this lovely Friday night. So of course we had to see Despicable Me and I have to say it was cute. It was a cute and charming movie about a villain trying to gain back his speed. He feels old and washed up so he creates a crazy plot and has some twists and turns along the way.

During the movie he adopts 3 little girls that just make the movie so fantastic! The best character is by far Agnes! She the little girl that yells "It's sooo FLUFFY!!!" she bring so much light and humor and hope to the film.

I must say the best part of the whole movie is the little minions!! T Hey are so funny and adorable! I laughed the hardest whenever they were on screen. They were so innocent and childlike that you had to adore them!

So over all it is a cute family fun movie that everyone will enjoy. It has a great message about family and the importance of togetherness. If you need a kids night this is the film to take them too. Very sweet and oh so charming.

Action: so so
Comedy: YEppers!
Overall: B+

Saturday, July 10, 2010


So this film sort of crept up on me. I had heard rumors about it and must say I was pleased. Basically this is not a reboot of the original Predator but more of a part 3. It does not follow the Aliens vs Predator stories which was fine by me. It is suppose to take place after the first two. The first film is in fact used as background for the whole story.

To be totally honest I have never seen the original film (GASP!) I know I know! Don't worry it is on my list of films to see. I must say that this film does go after the darkness we all have inside us. The characters are all dark and kinda evil. They are soldiers and people who fight to survive. Which is why the creatures want them. The idea is that they are brought to their planet as sport to hunt. Humans are the rat in a maze or the deer in the wild.

Adrian Brody plays our main emotionless soldier. Now don't get me wrong, that is not a bad thing. I was very shocked at how well he fit into this role. He really became this surviver character, he also gained about 25lbs of muscle which I must say was....yummy! He was a beefy man in this film and you do not expect it! But he shines as this character and you really enjoy seeing him kick some Predator butt!

We also get a mini odd role from Lauerence Fishburne. I must say his part is very small and I wasn't sure why he was there. I did think it was funny that when he showed up on screen someone yelled....Morpheus~! We also get an interesting character from Topher Grace who is clearly not cut out for jungle living. Of corse we need to one and only female character to balance out all the negative men. Over all it was still a good movie

Action: Yep!
Adventure: Some
ThrillS: By the ton!

Over all I'd give it a B+

The Last Airbender

That's right I went and saw the film that has been getting poor reviews. To be very honest I'm not sure why it is getting such terrible reviews! I mean of course it's not the best film ever....it's based on a cartoon for children. There are also all these terrible rumors going around saying that M. Night Shamalan is no longer a bankable director.....what rubbish! That's right I used the word rubbish in a sentence! I stand by him as a director 100%. Ok so none of us really cared for The Happening but he still did a great job directing. AS much as people disliked Lady In The Water I really enjoyed it. It was not suppose to be an epic scary movie, it was made for children. It's a modern day fairytale....tall tale....STORY! So basically what I am saying is that people need to lay off him because he is one of the best directors of our time. Chill out crazy haters!
So my review of this film is a fairly good one. I loved the cartoon and was excited to see what would be done with it. Now the acting is not the best but it's also not terrible either.....I would call it inexperienced....which is not a bad thing. All these actors are very young and new and I thought they did a great job. The film is suppose to be for kids and kids enjoyed the movie. I heard all the kids laughing and cheering in our theater. That is what this movie is suppose to be about, togetherness and acceptance.

The film has amazing...simply amazing special effects! The way that each bender is able to move their element is just stunning. We also get to see the amazing flying creature call Appa in all his glory. He looks so real and that is hard to do. The effects of fire and air were amazing and so thrilling.

So be prepared because this film is only suppose to be Book One so don't expect an end. I must say with all the negative press around this film I'm terrified that we will not get the rest of the films in the series. I really wish they would just give this film a chance and let it be what it is suppose to be, fun and entertaining for the whole family!

Adventure: Of course!

I give it an A-B+

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Now right from the start I must warn you I really enjoy the twilight series. I know that it is cheesy and not the best acting but I still love the series. I've liked vampire movies ever since I saw Interview With The Vampire! Moving on.....here is my review!

The film starts off with action and ends with action. This would be the twilight film for the men as well as the ladies. Lots of action and vampire wolves epic battle. We also get to see our dear Taylor Lautner bloom right in front of our eyes. He proves in this film that his acting is growing and improving!

The film also has a new actress in the role as Victoria and I must say bravo. Howard adds this sense of desperate rage that Victoria needs. She is also very intense toward the ending and she really shows her passion and skill.

Over all I think it was my favorite twilight movie! It was everything I hoped it would be and much more. Now we only have to wait two years till the next one!
Action: Yes!
Romance: Heck year
Sounds like my kind of movie!!!!