Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well i was surprised that RED was as good as it was. I knew it would be pretty good but it exceeded all my expectations. I must say that John Malkovich made the entire movie! He was witty and funny and just flat out crazy! His character is a paranoid retired CIA agent who was given daily amounts of LSD for 11 needless to say...he's a little crazy! He's also very funny and has all the best lines in the movie. The best part is when he yells "I'll get the pig out!"

Bruce Willis is basically Bruce Willis, he kicks butt and takes names. His character was an agent who was the best of the best and finds out that the government is out to kill him. He is one of those secret agents that everyone has respect for. He also has a crush on Mary Louis Parker's character. Their relationship is fun because it's very casual and humorous.

Karl Urban is fantastically stunning and Bad A$$! He plays a CIA agent sent after Willis and they have so many good fight scenes. It really gets me excited to see what else we will see from Mr. Urban in the future. He has boatloads of talent and it really shows in this movie.

No awesome action flick can happen without Morgan Freeman or Helen Mirren. They both play retired agents who helps out Willis in his adventure. Helen is the killing expert and she is really believable! It's a fun cast and a fun movie. I say check it out if you are in the mood for tons of actions and gun fighting! Enjoy!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Let Me In

So one rainy night my aunt and I decided to check out Let Me In. I must tell you it was a toss up between that and Case 39. Don't worry, Case 39 will probably be next weeks blog~ Soo here we go with the review

I must say i have mixed feelings about this movie. It kinda reminded me of the original Exorcist. When it was good it was good but when it was slow it was super slow. The movie did tend to drag...alot! It was very slow paced between action moments. Now don't get me wrong when there was action it was AWESOME! Your heart beats a mile a minute and you are just jumping in your seat. So you almost have to bare with the bad to get to the good.

The movie had an interesting link between teen bullies and a vampire girl. We don't find out anything about here past at all in the movie....I would have linked to find out why she was the way she was. It starts off with a troubled teen getting picked on and then getting a crush on a new girl. Of course the little girl is nuts and blood crazy.

The special effects were awesome because they looked so real. The way the girl moved was just so graceful and looked so real. The scary parts were scary because they didn't show alot of gore. You got to create the gore in your mind and it made it so intense. Basically the director let you make your own assumptions about the terror in the film.

Soo I am 50/50 with this film. When it was great it was amazing but I don't know if it makes up for all the SLOWWWWWW parts.

I give it a B-