Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Conjuring

Who doesn't love a good thrill and chill?! The Conjuring is a scary movie about a family that moves into a house and weird ghost things start to happen.....very original. The movie stars Vera Farmiga as Lorraine a powerful clairvoyant and her ghost hunter husband Ed played by Patrick Wilson. They meet Roger and Carolyn Perron, played by Ron Livingston and Lily Taylor. They have a very haunted house and ask Lorraine and Ed to come check it out.

This movie takes a little while to get going. It starts slowly and has a few jumping moments. It takes about 35 minutes before the movie really gets creepy. I thought the movie was about Ghosts but it turns out to be more of a spiritual battle. That brought a whole new level of scary to the movie. There are a few things I don't mess with and Spiritual battles is one of them. This movie stayed with me because I believe there are forces we don't understand, nor should we.

It's very difficult to do a review on a scary movie because I do not want to give anything away. Let me say that yes it is creepy but it takes WAY to long to get scary. Once the movie gets going, it keeps your attention well.   If you like scary movies, you will enjoy this film. It is like The Exorcist meets Insidious. Over all it was good, I won't buy it because it creeped  me out a little too much to have in the house. I give it a B

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  1. Good review Amber. Hey, it's a horror movie that actually scared me a bit. Always a positive in my book.