Monday, June 14, 2010

An Education

The little film that could....An Education is amazing and real and raw. The film takes these issues that women are dealing with even today and shows them through the eyes of 1961. Should a girl be in school? Should she go to university? Should she marry? Should she decide between one life or another or can she do both? This film brings up some really great questions.

Peter Sarsgaard is fantastically charming and such an ideal man. He really makes you fall in love with him and you long for him when he is not on screen. His character is smart, quick, and witty. His character David is a man that all women could easily fall in love with and you forget it Sarsgaard because he becomes David. Yet another reason why I love this actor. Personally I think he is one of the most under-rated actors out there! Every film he is in he steals the show, even though half the time he only has small roles. It's great to see him in a main role and just dominating it!

Carey Mulligan as Jenny is so real and you feel her pain. She is a smart and yet beautiful girl and she shows that growing up is never easy. She is raw emotion and real in every second of the film. From her childlike innocents to her grown up womanly passion she is sensational.

As I've said this film blew me right out of the water! It was a great film that is worth seeing. Every young lady should have to watch this film, it should be required for high school film and English classes. It's a film that girls all over the world can understand and relate too. Growing up is never easy and trying to make these life choices suck. This film can help put a little light on your confusion....check it out....very good amazing brilliant witty film!

The Karate Kid

Well there was no Daniel-son which of course made me sad but this new version of Karate Kid had me very surprised. I did not think this movie was going to be any good and I was mistaken. It does not hold a candle to the original but if you separate it from the original it's not half bad. The film takes a new spin on a Hollywood classic.

Jaden Smith is the reflection of his father in this film. He proves himself to be a good little actor with a great career in front of him. He will be around for a long time if he continues to stay on the right path....aka stay a good kid and away from bad influences!

Jackie Chan actually has a very meaningful character and a fantastic emotional scene that had me moved and in pain. He can really be a serious actor and he shines in this film. I'm even shocked I'm praising Chan because I think of Rush Hour when I see him. He steps away from his normal funny films and becomes a real person.

While the film has amazing fight scenes and inspiring moments it did move just a bit slow. Now I'm not talking boring slow I'm just saying I was ready for the story to flow a bit faster. Once the story got moving the film really takes off. I'd say give the film a chance but remember nothing can replace the Karate Kid but this tries to be a little bit wax on wax off. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Donnie Darko

That's right you know you gotta throw a little old in with the new! So because of Prince of Persia I went on a little Jake Gyllenhaal marathon! I think I have seen almost all of his films and I love it. He is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine!

So I realised I have never seen the Cult Classic Donnie Darko. I have always heard about it and heard some amazing lines from the film. I have seen the box in the video store but never checked it out...well now I have. I must say I was missing out on alot!

This film is about a boy being confused in a typical upper middle class suburb nightmare town. We all have been to those towns, heck I think sometimes I live in one! Anyways Donnie is basically this troubled kid that doesn't fit in and he keeps sleep walking. He sleep walks around town and keeps seeing this creepy guy in a bunny outfit. The film basically challenges the thoughts of what we as a society think. Hmmm that's confusing...basically it questions time travel. There are moments where Donnie feels like he knows more about the world around him.

Wow that's a little deep for 2am. So I don't wanna give too much aways but I will say Jake is amazing. He plays this lovable troubled boy that you just want to help and be with. It is not afraid to question what we think it right. It is not afraid to show the ugly side of people. The film has a great cast like Drew Berrymore, Noah Wyle, and Patrick Swayze. This is definitely a film that will mess with your mind and make you question things. It's a bit of a mind trip but a very fun trip at that!

Sex in the City 2

So what can you expect for an HBO show that turned Hollywood, an epic chick flick. I never watched Sex in the City when it was on HBO, I sadly did not have that channel. I got into the show once it moved to cable and became pretty PG. I saw the first film and thought it was good. Spoilers of the first film ahead!

So in the first film we basically spend over 2 hours waiting for Big and Carrie to make it down the aisle. That film was filled with heart ache and pain and alot of tears....
so the second film is not like that at all. I honestly think I liked the second film better than the first one! I'm telling you what, sequels are making a come back....BIG TIME!

So the second film focuses on how things have changed once you get everything you want. How happily ever after can sometimes be a bumpy road. The film talks about family life and having kids, worry about affairs, and staying sexy at your age. We are teased with Aiden popping in and hating Big even more and more....maybe that's just me. Sorry i always loved Aiden and thought Carrie was crazy for leaving him!

Anyways the film is very much a "woman's film" it is made with that audience in mind. Ladies don't bother trying to bring your men to the show because they will be so very mad at you. It is a film to go see with the girls and laugh about later!

Sooo I liked it and I think that the ladies will too! Plus we get a show stopping number from Liza herself so be ready for some fun!

Shrek The Final Chapter

I must say that I am a big fan of this series. I love kids movies and I think they are magical. I like that the series is able to take kids topics and also spin some adult humor.....that being said...I'm sorry in advance

I have to say I didn't care for this film as much as the others. I feel like they had very little stem to go off of. If it were not for Donkey and Puss I think the movie would have been kinda useless. So I know it's a kid movie and you can't expect much but I was sad at what was left out!

They did a very poor job of covering past characters. In the other films what made them great was all the other fairytale creatures. This film hardly has any! All of the favorites are only in the movie for moments! We hardly ever see the puppet or the Gingerbread man. There was no talk about Prince Arthur or any of the other princesses. All the fun main characters of the other films were just left out.

It was cute and since it was a children's film, it did leave my nephew entertained. To me it was a fun movie but it didn't hold a candle to the other 3 films. So it great for kids but don't expect it to be better than the others. Thank goodness for a chubby Puss in boots!

IronMan 2

I must say sorry for not updating sooner! It has been a crazy month! I just finished my masters degree!!! YAY! Now I'm busy busy in the "real world" Sleep has been winning over typing, What a terrible blogger I turned out to be! Well I must try to redeem myself!

So here we go, I'm sure at this point everyone and their brother has seen Ironman 2 but I still want to talk about it.....why you ask....ROBERT DOWNEY JR! That's right ever since I knew about film as a profession I have loved and admired his work! He is in my top five favorite actors of all time and he probably always will be. That being must know that Downey is the same as Burton for me, there is little they do wrong. They tend to always make me happy and thrill me with their talent....anyways...moving on!

I actually was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. I think that I might have liked it better than the first one! GASP! Seriously it's because we as an audience were just thrown into the story. There was no build up to the character, no waiting for the back story to finish. The film starts with action and ends with action. Jon (the director) did a great job with using special effects and camera angles to create an amazing action film. The music has your heart pumping with each moment Ironman is on screen.

Downey as Stark is PERFECT! I can not imagine anyone playing that role. Downey was always meant to be this character. He is the only actor, that I can think of, that is both charming and a jerk. Trust me, I mean that in the best possible way! Downey give Stark layers of emotion and personality.

Wow this sounds soo fantastic the film must be perfect....WRONG! Now don't worry I'm not gonna get all comic book geek on you and talk about the flaws. I will say that I was a little sick of one character.....Scarlett's character. Scarlett herself was fantastic and sexy, she was great. I really enjoy her as an actress and I love her talent. I did not like the ZILLION of slow motion close ups on her face and "other" parts. I get that she is hot, I get that there are a million boys just drooling away but it was a bit much. One or two slow motions shots for effect, I understand I get that but literally like 20 is too many. I think our dear director and editors may have a little crush on the beauty but it was over played. By the end of the film I was rolling my eyes because every time she came on set is was....slow motion of her hair falling and looking intensely into the camera....WE GET IT!!

Over all I did LOVE the movie, like I said, soft spot for Downey!

Action: HECK YES!
Adventure: Sure
Romance: A bit!

Over all A-

Prince of Persia

I don't understand why people are saying this movie is so terrible. I mean first off how high are your expectations....really. I mean it is a Disney Produced movie. Let's all face facts here people, It is my opinion that if Johnny Depp had not been in Pirates it would not have been as big of a smash. I feel that Disney was trying to do it again with a new series. I must say my nephew sure does love it and can't get enough. I have to admit when I first saw the trailer I had no interest in seeing it....I didn't know if Jake would be good for the role. So I went and saw it anyway to give it a chance and I have to say I was shocked. I thought it was a pretty good movie. It had some AMAZING action sequences and I really enjoyed it. It was thrilling and daring and Jake did a great job as Dastan. I think that Disney built the film up too much and had their expectations way too high BUT it's still a good movie.

I say give it a chance and decide for yourself. Jake does a great job of being noble and as always charming. I very much enjoyed the film and I think you might too. Just go into it remembering that this film is a Disney produced movie and not some GIANT Epic! Also remember that it is suppose to be family friendly....I'll say it is that!

Action: TONS!
Thrills: Yes!
Love story: Yep it's in there!

Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing and a great hero!